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Sunday, March 16, 2008
For Those who love Boston Terriers
"May happiness touch your life today, as warmly as you have touched the lives of others."
-Rebecca Forsythe

This handsome guy is "Rufus".  He is a male Boston Terrier approximately 1-2 year of age.  
Surrendered because he was not housebroken.  
Super sweet, loving guy who is very enthusiastic about life, he just needs a few lessons on where the potty is.
Nothing a belly band and some positive reinforcement can't fix:)
Just recently neutered, I took him to my very dear friend and fellow artist Kim Nugent this trip.  Kim has two other Boston's Valentine and Ziggy.

Ziggy is very talented and brilliant, he plays the piano, knows many tricks, while the beautiful Valentine sings, I mean really sings like an opera singer!!  
She is quite co-dependent, always by Kim's side and needs to be told she is beautiful at least a dozen times a day.  

I took these funny pictures while I stayed at Kim's. 
We were trying out my Photobooth program and just having fun, being silly.

"Miss Valentine, in double trouble"

"Kim and I as cartoon charcters"

Photobooth is on my Mac computer and is just a fun and easy program to work with to manipulate photos.

Kim's daughter, Brook, also has Boston Terriers named, Gunther & Gertie.
As you can see by Gunther's graduation picture, they are quite spoiled and loved as much, if not more than any child.

Check out Gunther Graphics , it is Brook's company, she does amazing graphic arts work!!

While in Wisconsin, Kim and I were working on coordinating our schedules for classes at her upcoming event. 
This is at one of the several coffee shops in town we were hanging out in and there is high speed internet:)
Looks like I will be teaching in Wisconsin this fall!!! I am really excited..
I owe Kim huge, since my schedule was too hectic for me to submit art for her upcoming book, Interactive Art Workshop: Mixed Media In Motion.
Fabulous artwork and techniques in this book, be sure not to miss it!!

Kim will also be having an artretreat later this year, called the RAEvN's Nest Art Retreat October 16 -19th.   
I am looking forward to her retreat, because it will be in the town close to where I use to live.
A homecoming so to speak.  I really miss Wisconsin, more than I can say...
If you live in Wisconsin and want a fun filled, artfully charged weekend, complete with a live band, come join us!!!
Cedarburg is a super cute, quaint town, lots of darling shops and great food.. 
Give her retreat a peek!!
We promise a fabulous time will be had by all that attend!!

I have had to cut my teaching schedule down to next to nothing this year, I need some time to recharge, take care of family members & things and get this building up and running, so being on the road I have tried to keep at a minimum.  
Still doesn't feel so minimum though:)
"2009" I will be back up in full work capacity again, on the road, traveling & teaching again...
Planning several out of the country teaching trips for next year, which will be very exciting!!!
Can you believe I have to have proposals and submissions already done for 2009 and  2010?!! 
Eeek!!  Living my life in fast forward:)

I just got home last nite from my trip to Chicago & Wisconsin late last nite.
So I need to get moving, to take care of the pups here, we still have close to 40, unload the van & return it and try to get caught up on work.
So ta-ta and toodle doo:) (((giggles)))
Have a Fantastic Furry day!!!

Thanks for the ka-UTE Bostons pics, Bernie! We now have an 8 month old Boston who is spoiled rotten and rules the house - he even bosses the Great Pyrenees around! lol
Oh, what a sweet guy. I adore Bostons... such funny faces. And yesiree... a belly band will help, lots of love and patience and he'll "get there". I rescued my guy at age 11 and he was NOT potty trained. I taught an "old dog" new house rules. Easy peasy! :)
oh what a cutie!! I want to hear the doggie sing, call me next time you are there!
What beautiful Bostons!!!!!!!
Bernie... the dogs are so cute... I hope one of these times when you come up to Wisconsin you give me a call.. I would love to see you... Looks like you have really been busy with A Place to Bark..you are an incredible person.. I have always admired you for all you do in the doggy and kitty world and the art world... Hugs...
PS.. if you want to see our new pet check out my blog.
What beautiful dogs! Rufus is lucky to have found a good home with Kim (and Valentine and Ziggy).
I love Rufus! I always wonder if you have rescued any Bostons. I have 4 rescued Bostons. You can't just have one ! Thank you Bernie for all the work you do.q
I just wanted you to know how much I love your blog. Your pics of all the dogs are great. I love that you are an artist with a heart for animals. I'm an artist too. I am 12and I have a jewelry making business. I just started a site on ETSY and a blog about my work. I really love checking out your site. Cambria
Bernie and everyone reading..

I just wanted to update you on one special dog.. TIGGER.. I saw him on the webpage one year ago, but had my eye on another pup coming to Chicago.. This particualr pup had kennel cough and was unable to take the trip so instead TIGGER was the one. Excited to see the other dog, I barely took a glance at Tigger. Upon finding out no dog but Tigger I went for a glance- and that was the end of it.. I was in love and still am. He and I are training to be therapy partners at the local children hospitals. Thank you for bringing Tigger into my life. He is a wonderfully loving dog..
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