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Monday, December 01, 2008
The Perfect Rescued Puppy for: The Obama Family
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-Eleanor Roosevelt


Yes, I am being silly, but hey why not!!!  
Life is about having fun & doing positive things..
That's what we try to do here everyday:)
Barack Obama promised in his presidential acceptance speech to get his daughters a puppy and this is where our story begins...

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to send my 2 puppies, to participate in the search for the Obama puppy on television.  This was via Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago.
I love them and have a wonderful working relationship with them.
Unfortunately I was on the road, away from home, it was last minute & I couldn't get back on time, to get my dogs there.  I was disappointed, but am a firm believer that if things are meant to be they happen.

With that being said, I am creating my own opportunity & am putting our rescued puppy out in this public forum for their consideration.  My hope is that the Obama family will see this post via the web.
I've tried to find contact info, where I could send them a private note, but with no luck.  
Sooo, I have to believe someone, will know someone, will know someone & let them know!!!

Based on the credentials needed to be the Obama puppy, we nominate:
"Bean" to be the First Dog of the United States of America.

To our President-Elect Obama, Mrs. Obama & most of all Malia & Sasha, I respectfully present to you... 
Our sweet rescued Schnauzer "Bean".  She is a 12-14 week old purebred puppy.  
She was rescued with her 2 other sisters and 7 other adult Schnauzers.  
Wonderful calm personality, loving, snuggley, sweet & non shedding.
Her color is black, but will most probably change with time to Silver.  
We named her "Bean" because when you look at her she looks like a little jellybean.
Round, wiggly, gentle & full of kisses.  Follows you everywhere you go.
I believe she meets all the criteria you are looking for: she is hypoallergenic & a rescued dog
Here are just a few pictures, it is very difficult to photograph a black dog.
The pictures don't do her justice, she is much cuter in person!!!
Her hair is long now & she will be going in for her first haircut this week.

As the President-Elect said: "A lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me".
"So whether we're going to be able to balance those two things, I think, is a pressing issue on the Obama household."
As fate would have it, "A Place To Bark" has the dog they are looking for.
Now we just have to somehow get the Obama family to notice!!  

"Bean" does have an approved home already, but they have agreed to allow me offer her to the Obama family.  
The adoptive family believes a positive example is important & they would adopt another dog  if the opportunity was available for Bean to go to the White House.
We are willing to potty train and hold her until the President-Elect Obama & his family are settled in the White House.  
I could hand deliver her when after they settle into the White House and visit with Claudine since she lives in D.C. 

So as with all things in my life, I believe creating your own opportunities is key... 
Dreaming, believing, working hard towards a goal, envisioning it & making it real, that is what life is about!!  I know it's a long shot, but I believe in miracles:)
You ask why us?? Why not one of our dogs!!!
It's all about making the dream real & I think this upcoming year is going to be all about making lots of dreams real!!! 
If you believe "Bean" should be the First Rescued Dog for the Obama family, please leave a comment.  If you have never commented here before, now is the time.
The larger the number of comments, the better chance she will get noticed!!
An experiment of sorts in the power of people, so to speak:)
A simple "I vote for Bean" or "Bean has my vote" will do!!!


BEAN! How cute is Bean?! Bean is definitely my pick for First Dog! Absolutely adorable and meets all of the qualifications. I'll repost a link to this on my blog and Twitter!

Good luck!

I think Bean would be ideal for our new First Family.
Send Bean to the White House!!!
Awww, how adorable! I vote for Bean for President Dog! Go Bean!
I vote for Bean!!! My husband and son also say GO BEAN!

let's "Bean her up, Mr. Scott" right to the White House, bloggers!

Spreading the word....!

Perfect for them!
oh definitely - Bean is the perfect candidate: "VOTE for BEAN"
a shelter dog deserves the white house!!!
Awww good luck Bean! I will definitely blog about this in my blog! :)
Go Bean Go.

Yes We can!
Yes! Bean for Bam!
I canvased for Obama and I can canvas for Bean, too! I vote to put Bean in the White House. I think it's great that the Obamas are willing to adopt a shelter dog and raise public awareness of the issue of adopting pets who need homes. It's a great example to set. It shows that they care for the animals and have principles and generosity. I hope they do pick one of your dogs!
go bean! you can do it!!
Bean is so cute! I vote for Bean! - although I think Bean would be the perfect dog my mom is looking for ;)
I vote for Bean in the White House!
Having personally met and cuddled Bean I can say that without a doubt she IS the perfect "First Dog" for the "First Girls"! My vote is for Bean! Dream big indeed. Without that we go nowhere.
President Elect Obama, please consider Bean to be on the team.
Can someone get this to the media? Bean should be in!!! Bean for First Dog!!!!
Bean is perfect for First Dog! What a cutie & the First Family would love her. I vote for BEAN for First Dog!
Bean gets my vote!!
Go Bean!
Aww! We vote for Bean as well!!
Bernie, don't be surprised if you hear from Nashville media. I sent a bunch of emails with link to your blog. Gotta love the internet. Let's hope for a landslide victory for Bean!!!!
Yay Bean! Good luck!!!
Sounds like a good fit! Bean is adorable!
Bean has my vote too! I'll keep promoting this too!

Give bean a lil rub for me!
My vote goes to Bernie's Baby Bean.
Bean would look great in the white house, go Bean!!
oh how cute & cuddly!! Sweet little Bean has my vote!!

xo ~Bella
We sent Obama to the White House, right?

We can send Bean there too!

I think the Obama family would love Bean and I think Bean would love their family!

Bean needs to go to the white house, definitely. She's lovely.
I say "yes" for Bean! how could you resist that cute little face! Perfect size for new pet owners too! easy for walks!!!!
yay Bean!
My VOTE goes to bean for the WHITE HOUSE 2009!!
Bean's the one!!
I vote YES for Bean!
I helped vote Obama into the White house, and I'd love to see Bean get a chance too!
My vote is now posted for Bean for the White House. She is a perfect fit.
Bean would be perfect! Say YES to Bean!
If the Obamas don't want Bean I'll take Bean. What a cutey pie!

But YES! Bean is the perfect White House dog!
Casting my vote for BEAN as "First Dog", I'll happily come with you and help deliver said pup to the White House. Thanks for all you do for our furry friends.

Donna Cook
Mr President, "Bean" too has come from humble beginnings... isn't it great that in America, even a dog can dream big! Won't you give hope to all of the rescued dogs out there? Please consider "Bean" and give Bean a forever home.
On a side note...I believe in YOU Barack!
hey....go read about margaret here: http://rollingdogranch.typepad.com/rolling_dog_ranch_animal_/page/2/. maybe they would publish something about your bean!
I vote for Bean! Yay!
I vote for Bean!! Yay!
I vote for Bean! Yay!
Bean for the white house dog!

Go bean!

Send Bean to the White House! Bean is so adorable and a beautiful dog. Bean is destined to be the part of the First Family. Sasha and Malia will love her.
Bean has my vote.
Yes Bean has my vote! Go Bean!
I can't imagine anything better than to have Bean in the white house. It would create such a statement about rescuing and hopefully be a benefit to you grand cause ... which is what i hope and pray for the most! God bless you many times over Bernie!
Bean to the White House!
You make a great case and I agree, Bean would make a perfect Presidential pooch!
I vote for Bean!!!
Bean is the Obama's best bet!!

I vote for Bean!
Go Bean all the way to the white house!
Bean for First Dog!
Beanie Baby all the way Me and gigi and pooh vote for BEAN!
Here are their business office addresses, maybe a letter with a stamped paw print signature from Bean would do the trick?

Barack Obama
1013 E 53rd St
Chicago, IL 60615-4311

Michelle Obama
5841 S Maryland Ave
Chicago, IL 60637-1447
Hi Bernie!
Vote for Bean!!
Here is some info regarding contacting President-Elect Obama:
I will email this to you as well.
Susan Chong
Bernie, I contacted ABC 7 news in Chicago, and am rallying the troops at PAO (paperartistsonline.com)to contact everyone in their area! We'll get him there!
I vote for Bean as the White House Dog!!
I vote for Bean.
ABSOLUTELY! and if they don't take her I would! I'll post on everything I can to help Bean's cause
Bean would be the best "first dog". I've had two schnauzers and they are the best dogs for love, companionship and playing. Great family dogs!

I vote for Bean!

Vanessa B.
I vote for Bean in the White House!
None cuter....GO BEAN...to the White House!!
I vote for Bean too!

... wonder if he would like a kitten also ...
go Bean!!
I cast my vote for Bean!

And thanks for all the good things you do, Bernie!
Mr. Bean Goes to Washington !
go Bean. Hope you become the 1st dog
I vote for Bean! She's so cute!
Love it! There's not a better Rescuer than you to hook them up thats for sure!
i vote for bean!
my vote goes to Bean too!!
Bean is adorable! If the Obama's decline can I have her? I just found out that I too am allergic to dog fur and dander but I'm still going to try to rescue a shelter dog - maybe a schnauzer!
Bean definitely belongs in the White House!!

Bean gets my vote :)
Oh that Bean is just adorable! I hope he will be the First Doggie. I'm going to look for a way to forward this to the Ellen Degeneres show, she gifted Michelle Obama with a lovely doghouse a couple of months ago to prepare for the promised puppy!

What you do is such a good thing Bernie ;-)
Love the name, Bean! I had a cat named Stormy. We often called him Stor-beanie or "The Bean." I totally get the name. He was also very snuggly and loving.

You are doing an awesome job, and I hope at the very least you get a wave from the Whitehouse.
I worked locally for the Obama campaign. I voted for Obama. And now I vote for Bean to be the First Puppy! Go, Bean, Go!

Bean for First Dog!
I VOTED for "BEAN" To become the Obama Family PET (AKA "First Dog")! I have a Min-Schnauzer myself; VERY INTELLIGENT, LOVING, Just all around GREAT CRITTER!
I believe such would serve VERY WELL for the Obama Family Pet, & as Our Nation's 1st. DOG!
I would appreciate such being considered.
Thank You,
Bean get's my vote...from the Great State of California!!!
Bean for the White House!!!!Bean...First Dog!!!
Patti V
Bean is definitely Whitehouse bound....hound....I do believe the President elect could help a great cause in adopting a 'shelter mutt' instead of opting for a pedigree pup. Too many stray, unwanted pets being euth'd every day. Good luck Bean!
Funny! I just realized after looking at some earlier posts, and having just posted myself...we have a dog here who is a registered Jack Russell Terrorist. She is called Bean too. Her name is Joey (not sure why..) but she goes by Joey Bean, Bean, Beaner and Bop. Go figure...She answers to all of the above.
i'm voting for Bean
Bean definitely deserves to live in the Whitehouse...the question is, do they deserve to have her?
I vote for Bean. He's so dog gone cute.
My vote is with Bean!
I vote for Bean!
Bean is perfect! She gets my vote!
That is one cute bean. I hope he gets in the white house.
You go Bean. You will make a great 1st dog. Make us Tennessee proud.
Dog friends in Mt Pleasant TN.
Tweeder, Prince Louie, Teddy and our owners Sheri, Tyler and DeAnna
I have a black schnauzer and they are the most dedicated dogs ever. Very smart and so easy to train. I hope Bean makes it to the Whitehouse and the First Girls love her as much as I love my Abby Thanks,Chows
Agreed! BEAN is a perfect fit. I hope someone discovers her and shares the news with the Obama's! YEAH
Yes, yes, yes, Bean should go to the White House! Yea Bernie for all you always do for animals!
Nancy O'Rourke-Garcia =^.^=
Comment #100! wOOt!

Go Bean, go!!
er....I mean....
Love to you, Bernie (and Jeff and Terry and Bean and the whole family) XXXX OOOO

I vote for Bean for the White House!!!

Bean definitely deserves a place in the cabinet
Bean for the White House!
Go Bean! Schnauzers are the best dogs and would love to see her in the White House!
Go, Bean, Go!
Yes, Bean for 1st Dog.
BEAN!!! for change perfect dog for a perfect president
BEAN for the first puppy!!! Hurray!!!
oh yes, absolutely, go bean go, gobamago!
Go Bean! Go Bean! Go Bean!
Don't let anyone ever tell you that you aren't worthy of the White House.
Hopefully destiny will step in for Bean and A Place to Bark!
I vote for baby Bean too!!!

Bean is just adorable and would be a wonderful 1st Dog. What a great honor it would be, and how wonderful for Bean. I vote for Bean for First Dog!!!
Bean-You are a winner no matter what. I think you'd be a great choice for the Obama family, or any family for that matter.
I vote for Bean to be in the White House since I have had two Schnauzers in my lifetime. They are loving, devoted, very smart and easily trainable. My Abbie is wonderful.
Bean belongs in the White House!
Bean has my vote! Bean for 1st dog!! :-)
Let's go BEAN!!! I blogged about your story and also put a mention in my Facebook status! Hope Bean gets to be the FIRST DOG!
Scrubby and I are pro-Bean!

Laurie & Scrubs Ruettimann
Bean for First Dog!
She's perfect, good luck Bean!
I love the fact that a blogger can get a dog into the White House and help it become First Dog!
I wish you luck.
Bean is a cute puppy and so glad he meets the Obama's needs.
Is there a way your local congressperson could send word along? I wonder how many other people are doing the same thing?
good luck! Bean Obama, has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
Yes to Bean - send him to the White House! He;s adorable!!!!
Yes, Bean is perfect for the Obamas!
I vote for Bean. And I just Twittered about him, too, hoping lots of people will leave a comment.

Best of luck Bean, wherever you end up living.
Yay for Bean! I hope this gets noticed.
Bean sounds perfect for any family so I vote for Bean!
"Bean Obama" perfect!
I just contacted NPR.ORG and told them what you are trying to do! Maybe if all of us contacted National Public Radio and told them about your efforts maybe they would do a little story???


If everyone contacted their local news, I bet you'd get noticed!

Bean gets my vote for 1st pup!

Bean Obama, what a nice name. And she looks like a real sweetie!
Little Bean will make a very stylish addition to the white house. :)
Excellent story and campaign!
I vote for Bean!
Bean for Obamas!
Bean for First Dog!!!!

Diane, Grace & Scooter
What a great idea! Go Bean!
I vote for Bean AND for Bernie. If the Obamas truly do read this, I would like to suggest that they read some of the archives. Then they will know not just how precious Bean is, but also how important Bernie's work is, and with how much love she does it. Sending that selfless kind of love to D.C. surely couldn't hurt.

Happy holidays, Bernie - miss you here is MA!!

Go Bean!

Chris from Franklin, MA
Definitely Bean! Definitely!
I have sent a link to a guy I know who worked for Obama as a pollster. Go Bean !
I hope Bean makes it to the White House! good luck~maybe Oprah could tell him-email her!
vote for change vote for

vote for change vote for Bean! namsmams

Bean is a cutie pie! I hope the Obama family sees this! Thank you for all that you do-it is truly amazing.
Choose Bean!!!! What a cutie! Dream Big and you will succeed
Bean gets my vote.
Another vote for Bean--what a cutie!!!
Bean is the ONE! I vote for Bean!!!
Where are Bean's siblings?? I want one!
Carol in Mass
Yes, Bean CAN! Bean for First Dog!
Shauna in Ohio
Bean for first puppy!

Bean for First Dog!
Bean for "first dog" for sure! I volunteer at my local animal shelter and some of our dogs go to GREAT rescues who find them great homes, when we can't. Go BEAN go...or is it "Mr. Bean" if he/she is first dog?
Vote for Bean!
Tuley, Henrietta, and Gracie cast their votes for Bean for White House dog!
Bean! What a sweetie. Definitely first puppy material.
I have a giant schnauzer name matilda. I also have dog alergies and she fit the bill. I keep her clean and groomed and there is never a problem.
Bean gets my Vote!!!
Well Bean does get my vote! President Elect and Mrs. Obama - please - give Bean a home in the White House - and let Him represent hope for all rescued animals.
Another vote for Bean!
I vote for bean!
I vote for Bean!!!

A bit off topic but have you ever considered getting a country care code so that a portion of money spent at www.horse.com would go to your shelter?
OMG Bean would be PERFECT for the White House. I can totally see her there. She has that presidential air!

Bean is perfect!
Bean looks like the perfect dog for the White House! (I'm not even a member of the Dog Party -- I'm a card-carrying member of the Cat Coalition -- and Bean has just charmed me.)
Go Bean Go!!! Let's put her with a family that will love and care for her in that big white house....
I voted for Obama--and now I'm voting for Bean!
Bean's got my vote for First Puppy!
Bean would be the perfect addition for the Obama family.
Bean has my vote! She is adorable and would make a delightful First Dog.
My rescued boys, Cody and Chance, and I vote for Bean. What a cutie! She'd be the perfect poster child for adopting a rescue dog.
She has my vote, that's for sure!!
I vote for Bean.
I vote for Bean too - I will also post a link on my blog to Bean's story here...Bernie you are amazing!!!

Bean for First Dog? Definitely!!!!!

Hugs, Peggi
I think Bean is the perfect dog for the White House!
I think Bean is the perfect dog for the White House!
I vote for Bean - what a doll she is!
=^..^=always dream big

.:: Miss JellyBean Obama ::.
i see the stars in that name.

"Every Gathering Across The Nation"
Whether a few on the Porch of a Crossroads store
Or Massed Thousands in a Great Stadium
"Is the Possessor of a Potentially Immeasurable Influence on the Future"
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

We Vote for the BEAN!
Send Bean to the White House!
I was just adopted by a cat at the shelter where I volunteer in Massachusetts(yes He adopted and chose me), he is the most loving pet I have ever experienced! Shelter animals, like Bean make the best companion animals because they have been given a second chance (and they know it).

Give Bean a chance Mr. President!
Yes, I vote for Bean. How wonderful that would be for Bean to be the White House dog. He's a cutie. Beth
I hope there is a way for you to leave/send the President a message.
Perhaps he and Michelle believe in animal rescue - and will not only consider the plight of your sweet animals, but even find the perfect one to join their family.
Good luck! You and the fur babier will always be in my prayers,
Greetings from an animal lover in Florida!
I vote Bean!
Bean should definitely be First Dog!
Go Bean Go! I vote for Bean!
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