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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Purrr...Fect!!! You wanted a kitty post, here it is!!!
"What you see reflects your thinking and your thinking but reflects the choice of what you want to see."
-A Course in Miracles

I know we mostly talk dog around here, But I can't turn my back on kitties in need... 
We do what we can, but truly there are too many cats in need & not enough people to rescue.
Tis the case will all the homeless animals out there...
We take in about 60 cats a year here, dogs are our main focus.

You would think I would be use to saying goodbye by now..
That after hundreds of animals passing thru my home and life it wouldn't affect me as much.
Well, that is not the case.. 
Nor do I think it will ever be the case, to not feel emptiness, when one of my sweet darlings leave.
My head tells me to rejoice that the pet has found it's forever home and people, my heart cries silently, but is full of joy.  Bittersweet life..  Life nonetheless:)  Life being the key word!!!

This story begins with "Pong"  This cat, was a declawed Siamese cat that was mauled by dogs, found dying half in, half out of a pond.
The animal control officer who pulled him out, called me in hopes I would take him.
He said that even though he was in incredible pain, the moment he pulled him out of the water, he started to purr. 
I agreed to help & asked the officer to take him to my vets office, since I was out of town.
His back leg was amputated, after several weeks of trying to save it, there just was no hope, too much damage had been done.
An Amazing cat he had been my constant companion for many months.  I honestly dreaded the day I would have to let him go and that day came, not to long ago.  He was adopted by one of the vets I go to.  After his many visits to the office his charm rubbed off on everyone who met him.  The good news is I will always hear the stories of "Pong" and get to visit from time to time:)
Funniest thing is he loves to strike up a conversation at 2, 3, 4 a.m. not quite understanding you aren't awake and talking back to him. I can hear him say "how rude" as he walks away:)
As sad as I am to see him go, I know his life will be full of love and the very best of care..
Click Here to see Pong's YouTube, cleaning a kitten named "Oscar".

"Oscar" and his little buddy "Hart" were adopted together, by another vet at the office I go to. 
 It has been a good cat adoption month at the clinic:)  
"Oscar" is the orange kitten above, "Hart" is the black kitten below.
Click Here to see their YouTube video.

The cats posted below have all been adopted.  I'm slow as usual posting, ((sorry))...
but I know you still want to see all the cute pics and ready their happy ending stories!!!

These kittens were in terrible shape when taken in..

The staff at the vet's office is wonderful and very much family to me..
They care for my rescued animals as if they were their own and you can see by the after pictures they are sooooo gorgeous, happy & healthy!!

"Irving" is a white, medium hair domestic kitty.
So handsome, isn't he!!  He is deaf..  Talks REALLY LOUD:)

"Onyx" Another gorgeous, sweet cat:)
Black is beautiful!!!  I have about a dozen black cats here looking for homes..
Sad but true, it is harder for me to adopt them out.

 That's all the cat talk for now....
Super busy behind the scenes with lots of surprizes that I am working on:)

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These cats are so cute! I like your whole blog in fact. Come check out my blog; http://artlifenewsblog.blogspot.com/

I'm currently writing about my adopted shelter dog's fight to obtain a rare treatment for distemper. She has neuro-involvement yet has already had her body symptoms cured. It's a really amazing story.
I know you are a tad on the busy side. Hope all is going well, you are in our prayers.
I heard there are 2 Siamese little ones looking for a home? We would love to have them Bernie.
Blessings and smiles,
Lizzie and Mike
I love you Bernie! What an honor it would be to actually know you in person. One day I will move to Tennessee and help you with fostering...:)

What a wonderful post, it is so true that "life" is the key word!!

Thank you for the cat photos, I am a cat lady by avocation.

Cat Lady here! Thank you for taking the time to share these stories. We love you for ALL that you do, Bernie!

An art fan, too!
- vicki xo
i remember once seeing that there's a black dog rescue program somewhere. Black dogs are less adoptable. I bet the same is true for black cats. I wonder if there is a black cat rescue....
Cute, cute, cute kitties! Hope you're doing well, Miz Bernie!

Just a quick note to let you know that Pong is doing great! He blended right into our family of 8 felines, 1 canine and 2 humans. He is very respectful of our older cats and loves to wrestle with our younger guys--and often wins despite being a tripod. He greets us with he Siamese "mwiao" every time we walk into the room and is a great conversationalist. Will keep you up to date on his progress!! >^..^< Pong's Momma
Those kitten are cute and adorable.
We shelter one dog from Spain. In the dogshelter he was they wanted to kill the dogs after a few week. He has become a wonderful loyal good dog here.
We had two stray cats too. Unfortunately one died last month.

You have a great job ! I admire your work.
Ooooh! I could take them All!
Cats are dear to my hear - I have 2 of my own and are my fur babies!
So glad you are getting homes for them Bernie..

AWWWWW thanks for the kitty post (meow!)

love you lots and hope you are well.

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