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Friday, February 01, 2008
Chicago Snow Storm
"Past the seeker as he prayed came the crippled and the beggar and the beaten. 
And seeing them, he cried,
"Great God, how is it that a loving creator can see such things and yet do nothing about them?"
God said, "I did do something. I made you."
-Sufi Teaching

This is my first chance to write and just want to say "THANK YOU!!!"
Amazingly so, this is going to be a very important year for us here and we couldn't have done it without you!!!
Who would have ever thought we could have kept up with the other charities:)
Words just don't seem to be enough, but the faces you help me to save daily should fill you up and let you know that what we are all doing together is so important!!

I arrived back from my transport to Chicago, on Sunday.
Since moving to the south, I haven't seen much snow in two years..
Yes, I miss the snow, but not the chores that go along with removing it:)
My arrival in Chicago, was just as the snow storm started.
I delivered the dogs, then drove to my friends house for the night, in Glen Ellyn.  
12 inches of snow fell.  
Next day, I drove to Wisconsin, to deliver "Harvey" to my friend Heidi.  
Before I left for this trip,  I took in 15 new dogs from the pound...
I know I shouldn't have, since I'm leaving town and will have to board all the dogs.
How could I leave these sweet faces behind, knowing that they would be put down if I didn't take them..  So many, many little ones...  
They are at my vet's office now along with the other 20, making a grand total of 35 being boarded, 5 beagle pups & 8 lab/ mix pups in foster care and still several at the house, being taken care of by Jeff, Terry & Allen.

Here are some of the darling faces we've taken in lately..

"Helga Hitchcock and Fudge are both female, we don't know what mixes:)
They are only about 4-5 weeks old. Owner surrenders to the pound. It makes me so sad, number one to be taken away from their mom so early, but even worse taken to the pound where they will get sick or get put to sleep. Augghh!!!
They are safe and sound now, being loved by all the staff at the vets office while I'm away.
Many times they will take the babies home with them..
LOVE, Love, my vet's office!! They are a loving team, who put their all into the animals that come to them for care...

This is "Otis" he is a Golden/ Aussie Mix. Approximately 10 weeks old and just a cutie!!

"Violet" is a Chihuahua possibly a mix. Female, approximately 2-3 years of age. 
She has these tiny babies, not sure what they are mixes of, only time will tell...

These three darlings were rescued by a couple, from Connecticut who have transplanted down here like we have...
They were scared but are doing well. 
When I get back to town I'll take more pictures when I get them home.
There is such a difference in the faces as many of you have seen, after they have been here awhile:)

"Sambuca" is a German Shepherd/Mix pup. Approximately 7-8 weeks old.

These babies are German Shorthair Pointer pups, approximately 12 weeks old. 
Super sweet, they were pretty shy and scared when I took these pictures. 
They are now running to the front of the runs at the vet office.

"Tori & Bongo" are Terrier mixes. Super cuties in person!!! Approximately 1-2 years of age.

This is "Nicki" she is a very busy girl!!! Had me running around in the rain chasing her:)
She is approximately 2-3 years of age, female Pomeranian and is a dancer. 
She stands on her hind legs and begs and dances.

Spring comes early, here in the south.. The pounds are overflowing with puppies.
Someone said to me yesterday, you took in 12 pups???
Well, if you think about it, that is many times, just one litter.
I have had so many people, tell me they are going to breed their dogs, so that their children can experience puppies.
I ask and beg, if anyone is thinking this, that they foster a litter that is already existing.
So many are put to sleep, because there is no where for them to go.
Or not enough people to care for them. Rescues and Humane Societies can only do so much, we all depend on others to help care for the animals. 
The more loving homes there are to help foster, the more that can be saved.
Currently I only have 2 foster homes, I supply my fosters with all the food, I vaccinate, worm and provide flea treatment and the vet care, if needed, is also taken care of. The bottom line is, people make the difference for the animals:)

Will be doing a few posts this morning, since I have to leave tomorrow....

God bless you Bernie ... is about all I can say. I learned of you through Tim Holtz and now I watch your blog everyday. Those sweet faces .. how can anyone say no or mistreat them!

Thank you for everything you do to save them!
i stand behind all that you and your pack do!! me and my pack donated to you to help you win along with friends and family..you are the answer to so many furry faces.....
hi there, my name is jackie and i sent you a package quite awhile back.. around november.. full of cookies and toys.. i hope you got it..

i was wondering, how do you go about adopting a pup from you? thanks!

I love all your pics!!!

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