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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
I'm here..
Sorry for the delay to post..
I arrived home last Thursday, to a terrible situation:(
Many of my puppies have broken with parvo and I have been treating with I.V. fluids & antibiotics and montioring them, around the clock.  
What is most upsetting is they have had at least 2 rounds of shots and this should not be happening.  I lost 3 since Thursday and have been treating 20 pups.  
3 are at the vets office on I.V. pumps.  
The strains of Parvo are mutating and the vaccine which should provide some protection, just are not working.  I have also see a few adults die this year, which is pretty rare.  
I will be contacting the vaccine company so that they are aware their product is not working.

Please bear with me, I have been promising Claudine to draw the winners for the prizes for several days now, I just haven't had the energy, at the end of the day.   
I have been crying alot lately..  
Losing a little one is never easy and it's such a hopeless feeling, to not be able to do much more than treat the illness and pray...

I will get to it soon, I promise!!!
Need sleep, will post tomorrow, if things ease up...
Much Love,

Bernie, don't worry about anything else but taking care of yourself and the pups.

Though I'm always excited to hear about your new rescues and look forward to seeing all their darling little faces, that takes a definite second place.

I'll be here waiting patiently for your return while sending you healing vibes through the internet.
Oh dear Bernie! How draining. How sad and frustrating. Many prayers and big big hugs to you! Post when you can but meanwhile know our hearts are with you!
Carol in Mass
No one cares about the prizes, Bernie. The health of the dogs is what is most important. Sending prayers for the dogs your way.

Oh dear, I hope every thing gets better there, and puppies start feeling better soon. Take care of yourself too!
My thoughts are also with you. Sending you love and strength to get through this.Will start praying for you and pups.
Oh my gosh... sending loads of good vibes to you and the pups and prayers for healing.
Much love & support always.
This post makes me sad. It's never easy to lose a little one. I hope the dogs all start improving quickly. Sending prayers your way for the dogs and you. Don't worry about the prizes, just take care of you and the babies.
Oh Bernie, thank you for sending the update - I was afraid something bad was going on. Prizes can wait...take care of your babies and take care of you. We'll be here waiting for news and sending you prayers and thoughts of health, love and peace.
please take care of those sweet furry faces and yourself, the prizes will always be there, that is not important to any of us....
take care sweet one...
I am so sorry. You and the pups will be in my thoughts.
Please Bernie,
take care of you, and the pups, and know that many of us send love, health, and strength to you and all the loved ones.

The web community will be here when you return.
I'll be praying for you and your pups. ((Hugs))
Poor Puppies. God bless you for all you do!

I am so sorry! It is so devastating to lose pets. I sat and held my Pepper in my lap as they put him down. He was my wonderful shelter chihuahua, and I loved him more than I can say. I will never forget that day. I have his ashes here with me. You are sooo in my thoughts.
Brenda Kula
BERNIE!!! I am SO SORRY... PLEASE TAKE CARE of yourself and those little one.

So sorry, it is all very sad. No worries, take care of yourself and the pups. Big hugs.
Bernie, you just get through your days and don't worry about us out here in blogworld. Sending you and your flock tons of love and prays of wellness. Gentle hugs lady.
Bernie, sending you and all your puppies many prayers!
i know it feels so tragic to lose any animal to illness. you must be going through some trauma right now. i am so sorry, but i know you are doing the very best you can for those babies. as usual, all of our best thoughts and hopes are with you folks down there...
Oh, Miss Bernie! I so wish I could just blink my eyes (ala Jeannie or Samantha) and be in TN to help you. Just know we're all here for you!?

BTW, it was WONDERFUL to see you at CHA and I just love your book!

Inky Hugs,

Bernie, sending lots of love and prayers to you and the babies!!!!!

God Bless You, Bernie, and the wonderful work you do! I'm so sad to hear about the puppies, and can't imagine how difficult it is for you. Prayers and hugs to you and them! When it gets really hard and you feel helpless, remember that you have saved these little ones from neglect and abuse, and that if God must take them, at least they experienced love and good in this world. And don't forget, all dogs go to heaven.
Oh Bernie,
I am so sorry! I am thinking of you, your family and all of the puppies.
I am sending you big hugs.
Oh, poor puppies! I'm so sorry, it must be so hard to see them sick - and then to lose some of them, too! Give them big hugs from all of us. I'll be sending healing thoughts your way.

Our love and prayers are with you Bernie, as well as Jeff and all your little furfaces. Just focus on getting through these tough days, and remember all the pups that you have saved, who are now living with grateful loving families like ours.

Diane, Grace & Scooter
Take care of those babies and don't worry about prizes right now!
Oh, Bernie, this is awful. Please know that you and your pups are all in my prayers.

Long distance {{hugs}}

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeff and the pups.

Barb & Carl
I am sorry to hear about the recent loss of the puppies. I hope you are doing better and I will pray for you and the pups. Take care of yourself and the pups. We are all pulling for you!
Artful Blessings,
All the comment above are true, and this is so sad and no one cares about the prizes. The one thing is that these pups woudn't have even had a chance without you so you still have saved them. God bless you,
Our shelter adoptee can to us with parvo, and he had gotten two shots as well. Here we thought we had a calm puppy, and he was basically dying!

Not that that came close to the magnitude of what you're going through, but now Sam is the ball of energy he was meant to be.... Best of wishes to you and your little ones!
The prizes can wait. The puppies are more important ands you need your energy for that! Sending positive thoughts and wishes your way so they will get better!
oh bernie, i'm so sorry to hear that you've been going thru this. please DO contact the vaccine company!! it's so terrible to think you've done your best only to find that what "should" have worked, didn't.

my thoughts and prayers are with you and all the pups.

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