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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Hi everyone! This is Claudine just posting a quick update. Bernie and I talked a lot today as she drove to Chicago, I was trying to keep her awake. While we were talking I could hear lots of puppies having their own conversations in the background!

The total driving time was 10 hours because of making stops to pee-pee puppies, change litter, feed and water etc. But everyone made it to Chicago safely and the final critter count for this trip was 52! That's 52 little animals all going to loving new homes! yay!!!

I called Bernie to let her know the donation amount has now passed $1,000 and she was overcome with emotion. She is so grateful to everyone for their help. Every little helps so thank you so much!

Bernie will be driving back to TN on Saturday all day then will post an update of her trip! thank you to everyone for positing the 6 degrees badge to your blogs. It is helping so much!
What a happy day!!! It is nice to hear that the 52 will have a new start to life!
We can all send a little something to help. Everyday these animals need food and medicine. Look at the smiles she has put on these faces. We need to get the money for the ear surgery to.
Bernie needs help so send something now.
glad to hear the trip went smoothly. : )
Thank you so much for posting, Claudine! I check Bernie's blog several times a day and really miss it when there's nothing new!

She's quite a woman isn't she.

WOWieeEEE! 52!!! I just added the badge to my Bloggie! HOPE it helps! and that is soooo cute what YOU posted Claudine on your Blog!(Zorana had to help me with getting the badge on!!!lol) Sweet! HAPPY Week-end Everyone!!! xoCinda
I've marked your blog as a place to come back to. I want to help, but need to wait until next month to do it. Hope that is okay! There are so many dogs and cats that no one wants! I love that you are willing to help.
hello animal lovers! claudine said i should post this here! if anyone in the dallas/fort worth area has room in their heart for a sweet little lovebug kitty named cody, please email me at
he is nine years old and very loving, needs to be an inside kitty because his owner declawed him. they are desperate to find a home for him this week and i am desperate for them to find one as well as i've agreed to give him a foster home if they don't. my brood (neptune, nova, max, maggie, and bucket) won't like that very much. so, hopefully someone out there has room in their heart and home for cody! let me know.
and bernie, my prayers are with you!!!!
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