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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Sunday Musings..

My days begin with the animals and end with them..
I've been counting my blessings lately, my family, friends, fellow artists, animal lovers & just everything good in my life...
Life can be difficult, but it is what gives us contrast, to truly appreciate the good moments.
I wear myself out most days, trying to do it all, but then all of a sudden I'll look down and laugh myself silly...
Like these pics I snapped the other day, how can you not smile and find joy in the day!!

It's at those times that I realize life is truly what you make it. So, yes!! I'm tired, but I am also happy:)

This litter just came in the other day. Sweet mom cat, who was feeling really bad and still caring for her kids. These animals are just amazing with their dedication to their babies. She is doing well and is on antibiotics.

"Tasha" is a female Cattledog/Terrier Mix. Approximately 2 years of age & about 25 pounds.
Super sweet, never leaves your side. Good with other dogs & cats.

I find it funny how I grew up in Chicago, but always dreamed of land, farm and animals.
I have changed so much in the past ten years. The days of dressing up and belonging to country clubs are gone..
These days I dream of children, a shelter, doing what I can to help others, jeans, new t-shirts, work boots and a new John Deere:)

My neighbor helped me plow a new garden yesterday, you can see part of it in the top pic of me and the dogs, so I need to get busy today, it's HUGE!!

It also looks as if I'll be making two transports in the upcoming two weeks.
So I will be in Chicago this week and Wisconsin next week. We have too many animals to just do one trip.
Anyone want to drive if I rent two vans:)
Love those photos! esp the one of the doggie with his tongue out! LOL!
Bernie, I positively love your blog and your writing! For totally different reasons, I've been in a stressful funk lately, and it is my little furbabies that always make me laugh and keep things in perspective. A playful nose in the butt from my boxer or a lick and head-butt from my shy cat...they do make it worthwhile, don't they? :-)

Thank you for your honesty about your love for creatures as it makes me feel like the world is not so heavy!
I love the puppies with their tongues out!!! I posted your badge on my blog, hopefully it helps. If you were closer to me I'd help with a transport but I'm a bit far away. Keep your chin up!!
who is that adorable pup with his tongue sticking out in his crate? Way too cute,
Can't help drive but will send money via donation
I just came across your blog. You and your lovely fur friends made me smile. What a great person you are and you can see that you are loved by all the animals! I wish you all the best!!! If only there were a few more people like you in the world!
I just came across your blog via claudine's blog. what you do is so AMAZING! as a fellow animal lover, I applaud you for all of your wonderful work!
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