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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Quick Note..

Yes, Yes..
I'm still alive and will post a detailed post soon!!!
SUPER busy, but exciting news coming, about a matching grant for "A Place To Bark", spay and neuter programs coming to our area and a trainer who trains law enforcement dogs, for bomb sniffing.
I will be working closely with him, finding dogs in our local animal controls.
I'm on a newly created animal welfare committee, that was created to help animals in our county, so I'm hopeful that together with our politicians we can make a difference for the animals.
Just got back last week from another transport and have another one coming up in November, after that I will be working on a time out, since the weather is changing, funds are very low and I need to do a gianormous amount of paperwork and much work - work in general. This is one of our new little ones here. Becky, make sure you show your mom:)

Gotta run, will write soon..

P.S. anyone know how or willing to do press releases for me:)
Glad to hear things are going well!
Bernie he's adorable! I'm sure my mom will be in touch. Thanks for taking time to post him.

love the kitty! I am sure we can get my mom to help with some press releases!! will ask her!

Just saw this posting....I know how and am willing to do press releases for you ;) Just let me know. xo Bella
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