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Friday, March 28, 2008
What a difference a day makes..
"Difficulties in Life are intended to make us better, not bitter."
-Dan Reeves

It never ceases to amaze me the difference in expression once an animal leaves animal control..
Animals have such a keen sense of smell and sensory perception that being at the pound must be horribly emotional and scary for them.  
I would guess that they can smell death, from the look in their eyes..  
I know my personal dogs sense my emotions, especially when I am sad and what a blessing they are when I need a smooch or a friend to hug.  
Never wanting anything more than just your love.  
We could all learn a few lessons from these angels:) 

Here are some of our new faces with a few before and afters:
This sweet girl's name is "Caliee".  She is a Border Collie mix.  Approximately 2-3 years of age.
Unbelievably sweet, never leaves your side.  Not hyper and just a wonderful companion.  
The photo below is her at the gate of her run at animal control.  She had 4 pups there with her. 
The pups all hid under the dog cot and would run if you picked up the bed.  Terrified of people.

This picture was taken hours after arriving home and as you can see from the smile on her face, she is happy to be here and just waiting for a forever home to love her!!!

Her pups are darling, warming up to people now.  I am not sure what they are mixed with but the white one has a stubby tail, like an Australian Shepherd.

These two are "Kya" & "Kobie".  
They are probably Great Pyrenees/ Lab mixes.
This picture taken at the pound, shows the body language and sad shape these darlings were in.
"Kobie" had mange, was very malnourished and could barely stand.
"Kya" is pregnant.

She is doing well and looks good.  
I a bit concerned for she is almost due, her milk has dropped and she is still very thin.  

"Kobie" has a very healthy appetite and is doing great.  His hair is starting to come back.
He is being treated for mange and has been wormed several times.  He'll be ready for adoption in about 3 weeks.  About a year old, loving and good natured.  He looks like a mini Great Pyrenees:)  So if you love the breed, this one would fit perfectly in your bed!!

More pictures and stories to come..
I am getting ready to transport on Thursday so it is going to be a busier than usual week.
beautiful post...
what a wonderful post. I wanted to know if I could donate a quilt to be used as a prize, I would really love to help. My email is jmcoyle@gmail.com
What a remarkable difference. They are all so beautiful, and the puppies are as cute as buttons!
Beautiful smiles. Hope your trip goes smooth. I know they will find forever homes fast. You do such a beautiful job with them. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
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