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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Noel's Forever Home..

My last couple of weeks have been hectic, but also heartfelt...
Both of my transports were successful & all animals have been placed!!! Yeah!!!:)
Thanks to you & your donations, we had enough money for the vans & gas, again Thank YOU!!!
One of the humane societies had to end their adoption event early due to running out of animals to adopt.
We still have 13 pups here, some weren't well enough to go from the previous trips, but will go sometime in July.
We also have, Harvey, Peepers, Scooter & Tiny up for private adoptions.

Life is a never-ending chain of events..
I wouldn't have thought my trip to Wisconsin for Noel to see Dr. Sheperd would result in a forever home for her.

My sweet Noel has been adopted!!!
I didn't think it would hit me as hard as it did...
That is a big reason it has taken me a few days to compose myself.
Every time I would begin to write this entry, I would start crying..
I consider myself a pretty strong person, but she has touched my heart in a way that will never be forgotten.
I'm still trying to get use to the fact that she is not here. Her sweet happy face and her wiggley butt:)
It is a very strange thing to get so use to a dog, being a part of your life and then one day they are gone to new homes..
I'm not sure I was ready for her to leave me, but when you love, you want what is best for those you love, no matter the personal emotions. It was time for her to have her own person.

The good news is that I will be able to visit her, whenever I'm in Wisconsin and she will always be in the good care of Dr. Sheperd.

How Noel found her new owner:
Whenever I go back to Wisconsin, I always stop in to visit my friends at Suburban Harley Davidson.
They are a very dog friendly place. My friend Rob one of the sales guys adopted "Jake" he is the Rottweiler/Lab pup shown in my Fox 6 video on my homepage. 3 years later Jake is now over 100 pounds, spoiled, happy and loves people.
Jake didn't like Rob's Porsche so he bought him a Hummer, which Jake loves as you can see in the picture. (((giggles)))

Anyways back to the story:
I brought Noel there to socialize a bit. She did great, a little shy at first, but settled into meeting lots of people.
The Harley people I know have huge hearts for the animals.
She received lots of loving from the employees and customers.

Happily lying under Rob's desk after we had been there a bit. Al came by and immediately asked what happened to her.
He visited with her and later that day told me to keep him in mind if I were going to adopt her.
He had lost his previous dog a Basenji, wasn't actively looking but decided that this was a meant to be dog meeting.

We talked over a few days and I brought Noel over to his house for the home visit.
She settled in quickly, met her new cat friends who weren't too thrilled to meet her, but I'm told are doing fine with her now.
And with a heavy heart I left her, to see how she would do in a new home. She did well, Al did mention that she kept looking around unsure of what was happening and it took her a few days to eat.
I stopped by the morning I was headed back to Tennessee. Gave her lots of hugs and kisses, thanked Al for adopting her and headed home.
Later that evening I called from the road to see how she was doing, I knew she was fine, it was more for my own sake.
He put the phone up to her and I could hear her snoring. She was on the couch next to him sleeping.
Al has promised to keep me posted and send lots of pictures, so I will share those with you in the future.

My mind was just full of non-stop thoughts, emotions and reflections. Reflecting on her and the past 6 months. How far she has come, how much she has learned to forget the past and love. Love other dogs, people and just life. We should all be so lucky to forget the past and live in the present..

Her story and the success of this rescue are because people cared enough & come together.
Her medical bills have been covered thanks to your donations.
The wrongs that were done to her have been righted, because of us..
I'm not saying this to be boastful, but the truth is, if every person took in one rescued animal or donated to whatever animal organization they choose, no matter what the amount, think of what could be accomplished.
In such a short time we have raised two thousand dollars with our donation badge. Spreading awareness, donating whatever the amount all adds to the collective good.
Be part of the change you want to see in the world, in whatever way you can...

If you have my badge on your blogs or websites, please let me know!!
We're putting together a Thank you page and I want to try to get everyone I can on it..
The next few days I'll be loading auction items, still have about four thousand in vet bills past due and then I hit the road & leave to teach in Boston. Next transport will be mid to end of July.

I'm feeling so much emotion these days and just need to say Thank you!!!
Thank you for believing in me and for caring about the animals.
It is because of you and your love for the animals that we have these happy endings:)

You all give me wings to fly and care for these babies..
I miss you Noel...

Blessings and Light..


Well I cried last night over Buddy. Now I am crying over Noel. You did the right thing but if I hurt this much over her new home, I can't even began to think about you. Go get hugs and kisses from the ones you have. You loved Noel enough to let her go.
Now there will be room for others that need you.
Be strong.And to all artist send MONEY to help, the job isn't over.
Oh Bernie how very bittersweet for you and that precious Noel.
I am so thrilled that she has found her forever home and that she appears to be so happy there.
Dogs are the most forgiving creatures and I would never want to be in a world without them.

Big hugs to you for all you do lady.
Hey Bern, So good to hear that Noel got such a good home, it sounds like she'll be as spoiled as the Boyz:) I put your badge up on my blog as soon as it came out-hope it's helped in some small way. Take care!
Yay Noel!...what a wonderful story. My heart goes out to you though, Bernie because I know how special she was to you.

Your badge is on my blog. If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. xoxo
yay! noel!!! sending hugs!!
Noel is blessed and in time you will be too. She is a lovely dog, ears or not. Our Auntie Em Kitty Girl is adopted from the Dumb Friends League here and she is a dear cat. She is ten already and we hope she lives long. I have your badge on my blog at http://beadfluff.blogspot.com and sent an email also.
Bernie - your badge is on my blog (for whatever it's worth!!!) and alot of my friends have contributed. You do wonderful work - your strength is amazing!
Where are you teaching in Boston???
Yayyyyy! Bernie! I'm soooOOO GLAD that badge on our Blogs helped! Looks like Noel got a good home, snoring already! tee hee God Bless YOU and YOURS sweetie!
Yay for Noel! I'm so happy she found a forever home. I have your badge on my blog. I hope it helps :)
Bernie, I am happy to hear that Noel has a forever home, hugs to you!! I have your badge on my blog and everytime I log on to make a new post I am happy to see the numbers CLIMBing!
I've got it up on my front page :) and I'll be adding it to Larry's site too!


Hi Bernie - you are such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do. All the Best, Katy
Your badge is on my blog page... and I just wish there were more I could do right now to help! Please let me know if you need assistance with any transfers -- I am just outside of Chicago, and could easily lend a hand if needed. You are an angel of mercy to these animals, and they are so lucky to have you!

What great things you do! These lovely creatures are so beautiful I want to hug each one! Bless you, Dear Lady.
Bernie - what great news for Noel. It is amazing how some things are just sooo meant to be! Your love for her changed her whole world...and many others too. Looking forward to seeing you in Topsfield in 2 weeks.
What wonderful news for Noel. It is amazing how some things are sooo meant to be. Your love changed her whole world...and many others too.

Looking forward to seeing you in Topsfield!
Bernie, thank you for posting about Noel and your trip, and the donations. I have been checking back often to find out what happened! I have your donation badge on my art blog, my swaps blog, and my website and I think it is just the best idea; look what has happened!
I will continue to support you & encourage others to do so, however I can.
Keep being you!
Sincerely, Lenna Andrews
oh i cried tears of joy to hear that noel has been adopted into a loving family. i have followed her story from the beginning & have been so touched by her survival & healing. heartwarming! i have your badge on my blog funky finds. i hope it helps connect more people to the wonderful work you do bernie!
Oh, I know you will miss that sweet baby, but so wonderful she has a great home and family now. I put your badge on my blog, and hope it will help in some small way. Thanks for all you do for the wonderful animals in our part of the world.

what a happy ending, so bittersweet for sure. Now Noel will have her owner almost to herself. Did Noel take her hats with her?

Yee Ha! Hurray, Noel!

The guy looks so Happy! I know it is a mixed blessing, but I think it was meant to be.

So glad to hear Noel found a good home! Sounds like it was meant to be. Your badge is on my blog too~
Dear Bernie! I'm so happy and sad at the same time. Noel's story has touched me and I am, like you, happy and sad at the same time to hear of the new home and loving owner!

I finally put your badge on my blog. Hopefully I can help you generate some funds.

Oh, and I'm doing every page in your ATC book! What fun I'm having with that!
Just to let you know I am so happy that she got adopted, she so deserved a wonderful 2nd chance...yeah...I have your sign on my website/blog http://jotee.com hugs Jody from TorC, NM
I am crying over Noel finding a new home. And crying over your sadness too.
Noel has found a loving new home and I know she will be happy for the rest of her days.
I have your donation badge on my blog too.

Much love and blessings for your special spirit Bernie...
Yeah for Noel!!!!!
Bernie, you just ROCK!
After I read Claudine's post about the badge, I immediately put it up on my blog. I'm happy to help, even in this small way!
I'm glad that you are home, safe & sound, even if your heart is a bit heavy right now. Thanks you for all that you do,
Summer Sea Herbs
Good luck to Noel. I posted your badge on my blog to show support. I think you do amazing things. What a gift to those little guys. Thank you.
Your post made me cry (not the first time, either!) and I'm at work. But they are happy tears for Noel. Sweet baby. I'm so happy she found her own home. You were so brave to let her go. My two little boys have followed along on Noel's story and journey. They, too, are happy she has a safe, loving home. Thanks for all you do for these sweet animals. You do make a difference!
I always cry when I read your wonderful posts. I admire you so much... words cannot even describe.

I have your link at the top of my blog in my profile asking people to visit and make a donation. For some reason blogger will not let me add the badge.

Keep up the amazing, brave and unselfish work. WE all love you.

Venice, CA
This story has such a wonderful ending and a new beginning for Noel. You are amazing. I have your badge on my blog.
Little late to the party but still want to say YAY!! Bittersweet we know but she has a great home now.
We have the badge on our site and posted about you, we hope it's helped.
I have your link and yaaaay for Noel! Hugs, Sue xxx
Hey Bernie, It was heartwarming and heartbreaking to read of Noel's new home. I know she found a special place in your heart but it is good to know she is in a safe home full of love and kindness for her. What you do continues to amaze us all and the animals can never thank you enough. If there is anything I can do to help with auctions, please call me. In the meantime I DO have your badge on my blog and am running it again in Portals!!
Yea for little Noel and for Al who now has a dog to love him. I'm so glad that the animals have you to be their special angel. I can't do what you do, but I've adopted two special doggie boys from a local rescue, which any dog lover can do. Did you know that we can sign up to make a donation automatically each month? Your badge is on my blog and I've let my friends with blogs know about it so that they can put it on their blogs too.

You're pretty wonderful!
Sweet Noel is right - what a face. I'm sorry you're sad but how nice that she now has more people to love her.

I've told all sorts of people about A Place to Bark and I've put the button on my blog - I so admire what you're doing!

Laurie Blau-Marshall
i'm so happy that noel has found such a wonderful home of her own. and her story as well as your's has inspired me today. thank you, bernie. you always touch me with the work you do but today i have been struggling. i had surgery again last friday and it brought all the fears up again from having had cancer. your reminder to put the past behind me lifted my heart and my chin. thank you, friend. you are always in my thoughts and prayers. i wish so much joy for you! xoxo
A happy ending for Noel! (I added your badge to my blog)
oh bernie, i'm so happy noel has a good home - i don't know how you can bear the heartbreak every time you say goodbye to a beloved dog, but then, it really doesn't have to be goodbye with noel, because i know you'll visit her. i miss you sweetie, call me!!!
xoxo katie
That is GREAT!!!
Wishing all the best to the rest of your fur friends!
I have added you badge to my blog.
hug and kisses to all! :-)
Hooray for Noel, did you send her all her ear tiaras that everyone made? She looks like such a sweetie.
I've added your badge to my blog too! :) You are amongst the true hereos in this world!
I've also had a link to your blog in my favorites for months now.
Where / what are you teaching in Boston?
Just checkin in... Happy to hear about Noel. Also, your blog is wonderful. It spreads much needed hope throughout the blogoshpere. Have a happy 4th! :)
Bernie I miss your posts so! Looking forward to the next one...hope you and yours are well.

Bernie - I have begun a blog just so that I can put your badge on it! I successfully figured out how to insert the badge, and it is up!
Just wanted you to know ... I believe in you, and your mission. I am available to help with your next transport. Just e mail or call. (I sent you my personal info by mail) I will fly to wherever you are...
you do an amazing job and have a huge heart. i had your badge on my blog for the whole of june, it will be back on soon as i promsied i would share the 'donate'space with some other people too :)
Bernie, with a lump in my throat I'm so heppy that Noel has found a new home. The picture of them together is just so sweet. She's touched so many hearts, as have YOU!! Your banner is proudly displayed on my blog.

Please contact me when you have a moment.
How can I get a badge to put on my blog that brings people here? I was just in a discussion about dog fighting with a fellow blogger, and mentioned Noel. I want people to know who you are, what you are about and how they can help. Perhaps I've missed instructions on how to get a badge along the way. I'd love to add it to my blog.
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