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Friday, March 09, 2007
Where I've been and Auction News
Sorry I've been missing..
Too many animals, so little time.
Not to mention work and life in between.
The last transport went very well, all the dogs were adopted and I even got a sweet e-mail from one of the children of a family, who adopted one of the puppies.
It's those moments when you know that animal is going to have a lifetime of love that keeps me going..

I've been on the road, caring for sick family members and currently I'm back in Boston Teaching.
I'll be back home this weekend.
Many have been asking about the auction and as soon as I get back I will try to get that wrapped up.
Sorry for the delay I know so many of you are waiting to see all the great art and help the animals.
I'm grateful for the help and thankful everyday for such good friends.
My good friends gave me a talking to and I am going to try to accept their help with trying to keep me organized.
I try to do it all myself, but am realizing that I can't so..
Thank you my sweet friends for caring:)
I'm a lurker, but check your site everyday for an update on what's going on. Glad to know you're still alive and kicking. :-) Can't wait to see the auction!
You're doing all you can so hang in there, Bernie. So good to hear from you! :)
So glad you are OK, tho incredibly busy.l I hope your time ion Boston is great. I wish I knew you were going to be up here!! I am 2 hours west of Boston. Glad to hear of your commitment to accepting help! Do it all????? You have GOT to be kidding!
Hang in there!
Glad to hear that you're going to accept some help, that's long overdue:) Take care of yourself, will talk to you soon!
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