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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Monday Musings..

Ever have one of those days that seemed so vivid, somewhat movie like in memory, that you have to sit for a minute to make sense of it all???
Today was one of those days..
The day began quite chilly, but was quick to warm up...
I was running against the clock all day, running to the two animal controls I work with, a meeting with my law enforcement trainer friend, the vets office to drop off 3 new dogs in need of medical treatment and then off to vaccinate and help a family that has been fostering a mother dog, that was dumped and also taking care of her 8 puppies. These lovely people are 85 years old:) Young at heart and true animal lovers. I typically only deal with animal control animals, but how could I say no, this family is just amazing good hearted people, that I am very blessed to have met.
As I drove out our road today, the sun shining, my mind kept wondering, how can I live in such a beautiful place and have so much unspoken sadness for the animals of our county...
So many of us trying to save them, but yet it never seems to end...

While at animal control today, I walked the aisles, each face, the eyes of each and every animal really hit me especially hard. Every day that I walk those aisles, it bothers me tremendously, but I have learned to focus on the task, to take what I can and let go and let God take care of the rest. It doesn't make it easier and some days I just weep uncontrolably for those I have left behind. Having to put myself together pretty quickly to care for those that are here. The faces here are ever changing, every 3 weeks we have new faces and each and every animal that comes thru my door, leaves an imprint on my heart. Every dog left behind, is burned into my memory never to be forgotten.

Amidst it all, there is joy in the sadness...
Some make it out into fabulous homes and will be loved and pampered the rest of their lives, cherished as all animals should be and others will become service dogs to keep us safe, working with law enforcement agencies.

I have been blessed to have networked with people who help me, make a difference and for that I am grateful.
I speak about it here, because it is so very important that we all appreciate our blessings and never take them for granted. Being grateful and letting those people who are so important in your life know it..
So I am letting you all know that I am very grateful for you, those who read this blog and support what I do, who believe in the same vision for the animals, I am blessed to have you in my circle of friends and want you to know this!!!
Alright I'm done being mushy, but felt I had to say this..
I run so fast and furious, that catching up seems so unreal.
I also lost what little help I had here.. It is what it is and I'm fine with it..
Chris found a girlfriend and got a job that paid real money, who could blame him:) His dad helps me when he can, but truly it's just me and so my art and communications with my friends have taken the back seat to whenever I can get to it.
It doesn't mean it's not important, it just means that at this time, focusing on the task of making a difference for the animals comes first these days. I am going to slow down, very soon..

But till then, please bear with my lack of communication and delayed auctions, I wish I could get more done, but I do what I can and have it all on my to do list...

New faces here as of today:

"Bubbles" is a Yorkie/Poo I think.. She is as sweet as can be, loving to a fault. All she wants to do is sit in your lap and be held. She was huddled in a corner, I almost missed her as I walked the aisles. A female, approximately 7-9 years of age. She's currently at the vet, getting groomed, her teeth cleaned and being treated for skin infections.

"Cricket" is a female Terrier/mix. Approximately 7-8 weeks of age. Busy!! But a very nice girl. This picture was taken at the vet, her tail is stripped clean of it's hair except a little bit at the end, looks like a rats tail with a paint brush end. Sweet girl has a fungal infection. Eeew.. But it will heal and she'll have a beautiful tail again in a few weeks.

"Mindy" is a female Cattledog/Beagle mix. Approximately 2-3 years of age. Sweet as can be, this poor darling had 9 puppies. She will be up for adoption in the next 3 weeks. Her puppies are weaned and already have all been adopted.

I brought "Mister Moo" home today, but haven't had a chance to get any good pics of him. He is soooo sweet. Stole the hearts of the staff at my vets office.

This pic is for "Hank's" family. "Hank" is a male chocolate lab, 1 year old, sweet and a very busy boy. He was surrendered by his family and I wanted his kids to know he is fine, doing well and we'll get a good home for him. Promise!!!

Sending you big hugs and kisses sweet girl!!!

Miss you lots, but know the animals need you more than I do right now :D

don't forget to take care of YOU (put that on your to-do list!!)

ditto what Carla said:) And to tell you that Hank has the face of an angel-remember me telling you that I always wanted a chocolate lab?? I'm going to go have a chat with "the boyz" and tell them it would be in their best interest to accept a 3 dog family:)
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