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Monday, November 24, 2008
"Linked By Love Auction" Artists Saving The Lives of Animals
"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.  
Your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil."
-John Ruskin

Cha-Cha above is sporting her Christmas attire as the mascot to our new art auction.
She is available for adoption: A female Chihuahua who is soft spoken sweet, loving and not the typical Chihuahua.  Approximately 5-7 years of age, she is a bit plump, but hey so am I!!!  
She only has few teeth left, but who needs teeth, when you are this cute!!!

We have started our "Linked by Love Auction" 
Artist Friends of A Place to Bark, Dedicated to Saving The Lives Of Animals in Need. 
This auction continues till December 25th in hopes of raising the funds needed to finish our shelter and help us catch up on some Mega HUGE vet bills.  New items will be listed daily!!!
Many of the art pieces are published and won't be offered anywhere else, but in our auctions.
Really FABULOUS Art!!  Please bookmark the link, check back often & help spread the word!!!!
Christmas is coming, so now is the time to treat yourself or someone you love to a very special artful present and in turn help us continue on...

The physical building is finished, septic, electrical, plumbing, all the hard stuff done.
We still need about 15k to fully finish the inside.
I hate advertising how much money we need, but unfortunately, it's the nature of the beast. 
Being a growing charity, these will be our hardest years financially, growing & building. 
Our hope is to raise enough funds, so that we can at least get a heating/cooling unit in so that we can start to use the building this winter.  
A more detailed post coming soon.. 
Once we complete the shelter, grants will be easier to apply for.  
We are a long way from where we were 8 years ago, over 400 animals will have been rescued this year alone, that's alot to smile about!!
I have one more transport scheduled for December, just in time for my pups find a home for Christmas!!!
Please, please if you are buying a puppy for Christmas do not buy a puppy from a pet store!!!
CLICK HERE to find out why.
Please adopt from a humane society or research and find a reputable breeder.
I'll be on the road, hoping no snow storms get in my way, but if they do, we've done that before:)

Let's face it money is tight for everyone.. 
The economy is down and many have less to donate, this is just a fabulous free way to help us generate the funding needed for the animals!!!
If you search the Internet daily, GoodSearch is a great way to donate without having cash.  
Just use it as your search engine and it will donate a penny every time you search.
Over time it really add up!!!  I have mine as my homepage when I start up my computer:)
If you shop the Internet anyway, please go thru GoodShop & list us as your designated charity.  
They will donate anywhere from 1% to 30% of your total purchases back to "A Place To Bark".  
There are 700+ top name retailers listed, E-bay, Target, Best Buy, Gap, Zappos, Macy's, PetSmart & Vista Print are just a few of the many named places to shop.  
Your buying price is the same, but a donation goes to our cause.  How GREAT is that!!


MISSION FISH:  Giving is easy & safe thru Mission Fish.  
If you have art or anything for that matter, just sitting around that you want to sell on E-bay,
you can help us, help the animals by donating a small percentage of proceeds or 100%. 
The choice is yours to make:)
If you don't see the Mission Fish logo on an auction that is to benefit us here at "A Place To Bark", make sure you ask alot of questions or check with me.
This link will show you all current auctions on MISSION FISH right now!!!  
This is where you can make a one time DIRECT DONATION
or you can schedule a recurring monthly donation so that we receive ongoing support.  
Any amount helps, it all adds up!!!

To be applied to our ongoing vet bills, checks can be made to:
The Critter Clinic Clinic, 522 W. Main Street, Gallatin, TN 37066 615-452-1477
Please put a note in the reference/memo line:  Apply to A Place To Bark bills.

If we don't raise what we need this holiday season, we will have to slow down and possibly stop intake for awhile.  Money is depleted, the animals are coming in at record numbers everywhere, not just here, due to the financial situations everywhere.   
I will have to pump up my teaching schedule, hit the road more often and raise the needed funding.   Either way, I am fine with it:) 
Never expected this to be easy and I'm not afraid to bust my butt!! 
Starting this, I knew that so much of it would depend on how hard I was willing to work, never did I ever think, we would save as many animals as we do. 
No matter what, I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve so far and will continue on, no matter what!!!  I don't give up easily...
My life has gone to the dogs so to speak:)

Truly I want to also say, that there are many, many wonderful charities out there and we are all struggling for funding with the economy the way it is, so feel free to donate to someone else in need, it's the helping other that counts!!!  
Don't get me wrong, I welcome the help, but also know there are others who do amazing work and we all have personal charities that are near & dear to our hearts.  
The holidays should be about the love that surround us, the blessings in our lives and what we can do everyday to honor and appreciate life!!!
Gosh, my head is about to pop off, I have so much to do and catch up on..  
Have 2 books I still need to send out, I know they are long overdue:(
So sorry girls, I will get these out this week.
I am also working on a Contributors & FAQs Page to be on the main website here, so much to do!!!...
Book, teaching proposal & magazine deadlines are all looming  so I'm working round the clock, between the animals and actual real life work.   Enough of my chatter about what I'm doing..

Sending you all my BEST WISHES & hope you all have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!
I am thankful everyday for the friendships made, the support given and the awareness created. 
I hope we will all be together for a very long time to come, in hopes to see positive changes for animals in need everywhere!!!

Even though the miles separate us, the Internet bridges the distance...
And I am not ashamed to say so... :)

P.S. Ben LOVES you Too!!!

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Hey Bernie....give me a call or email me, girl!(the latter is probably easier) I want to come up this week or next w/Ajax and see who may want to come home with us.

Also, do y'all have Tday plans? We hae a big get-together here (about 75 folks or so) and y'all are welcome to join us.
oh my GAWD Bernie I just love ChaCha!! I wish I could just drive up there and take her off your hands!

oh dear god, Rob will fall in love with her! I need that outfit for bettie, where did you find it?

I am putting up some gorgeous jewelry auctions TODAY for the effort. Be sure to do a blog post all about MEEEEEEE LOL

my seller id is imabarbedoll
Cha-Cha is the sweetest mascot for the art auction. Sending Jeff and you the best Thanksgiving. Hugs to all the pups and kitties. So much to be Thankful for.All your hard work. I can't believe how many lives you saved. I just know the shelter will get finished.Saying a prayer daily for it to happen.
Nancy A.
Cha-cha is SO cute! I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks you for all of the work you do to make a difference in so many animals lives.

Terra Lovelace
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