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Saturday, February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! The BEST is yet to come..
"I have learned that LOVE , not time, heals all wounds"
-Andy Rooney

I'm swamped but didn't want to go without posting something today!!!
This beautiful pup is "Mister Omar Cupcake".  
A male Terrier/mix, approximately 8-10 months old.  A total KISSER!!!  
In your face, I love you man!!  Perfect for Valentines day!!!

This is his real photo, my friend & fabulously talented photographer/artist "Jill Beninato" dolled it up for me.

Jill will be joining our creative crew here at "A Place To Bark".  
Her title will be: Official Puperatize Doggie Diva:)

Also joining us will be: Suzi Blu
and GiGi too!!!
Suzi will be our "Media Maven" to help me, bring you better videos.. 
So you don't have to turn your head sideways to watch:)
She is a fabulous gal, I'm blessed to call friend!!  
We're actually planning a class, later this year on the road teaching together!!!
"Bijoux Voodoo" will be a painting class, taught in Louisiana, more details will follow!  
Check out Suzi's newest Western Video, starring "GiGi" the Wonder Dog!!!

We all come together for animal in need & why not make it fun:)
One of our plans is to do a really fun Zine.  Where art & animals unite!
Send submissions to: aplacetobark@mac.com
Sooo many new exciting changes are being planned by Claudine, myself & the creative crew !!!
We will also be announcing our much needed capital fundraising campaign for the year,
details TOMORROW!!!

It's been a tough road getting this far & together we have done so much!!!
What are the chances, pretty much against all odds...
We should all be so proud:)  I know I am..
In "2008" we rescued 502 dogs & 46 cats.  
Their lives were saved because we all came together & cared!!  
What is a better Valentines present than that:)
We would like to do more for animals in need, especially now when times are hardest financially on people & pets have no where to go:(  
So we will be asking for your help & to join our army of artist & animal lover!!!
Subscribing to our blog, will link us all together, to show our power in numbers.
One of our idea's so you feel more involved is once we finish the shelter, 
we want to put a live cam in so you can be a part of daily goings on here.  
Whatcha Think??? 
Want to see rescued, puppies & dogs live???
Would Love to hear your thoughts:)


If there is anyone that can find you a forever home it is Bernie. She is the best. She will get you all healthy and looking and feeling your best.Mr. Jeff will teach you all about hugs and sitting in a nice lap. These two will have you ready to find the best forever home.
Thanks Mr Jeff and Miz Bernie for all you do. Blessings to both of you.
Nancy A.
I wrote a fiction (sort of) about my dog Pebbles (now gone to dog heaven) and gravity (thanks Einstein and Newton). I think you might like it. Where can I send it?

Happy LOve Day Bern... You deserve lots of puppy kisses every day!

BTW FYI, this link may be of interest to you re: gelding horses to prevent unwanted horse breeding...


It seems we have tons of low grade horses, and even high grade older ones, and ex race stock, being sent to canada and mexico constantly... people send their old/unwanted horses to the auction, and when cheap enough, get sold to kill buyers... sometimes sold by the pound! there's also a ton of hoarders disguised as rescues, but that's another story... you must have a ton down in Tenn.
Happy Valentine's Day sweet Bernie. WE (Albie and I) love you!

All the best,

Hi Bernie, I found you the other day when you followed me on twitter. I'm an artist who loves to paint dog portraits. You can check out some of my work on my blog. I want to help. I'd love to donate a custom pet portrait and/or original paintings of some of your shelter dogs to be auctioned off or sold in your fundraising efforts.

Bless you and your staff for all the love and care you give to these beautiful animals.
Hey Mom,
It's me, Scooter! Just wanted to send you and Jeff my Valentine's Day LOVE! The snow is FINALLY melting here in the cold northeast. Can you believe that I have gotten used to snow ...still working on the ice part though. I continue to be adored by all who meet me. I am a VERY happy pup. Diane and Grace send their love, too. I can't wait to see you this spring when you come up to visit Marie. Thanks for believing in me, healing me, and finding me the perfect forever family.
Bernie, you are a miracle worker!
Thank you for all that you DO!

<3 Karen Pearlman in San Diego CA
I just saw the video that Suzi Blu did. I just know it will help. It is great.
Nancy A.
I didn't realise you knew Suzi Blu and have been watching her You Tube videos for ages ... it's so cool that you're going to be working together. I think you're doing an amazing thing for all those animals and hope it continues to be successful.

I'm going to doing one of your classes in 2 weeks in Australia and am so excited. I'm also in a swap through ATC World where we go through all the techniques in your book and just finished my first Dimensional Resin ATC ... feel free to visit my blog if you want to see how it turned out.

Blessings to you too and I can't wait to meet you in sunny, hot Oz.

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