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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" ~John Wooden

Please accept my apology for not posting sooner...
I've been working double duty, between my art world & my rescue world.
This has been the hardest year ever, keeping the rescue open.
After 11 years of doing rescue, I almost had to close the program, earlier this year.

The economy has been so bad, people are surrendering their pets because they can't afford to keep them. People aren't adopting because they can't afford a pet and people aren't donating because they don't have the disposable income to do so.
Not to mention rescues are closing like you've never seen because of lack of donations & funding.
So it's become a very difficult situation all around, with homeless pets being put to sleep at greater numbers.

"A Place To Bark" is not out of the woods yet, but we are working hard on restructuring by partnering with businesses, who would actively fund the rescue & also creating residual income giving back.
The program has been so successful at saving lives, it's grown beyond what I ever envisioned it to be. But along with that has been growing pains. Baptism by fire so to speak, in learning what works & what doesn't as far as generating enough money to save the animals in need.
The operational costs, transport, gas, food, veterinary care, becomes very expensive. But Life shouldn't have a price tag attached to it...

Thanks to "Chase Community Giving" giving us a grant we will be able to get a grant writer & cover some basic operational costs.
We still have alot of catching up to do, with outstanding bills, that have grown due to lack of donations. I have Faith, everything will work out and the program will continue to grow.
The grant money won't arrive for 8-10 weeks I've been notified by the grant giver.

Please donate this holiday season so that we are able to continue saving homeless pets from needless death at our local animal controls.
Life is precious and should not be disposable. Together we can change things...
So in the next few months the website will be overhauled, many changes on the horizon...
Stay tuned & Thank You for visiting, donating & loving your pets....
Till there are no more homeless pets, we are "A Place To Bark"

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