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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
BoW WOW!!! Dogs RULE!!!
The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance,
The wise man grows it under his feet.
-James Oppenheim

The picture of me in the field was taken last summer, unbeknown to me..
How time flies....

But with every year, we move forward and continue to do more.
Can you believe it has been 8 years now I have been doing resue...

Check out the current issue of "Bark Magazine", page 18, for an art project auction that will benefit "A Place To Bark" in November on the 15Th, 2008.

I have always been a huge fan of "The Bark", this is a very special honor for us here!!!
Hoping the small feature will bring more awareness to "A Place To Bark", and our ongoing efforts to be part of the movement to become a, no kill nation.

Web page to advertise our art auctions will be up soon!!!
BoW WOW!!!

If you go to the website and click current issue, you can click on "Artists unite to help a great rescue group" the link will bring you to our website !!!
I know I am rambling on about this, I'm just thrilled!!!

This fabulous video featured below was created by: Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Paw.
It showcases the artwork up close and personal. Also included is a very fun interview with artist Jill Beninato of "Sit Stay Smile Photography", who hosted the art collaboration & put the books together painstakingly by hand. She is a non stop work horse, donating time to the animals in need, doing her art and being a full time wife, mother and dog mom on top of all of that!!

An AmAZing art book project, 13 artists were asked to create 14 pages for this book project.
These were the very talented ladies that participated:

Jill Beninato of "Sit Stay Smile Photography"
Linda O'Neill of Abby Creek Studios
Jamie Pflughoeft of "Cowbelly Photography"
Leigh Jackson of "Noisy Dog Studio"
Anne Leuck Feldhaus of Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio Ltd.
Manon Doyle of "Hoochie Poochie Studios"
Moira McLaughlin of "Dream Dogs Art"
Melissa Langer of "Pug Notes"
Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Paw
Nicole Mlakar-Livingston of Nicole Mlakar-Livingston Photography
Wendy Crumbley of 2 Dog Studio
Kathy Weller Wellerwishes Pet Portraiture
& Me:) Bernie Berlin of "The Cre8tive Eye Studio" (not as talented but humbled to be asked:)

Each artist received their copy of the book and an extra will be auctioned off on e-bay November 15, 2008. Web page coming soon!!
Each artist did their interpretation of the theme "Dogs Rule" in the media of their choice.
The book is 8x10 inches in size, with canvas board covers to protect the artwork enclosed.
These a few pictures of the many pages in the book.

Photography by Jill Beninato, because Bernie is always too busy taking care of the dogs and othewise wouldn't post as much, if not for her wonderful friends helping her out:)

A very special "Thank YOU" to Jill & the Amazing artists who created this book, Bark Magazine and to all of you that read this..

If you haven't been to "A Place To Bark's" You Tube channel, please check it out HERE
Many of the videos are older but you can get a feel for what my life is like with the animals.

P.S. If you have art and would like to join the auction festivities to help us raise money in November, it is easy to do on e-bay via Mission Fish.
Whatever percentage you would like to donate, you specify & they will get the funds to us and you will get a tax deductible receipt right away.

See what is listed now to benefit "A Place To Bark"
If you want to learn more click the little tab that says sell
and it will tell you "How it Works".
This is great, The Bark has a huge readership that will appreciate all you're doing for the fur kids! We're so excited to see all the progress you've experienced.
I got my magazine a few days ago and was so happy to see you in it! Thanks is great!!!
hi bernie!
what a great post. how wonderful that jill got the book published in the bark. i know that will help to sell the 14th copy to help you with your amazing work.
Wow, that's great! I am still (very) patiently waiting for the ATC book from you I won many months ago. I know you are busy,,,,, Christmas present?
Thats a great picture of you at the top of this post. I hope you know how much appreciated it is - all that you do for our four-legged friends.

The quilt donation is almost ready, how should I proceed?
Congratulations on your feature in The Bark - that's great news. I've just discovered your site and am enjoying reading all the posts. You're doing a fantastic job! I wish you all the best with the Art Auction.
What a lovely work!
Wow - what an amazing book!
Your blog is always so inspiring and wonderful, I nominated you for an award! I know how busy you are so I won't be surprised if you don't play along. Your work in rescue is so important and I just want to thank you!
That's awesome, I'd be excited too!
The artwork is wonderful.
Hi Bernie-Beautiful book! Guess what! Arte du Blythe auction is live now for you too!!! Here:


Give yourself some publicity about this one too, please, if you can, and if you need the artist list, let me know.

Also, if you still have something we can enclose for the winner from you, let me know.
Looks great Bernie....Thanks for posting everyones info! I hope we earn some $$ for a Place to Bark...
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