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Friday, March 28, 2008
Winners of our fundraising gifts!!
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
-Walt Disney

WoW!!!  Been really, really, busy lately, with lots of new fuzzies here...
This is a long overdue post, so here it is!!!  
Thanks sooo much to Claudine for helping me, as she always does:)

We selected at random with this handy random number generator 42 winners for our A Place to Bark Network For Good fund raiser gifts
Here are our lucky winners out of over 2,400 donations! 
Each artist has been notified of their winner(s) and they will be getting in touch with you to send you your gift(s)! 
Thank you again for support of A Place to Bark we couldn't have done it without your generous support!!!!

a lifetime membership to ZNE winner- Joan McGrady-Beach

original 16x20 artwork by Claudine Hellmuth winner - Lee Brown

5 signed copies of Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected winners - Donna Hart, Vicky Martindale, Sharee Chapman, Patricia Dusman, Martha Rich

original artwork by Sheri Gaynor winner - Jody Green

5 original Artist Trading Cards by Bernie Berlin Penny Dittmer, Bonnie Towles, Christine Rose Elle, david o'connell, Ethel Burnham

original mixed media painting by Brenda Pinnick custom made for you! winner - Kelly Snelling

5 signed copies of Artist Trading Card Workshop, a book by Bernie Berlin winners - jennifer boykin ,Sue Verner, Norma Amador, Jacek Menel, Laura Turner

10 archival prints by pet portrait artist Kathy Weller winners - Catherine Dunphy, catherine davol , Denni A Bloom , Kim McCullough , Anita Van Hal, Marie Prescott , Maurice Nowell, Cheryl Hayden, jill smith ragan, Leigh Armstrong

a signed archival print by Melissa Langer of Pug Notes winner - Suzy Hay

two signed books by Margot Potter and a handmade dog collar
winners - Janet Cregar , Gary Rattner , Jon and Denise Luce

a signed print of your choice from Noisy Dog Studio winner - Christine Hazelton

a collage pack brimming with artsy papers from CollageJoy winner - Jayne Bramley

two original collage artworks by Heatherly of Richmond St. Designs winners - Lyn Klauzer, Roberta Powell

grab bag of kitty and doggie stamps from Cat's Life Press winner - Michelle Curran

2 Scrappy Cats skeins of yarn from Saints and Sinners winners - Christine Crabtree, Ann Kirschner

2 collage prize packs from Christine Adolph designs winners - Molly Simmons , Danielle Muller

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!!!
It is because of you, the generous artists and animal loving donors, that we are able to save so many wonderful animals.  
Just know everytime you look at this blog, the faces saved are because of you!!!
Together we make a difference in the lives of these animals...

We have finally decided on a metal building, nothing fancy, building costs are higher than what we expected, but it will be a shelter:)  With heat and air....  More news to follow.
Such sweet faces! ...just a mirror of your own, Bernie!

Diane, Grace & SCOOTER
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