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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Transport almost completed..
We've almost completed our last transport for the year..
It's been a very busy, busy year and our total dogs transported and adopted to date for this year is 348.
I'm currently in Chicago visiting my family and staying with my close friends Monica & George Ceffalio.
George is a fabulous painter and neon sign artist!!
Here is a link to his e-bay sales
And a sample of his artwork. His passion is for the Southwest.
Vivid colors and an attention to details is what he is known for.

He has also donated a watercolor piece to our auction titled "Mystery Man" that we will be putting up as soon as I get back. The picture looks a bit different in person, but just to give you an idea till I can re-photograph when I get home.

They recently adopted a little pup from me a few months ago, if you look at the archives you'll see him. His name is "Reilly".
He has grown so much in just a few months, 6 pounds to his current 20.
It makes my heart smile to see him happy, healthy and so loved!!

Off to Wisconsin tomorrow with the remaining dogs..
Nitey nite:)
what is going on with the auction?????????
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