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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Sophie's trip to Boston and New Faces around here..

I"m sorry I haven't posted sooner..
Yes, I'm still alive:)
Never a dull moment and life doesn't stand still around here for a minute.
I've done another transport to Chicago since my last post...
Left for and I got back from Boston last Monday the 13th. Everything about my trip was perfect!!
Sophie made the trip, a bit shaken but fine and happily to her new parents.
She was sent on my friend's transport service, her drive to Boston was an 18hour trip with 73 other dogs going to the east coast. Kyle and Pam do a great job and have helped save over 12,000 lives!!
So if you want to adopt a dog from me, we can get them to the east coast.

I would have flown her, but didn't think she would do well in the cargo hold..
She is doing well and going to work everyday with her parents Pokey and John Bolton at Quilting Arts Magazine.

It's always so bitter sweet, to say goodbye to my sweet angels..

At least when I place them with friends, I'll see them again:)
Each and every one of the dogs I take in from the pound would have been put to sleep, so the stories I share are what keep me going.

I was able to visit with old friends while in Boston and got to see and will be teaching at the following stores in Boston in the near future. Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Massachusetts April 21-22 2007
Stamp Act in Marshfield, Massachusetts to be announced.

I'm still working on the auction. I just can't believe how much time everything takes.
With so many animals constantly coming in, it leaves me so little time to do anything else.
Trust me when I say I need to do it, our vet bills are out of control..
I'll keep you all posted.
I wish I make it happen faster, but it's just me doing everything.

New faces: This is only a partial listing so if you are looking for a friend and don't see what you are looking for, send me and e-mail and I'll let you know what we have here at the moment.
"Winston": A male 6-8 month old Puggle. He is very shy and worried. I don't think we was treated really well.. He's only been here a few days but is starting to warm up..

"Fawn" is a female terrier mix. Sweet, energetic and also nervous and shy, I'm sure she'll come around soon.

"Buzz" is a male Shizu/Schnauzer mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age, he is loaded with love and energy. Loves to play and be right by your side!!!

"Hoagie" is a male Beagle/Cattle Dog mix. Approximately 1-2 years of age. Lots of energy!! Dominant natured.
Would do best in an only dog home.

"Jasper" is being adopted and will be living very near Vancouver, BC Canada. His family is truly wonderful and is anxiously awaiting his arrival in the next week or two depending on the holiday.

"Bear" is a male Chesepeake Bay Retriever. Approximately 1-2 years of age, he is very hand shy. He is very loving, but will need some training. Big and strong, he doesn't know his own strength. Very soft mouth when taking treats.

Bear will be going to Maine to Chesapeake Safe Harbor Rescue
Thank you Jane for taking him in!!!

Exciting News!!! "A Place To Bark" will be merging our rescue efforts with Friends of Hannah
We will be able to do so much more for the animals together. We have been working together for several months and the friendship has proven to be a very healthy, supportive and wonderful expierence.
Prisi and her staff at the Hairy Moose have been helping me with the transports and the boarding of my animals when I have to leave town to transport. It has taken our combined finances to get these animals rescued to places where they can be adopted. I'm blessed to have them in my circle of friends and I look forward to the New Year and seeing how much more we can do together for the animals!!
If you ever need to board your animals and live in the Tennessee area please consider her facility.
Both of us, put all the money we earn back into the rescue, so any and all support is always appreciated!!
I'm pooped it's been non stop all month..
I will post more this week.. Mr. Magoo is doing SUPER!! He has a full coat of hair, you'll never believe how great he looks!!
I did end up adopting one of the dogs I rescued from the puppy mill seizure:)
More in a few days..


oh I love Bear!!! I wish we had a house to take him....he wouldn't do well in a city loft....

I'm sure he'll find a good home!
All those SWEET faces! If I wasn't allergic and in better health I would take FAWN! She is darling! Yayyyyy! Friends with Hannah sounds nice! Happy Thanksgiving Bernie, Jeff& Critters! xo, Cinda
Oh thanks for posting I just love hearing what is happening with all of those beautiful furry kids.

Bless you & all those who help these lovely furry babies.

Makes my heart feel good. Hugs Jody in Sunny New Mexico.
Another batch of wonderful babies! I love to see your pictures of your animals. I will remember that facility if I need to board my babies.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
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