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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Morning & Happy Halloween!!!
The sun is shining here and it's beautiful!!
I was working on my lap top in bed last nite and my Doberman was snoring..
I was feeling pretty silly, so I made a little video, hope it makes you giggle!!
"Zues" is my personal dog. He is almost 7 years old and 110 pounds.
He has been thru disaster training with me and is a therapy dog.
Truly my BEST friend!!!

How many of you let your dogs sleep in bed with you??
And do they do anything funny??

I have other youtube videos, if you want to view them click HERE

Yesterday I took in 4 more dogs. It looks like I will be doing back to back transports next week and then 2 weeks after that.
My friend Patsy sent me an article on how there are actually puppy and kitten shortages in parts of the country, where there are successful spay and neuter programs. Wish that were the case here, it is just so sad..
Hope you are all having a beautiful day!!!
Well, Im off and running to feed, water & rotate all the animals..
Big Creepy Halloween HUGS!!!
Every night, I lift my littlest golden retriever, Logan, (who has some really bad hip dysplasia and will have to be undergoing surgery soon :-( ), up into bed with me. Then I spend the next bunch of minutes laying on the bed with her... my body wrapped around hers, just stroking her soft ears, and telling her how much I love her. I don't know who loves this special time together more -- her or me!

Liberty, my other golden (who is 100 lbs!), likes to come up on the bed around 4:00 in the morning and snuggle down at the end... she's a big snorer, too. But my little border collie, Ellie, isn't much of a bed sleeper... although each morning she jumps up on the bed and forages her head underneath the covers (as if she is digging for something), trying to get as close to me as she possibly can -- it's pretty funny! Amazing how they all have their little routines, isn't it?
Lol--I love the Zeuster!! We have got to get you making the dogs sing on video. There is no reason for me to have to suffer.. uh I mean appreciate that all on my own :D

i would love to know where in the country the shortages could be....hard to believe!
my dogs dont sleep in bed with us. they sleep in the kitchen in their crates with the doors open. they do best with polar fleece blankets. the only soft stuff my one dog wont chew up. we have a baby gate across the kitchen door to keep them there. when we're home they roam free, and usually snuggle with us wherever we are.
Thinking of you and all your hard work. Thanks for all that you do,it does make a difference.
Bernie, thank you for doing what you do. I don't live near you, but I've followed your blog for a long while now. I appreciate the gift you share with the world.

Our boxer/lab mix (rescued from a gas station he was abandoned at) is a moaner. He rolls over and moans like he's being poked with a stick or something. Then he stretches and moans some more. Our family always gets a kick out of it!
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