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Monday, September 01, 2008
With each day..
"The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes just a little longer:
-Air Force Motto

With each day, I count my blessings..
My family, friends, animal lovers and the artist community that rallies around to help us with our mission.  The recent events with Hurricane Gustav reminds us, not to take our daily lives for granted.  Life can change in the blink of an eye..  It does every day.  Lives saved, lives lost..
Take a moment today to give your loved ones and pets a BIG hug and revel in the moment!!!

Over the weekend I was called by our Sheriff's department calling to see if I had room to house animals.  They were preparing ahead, just in case the storm displaced more people & animals than there were places that could house them.  We have plenty of land and can surely help in situations like that.  I'll need to buy more kenneling for emergency housing, just in case, for the future.  I could not fathom what those poor people go thru, with the hurricanes.  
The thought of leaving my beloved pets behind is not something I think I could do...

I have been preoccupied with many, many things these days..
Home, family, work, new additions & we've been at record numbers for several months now with the animals taken in. 
The building is coming along slowly.  Almost done!!! Septic is going in this week.
Then the painting begins.. We are using an epoxy paint for the floor, trying to figure out what color to use???  As an artist you would think this would be easy, but so many to choose from and trying to envision the final result isn't as easy as you would think.  I want it to be perfect:)
I know most don't want to read my lengthy chatter, but want to see the fabulous fuzzies waiting for homes, so here you go!!!

This gorgeous girl is "Azure" she is a 4 month old female Lab/mix with striking blue eyes.
Super sweet, friendly, spunky and non stop loving energy!!!
She also has a sister who has one brown eye and one half of a blue eye.  Her name is Asia.

"Clover" & "Lily" are siblings, surrendered to the pound due to their family losing their home.
Approximately 1-2 years of age.  Female, Collie/mixes.  SWEeeeT!!!

"Eli" is a male Shepherd/mix.  Approximately 10 weeks old.  He had to have 2 blood transfusions from his mother.  We almost lost him... His blood loss was from a very severe infestation of hookworms and fleas.  He is not out of the woods yet, but is still with us and doing better.  We will know Thursday when his blood is tested to see where his levels are.

This picture perfect pup is "Lil Bit"  Female, truly not sure what breed, her siblings look like terrier/mixes, but she is very, very small compared to them.
She is the runt of her litter and they came to me with a horrible infestation of lice, fleas & ticks.
Doing great now, she is little but has a HUGE personality!!!

For "Parker's" family..
He is doing great and having a good time playing with everyone!!!
"Parker" is a young, male Basset Hound.  Loves to be with you, never leaves my side.
Good with other dogs, Loves food, obviously being a hound:)  
I'll have a video of him on You Tube soon, playing with all the puppies...

Many dogs I take in, I place with rescues, if I feel they would not do well at the Humane Societies I work with.  Not all dogs do well in a shelter situation and it's in the best interest of the dogs that they go to rescues who can work one on one with them and do private placements.  

I took "Bella" up north to Pug Hugs Rescue in Wisconsin.
So if you are looking to adopt her, contact them. She is a GREAT dog!!

"Mona" & "Millie" were from a puppy mill.  
Transferred to Illinois Cocker Rescue & Toy Breeds Rescue.   VERY, VERY, sweet girls!!
Both were in poor shape, but under Aly's care they will be well and up for adoption soon:)

"Gomez" was placed with Tennessee Shar Pei Rescue.  It will take several months before he is up for adoption.  They have much work ahead getting him back to health, but he's worth it. 

I do transfer many of my purebred dogs, so they can go to their specific breed rescues.
These rescues know their breed thru and thru.  Educating and screening the potential adopter so that it is a win/win situation for the animal. 
All the great people I know and am blessed to network with, I thank you and the animals thank you!!!
Will be working on the website, updates, announcements, super exciting announcement!!!
So I will be tormenting Claudine all day today:)  
If you don't know, she graciously donates her time to creating and maintaining our website. 
Cat post coming soon...

Have a Blessed Day all!!!!!
Oh my gosh, so many cute dogs! God bless you for the wonderful work you're doing!
Thanks for the update and the photos. I posted on my blog the top photo and the great work that you are doing.

Eli is so beautiful. Thank you so much for saving his life. I know he will be just fine!

I recently happened upon your site. What a wonderful thing you do. Our family happily has two canine members, Hugo a bullmastiff, and Rose a boxer.

I'm so impressed with this site, your new digs and the many things you do for all of the pups and kittens that need a little helping hand. Thank you for being you and for dedicating your life to these animals.
Bless your heart, and the hearts of your family and friends who do this important work.

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl
I love to hear your ramblings. The pictures are great though.
Just had to say For once they did use our fair grounds livestock area for the animals. All kinds of animals were safe from Gustav. Now we are a true evacuation area in Shreveport,La. It was manned by rescues like you.
Thanks to all who care and give extra.
Thanks to you Bernie.
Nancy Gene Armstrong
I do not know how you can part with any one of these animals-it must be hard every time. I cannot believe the wonderful work you do!! Thanks for visiting my ZNE post, and let me know if you are sending something to go with the Blythe and Friends auction book so we can write it up and get it going. Elena from Scrapbook Royalty is going to auction it for us, with all proceeds to AP2B!! We'd love just a little note, an ATC or a 4 x 4 or a signed book to help us raise the most for you. But whatever is convenient, or if not, let me know!
I must tell you that it is truly amazing what you do for animals. I can only wish and pray that someday I will be able to devote 100% of my time to better the lives of animals like you do. You have a really great thing going here and I have a lot of respect for you.

Wonderful blog, wonderful mission, wonderful person.

Halloh Lovie! Miz ChiChi sends great big wet kisses to you, Jeff and all the doggies and cats! She says that if any doggies need their ears cleaned - she's the dog for the job! lol

I know I've told you before but thank you for placing ChiChi with us - we looove her and can't imagine not having her here with us! She's such a character and oh so perfect for Mockingbird Manor! ChiChi still thinks she's a cat from time to time though...lol

Every time I came to your blog I am amazed with the quality work you do.I saw this shar pei and I followed the link to Tenessee Shar Pei Rescue.So many shar peis for adoption.This is the only breed I know well because when my sister got one I started to collect information on it!They are great dogs but in Portugal they are rare and there are not any peis for adoption that I know.They are also very expensive.Some people try to sell it when they grow because teh loose rinkles and get big.They are so stupid,my God,people are so stupid...I loved the first photo of you and dogs in teh open field.Greetings!
Me again!Just read other people comments!We are all saying the same!!:-)
Parker is gorgeous (handsome). We have a Basset named Lola we got from a rescue and this past weekend we adopted Bogart, a huge St. Bernard (see my blog for pics!) from a St. Bernard rescue.

You do great work.
I love your blog!
LilBit is the spitting image of an opinionated little pup that we have with us. She is loud , fearless and hilarious! I hope they both find a permanent home with someone who can appreciate them.
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