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Sunday, September 30, 2007
E-bay Auction for "A Place To Bark"

The animals and I are blessed with a wonderfully supportive artist community..
I can't say "Thank You" enough!!!! You are my Angels!!
Without you, I couldn't do as much for the animals...

Most times, by the time I get to my e-mail or to find time to post, the auctions are already ended.
This time I actually have time to share with you, this special auction that features a collaborative Artist Trading Card Collection, created by 21 artists from 13 states, as well as Australia, Scotland & Canada. 57 cards were created and a beautiful box by Tammy Hixton to keep them in.
The participating artists are:

1. Hilery Hixon 2. Tammy Hixon 3. Vonda Roberts 4. Joan Hoffman 5. Karen Burene 6. Carrie Egnatowski 7. Diane Speer
8. Charlotte Fern 9. Jo Royal 10. Sheree Rose 11. Kathy Nesi 12. Alison Anderson 13. Megan Peacock 14. Jade Adams
15. Susan Guzy 16. Helen Hoelck 17. Kristin Sagers 18. Pat Rios 19. CT Hawes 20. Lesley Bliss 21. Virginia Johnson

Click HERE
to view auction.

I transport next week, but have been slowly loading the artwork for our auction scheduled for November.

Again, Thank YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart, I can't tell you how much it is appreciated....
lovely art~we are temp housing a puppy that was abandoned at the dog park sun night. my husband took our pit for her walk and found the puppy-he's now fed, flea bathed, has new toys-thinks it's ok to sleep in our bed-all in two nights-found him a home though. Gave new appreciation for what you do on a daily and much bigger scale!
What a wonderful thing that you do every day. To give of your time & heart & soul to save these small angels. I am so happy to see the auction is ding well. I would love to participate in the next one. I, as well, rescued my beloved max. I don't know what I would do without him. Thank you for your care & love for what you do
Hey girlfriend, when are you going to list the deck of 52 cards I coordinated for you?
Send it back to me and I'll get it started - please!!
Thank you for what you do. I get so emotional every time I visit your site. Very sad and very happy at the same time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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