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Sunday, July 05, 2009
So much to tell!!!
"Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain,
surround us on every hand: Life itself is the miracle of miracles"
-George Bernard Shaw

I have so much to catch up on and tell!!!  Just don't know where to start...
Not having Internet at the house has been such an inconvenience & as busy as I've been, I just don't have time to sit still long enough to wait for a tech to get it fixed.  
But I will put that on my to do list for the next month. 
That to do list is getting longer & longer:)
Till then, please bear with me and my inconsistent entries, just know we are busier than ever!!! Taking in more dogs in need than last year.  
It never ends, but we have to keep on, knowing lives are saved & that awareness is being raised thru our rescue efforts.

I guess I will start with my most recent trip to California.  
Yes, it was mostly a business trip!  
But also had a few days of fun with my art/animal friends & publishers:)
First to let you know, we have been working VERY, VERY hard on trying to get a reality show.  
I am represented by Rotbart/Axelson Management Inc. & my legal counsel is Lyon & Phillips Law Firm .  
All I can share with you at this moment is, that they are working on this & that there is an interest from the networks.  
But as with all things in TV & film, anything can happen... 
It is a number driven industry, so we have to make it known, that people are interested in topic of animal rescue, in an uplifting, positive, informative format.
So I am asking for your help, if you would like to see a show on "A Place To Bark" please subscribe to my blog, our YouTube station & follow me on Facebook & Twitter.  Tell anyone & everyone who loves animals!!!
I'm being watched, so these things do make a difference in proving to the networks what people want to see on their TVs.  
Think of what an impact could be made for shelter & rescue animals everywhere!!!
Not to mention if I get good subscriber numbers on YouTube my station can make money for the rescue:)  We have some HUGE vet bills right now..

I know it's a long shot... But that has never stopped us before!!!
We believe in Miracles here!!!  Always have, Always will!
Truth be told, seeing what I see everyday has made me more passionate & driven to get the rest of the world motivated on making a difference.  Social responsibility is such an important part of life, I am willing to do & try any type of media, to inspire others to help change the world. We can do it, TOGETHER!!!   In the smallest of ways, we can reach others and make this movement spread like wildfire... This is my belief & I hope yours too!!!
If you have kids in grade school, high school & college, I need this audience as well if not most of all..  Their social networks are powerful, not to mention, they are our next generation of pet owners.  What a world of difference, they could make, if they learn and believe in the cause and are passionate now!!!
More news to coming soon...

But now to share some of the highlights of my trip!!!
My hostess with the mostest,
Suzi Blu & GiGi, took great care of me & Pom Pom while in Cali..
We had a fun filled Hollywood adventure with my management company & producer, then we went to the fabulous Stampington offices & had dinner with my friend & editor Jenny Doh.  
All the staff at Stampington & Company welcomed & loved us bringing our furry friends!
This is a funny video Suzi put together during our trip.

Then between meetings, I was able to sneak out to the Surf Dog Contest.  
That was so FUN to watch!!!

I was also able to meet up with my friend Jamie Pflughoeft Photographer extraordinaire from Seattle, at this event. Please check out her Blog Post, the photos are stunning!!! 
Words cannot describe the way she captures life.. You'll see what I mean:)
On another day, I met my Animal Activist friends & participated in a pet store protest.  
The dedicated women who do these protests, urge pet stores to go humane & sell rescued puppies, instead of puppy mill pups.  
They are ladies I respect so very much & am blessed to know.
Thru their peaceful protests, they have created change & encouraged several stores to do the right thing, not selling puppies who come from these horrible places.  
Educating the public to know the truth and not support the greed driven, enslavement of poor animals.  
Everyone can do a little something to help... Everyone!!!  
The animals need us, for they cannot speak for themselves.  Our power is in numbers!
I will post more on how you can participate in these protests or start one in your city...
In the meanwhile, if you live in California, want to be a part of this cause & can get to the protests in L.A., join these powerful ladies on FaceBook
Carole Sax is a key contact person & would love you to join her group of friends/animal activists, to help stop pet stores from selling puppy mill dogs.  

In addition to the protesting, I had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon with Carole Raphaelle DavisJana Kohl & Victoria Stilwell.  If you don't know who they are, you should, check out their links.  
All dedicated, powerful, AMAZING women!!!

So that is some of the highlights of my trip..
All animals, All the time with Art in the mix!
Till there are no more homeless animals, RESCUE, FOSTER & ADOPT!!!
But most of all, Spay/Neuter your pets!
Be a part of "Something GREAT!!!" 
Join us, join our circle of friends for animals everywhere..
Because the animals need us...

***Please stay tuned...
We have received confirmation on a matching 15k grant.
If we can match this, we will be in the final phases of finishing the shelter!!!! Wooo Hooo!!
New blog post Monday!!!!
Bless you for all you do. Subscribed to everything and told my daughter to as well. Will pass it along on FB and Twitter and my new blog. I am wondering though...you asked for people to pay for/sponsor new kennels and I am wondering how much that is. I would love to start fundraising for that!
I can promise you I would tune into a reality show based on rescue, and I think there is a huge market for a show of that nature. Good luck!
Great post! And wonderful things on the horizon. We'll keep spreading the word..with the help of Mia, Lexi, Basil and soon Poppy too!
we would watch you all day long if you had a TV show!!
For more Surf Dog stories, read our series, "Pups in the Pipeline." Upcoming events all benefit animal rescues.
It's allways great to drop by and read about your drive.
Added you to my Facebook and subscribed to your YouTube channel! I don't have Twitter...yet...but maybe I'll consider signing up just to follow you! Keep up the great work Bernie!
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