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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Give Away Gifts... Thank you for reading!!!

"Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by doubling our joy and dividing our grief."
-Joseph Addison

As I am getting ready to leave for my trip to New Jersey, I couldn't help but do this post..
It has been on my mind for sometime, to do some art give aways.
My appreciation for all the wonderful support, both financially and emotionally over these past years has left me feeling very grateful everyday.  

I feel very blessed, to be able to keep continuing to rescue animals and I could not do it without you.  I wish I could know each and every one of you, that visits this blog and according to my statcounter, there are ALOT of you!!!  
So please take a moment to post a comment, it can be as simple as I am a lurker, I love my dog, cat or just a simple hello..   No need to get real lengthy if you don't want to:)

Just know your comments left mean so much to me..  
I know it sounds sappy, but I mean this from the bottom of my heart!!!
You have no idea of what the day to day happenings here are, as far as the hundreds of e-mails daily, from lists all over about dogs being put to sleep, rescuers franic to save animals in kill shelters, the daily phone calls everyday, from people having to surrender their dogs due to foreclosures, changes of circumstances or people finding strays that they have no place to go with them, other than the pound and that is almost always sure death.  
My voicemail is usually full by noon..
I wish I could take them all in, but I can't and it is such a hopeless feeling, I hope you never have to experience.  It is a constant roller coaster of emotions so to speak.  
We are at a time, that the economy is so bad that rescues & charities everywhere are cutting back, shutting down and even worse, I have been getting e-mails that some rescues will have to euthanize their own dogs, because they cannot care for them any longer.  
I just reached out to one of these rescues, offering food and whatever else I could help with.
The animals have no choice, but to depend on and look to us for help to hear stories like that just destroys me...

Enough sad talk..
I appreciate you and want you to know it!!  What I am giving away isn't fancy, just a little token.
Sooooo, just comment and make sure to leave your email or blog URL so I can contact you if you win!  I'll draw two winners on Thursday July 27th.
The contest will end midnight July 26th.  Winners will be posted on the 27th.
I will use a random number generator to pull the winners for these art related things.
I know it's not much, but I really wanted to do a little something to show my appreciation.
So this is what I am giving away!!!

1 whimsical doggie 4 x 4 painting done by me.  Yes, silly, but fun!!!

2 Artist Trading Card books, signed by the author (me).

3 individual collage sheet packs, each containing themed: 1 cat collage sheet and 2 dog collage sheets.  
Perfect for Artist Trading cards or for creating small or mini collages!!

Again "Thanks A Million" for being my friend and friends to the animals!!!
Blessings & Light to you all...


You have such a loving heart and level head. I love how you encourage people to make sure that the companion is right for them and their life, over and above how much their heartstrings are tugged....

take good care of yourself. Labors of love are often hard on the soul.

oops, I should have added my email address... purpleone@nc.rr.com

Zebulon, NC
It seems like I've followed you around forever! I started with the ATC book and then found this blog. I have done rescue work too (I had to leave because they were far too proud of their crematorium!)I still have your donation badge on my blog and I hope someone donates occasionally. And you don't know how many of those lovely doggies tug at my heart! (When our last dog had to be put down due to cancer, it broke my husband's heart. I don't think we'll ever have another one, although I would love one!) Enough rambling. I had originally intended to tell you you are an angel and that I will be here, prize or no prize!
I am a dreaded lurker. I love reading about what you do.

If you want, you can read about the little guy I am fostering at www.littlekirbytheyorkie.blogspot.com
Bernie I check your page every day. As you know i rescue weims so it can get very busy here so i always get energized when i see all of the things you do in a day. You make me keep going. :) I know that i am not the only one rescueing when i see your posts and it makes me feel better. Keep up the good work and know we all do the best we can! Terra Lovelace
Hey Bernie~
I am so humbled, and inspired by reading/looking at your blog...what a bunch of gorgeous beauties you have accumulated, and found space for in other's hearts. The little critters do stand at more risk during hard times. They need us! Thank you for all you do, and, I'll be there in a heart beat if you tell me you are in dire straights for help...you know how close I am...right here in New Orleans.For real! Where I have my computer, and a pillow, I can keep up with my work, and help the critters too!!
Giant Heart and Hugs to you!
love your blog Bernie and usually read it at least once a day...love your pics of all the four legged friends you bring home.. I have two grandchildren that have four legs... Teddy (a poodle) and Darcy (a boxer).. the mastiffs are gorgeous got that "so ugly you cant but help but want to kiss them face"
You continue to inspire me daily Bernie! Keep up the wonderful hard work you do. Hugs & kisses to all the pups & kits you have there today. And I do LOVE my dogs! :) Jessica
Hi, Bernie, I have been reading your blog faithfully for a couple months now. I think what you're doing is a really great thing! I have a dream of starting a dog rescue some day myself. I don't have any animals right now because I rent, but when we buy a house we're definitely getting a dog from a shelter. Well, keep up the good work, I love reading about all the animals you're helping! Your artwork is great too!
Bernie, You are still an angel to all! I called you last week about the sweet girl we took in after being abandoned. You know what happened? Her name is Lady and is part of our family now! Barb & Carl in Cottontown.
Hello! I've been reading your blog for a while and it seemed like a good time to tell you how it inspired me to volunteer at my local SPCA, which I always thought I was too much of a soft-hearted sissy to do before... but that was 3 months ago and I'm really glad I started. So thanks!

Also I really enjoy looking at your pictures of cute dogs.
I'm so thankful there are people in the world who do what you do. I would never be able to give any of those babies up.
Awww Miz Bernie you know I just love you to pieces! I can't imagine not having my ChiChi-Mama doggie - she's so naughty-funny that it's just like having an extra Oommpa Loompa running around! And to think that I want another dog to add to our brood :D

Yes. I am crazy. But I love animals and since I have the space now I have to give at least one more a new home! Besides....ChiChi Mama needs a playmate :)

bernie, where in nj are you coming to? i live in morris county! when will u be here?

almost every night hubby and i watch the animal planet's shows about spca saves. no matter where u are in the country, animals need help... i dont know why we watch it all the time. i guess we're animal lovers and want to see something good happen on tv for a change. saving animals is the tops.

i can't wait to see the pics of your new building when it starts going up.

i am also curious about that neighbor you had mentioned when you first were moving down there, who saves horses. are they legitimate? do they have a website?
can't wait to hear where and when you'll be here...
denise t.
Hi Bernie! I love your blog and check every day for updates. When there are no new posts (I understand! Your life is major busy!) I go back and look at the sweet faces you have rescued. Wish I could adopt more pets, but apartment living forces me to be a 1 dog household. Keep up the good work!
I love your blog about your rescue babies...I have a cat that I rescued 12 years ago named Killian. All our dogs when I was with my partner were rescues too.

My best to you! And, your work.
You do wonderful work. I am the owner of two wonderful rescued pound pups along with our 3 other bird dogs. Also 9 cats, 5 horses and 16 chickens.
Aww Bernie.. you are the best! There's no need to thank US... you are the one doing all the hard, hard work! xoxo
The prizes are beautious!

Just a quick note to say hello! Josey is doing wonderfully! Thank you for all that you did to get to our family.

She is the sweetest dog. If you ask Lucy (our other dog) she would say that she is the biggest (Lucy can literally fit right under Josey) and brattyest little sister you could ever have! ;-)

Ha! They are sleeping together under my studio desk as we speak.
I have owned several rescued critters over the years-and can't imagine another way to acquire a family-some are easier than others to integrate into the family-some just need to learn what love is. Keep up the awesome work!
Thanks so much Bernie for all that you do to help the little creatures that can't help themselves. My heart cries out to all the lonely critters that need some one to love them-my pets give me so much joy and love - can't imagine if they were lost in this world with out a home. hugs, kj
Bernie you are such an inspiration! I am a rural mail carrier and currently have 17 dogs that I have picked up along my route because of abandonment. If people could only see their potential they wouldn't throw them away. Some get moved on to forever homes some just become family. There's always room for one more :) Thanks so much for all you do! I sure enjoy reading about your adventures!
Bernie: Your blog is one I check regularly...the work you do is amazing and I am sure it is emotionally and physically. I emailed Tim a week or so ago and asked him to nominate you for Animal Planet's Animal Hero award.

I just love looking at those dogs' "after" pictures. You can really see their fresh smiles.

Proud "mom" of a brittney and two rescued kitties ( and two human boys).
Thanks for sharing so much of you with us.
Alpharetta GA
I am not leaving this comment so that I might win something, but to let you know that I am deeply, DEEPLY inspired by the work you do. Several months ago I came to a cross-roads in my life. I didn't know what to do next. If I were to make a list of people who inspired me to do what I'm doing, you would most certainly be near the very top of that list. You don't even know me, but it is amazing to me how finding your blog and reading about the work you do helped me to visualize what my own authentic life looks like.

And so thank you. Thank you for doing so much good for so many animals. And thank you also for being a wonderful light on my path.
It's us who should be giving the gifts to you, Bernie. You've already given so much to so many. Scooter is some of your best PR. Everyone wants a dog just like him, so we are constantly giving out your website address. We check your blog several times a week, and fall in love over and over with your sweet babies!

Love to you, Jeff and all the fur babies,
Diane, Grace & Scooter
Hi Bernie! Great to get the latest update. I'll be taking care of my grand-dog Lexi for 3 days next week while her mom and dad go kayaking :-)
Greta to hear the new building will be getting started soon

Carol in Mass.
I was introduced to your blog by Claudine, and I just want to give you big ((hugs)) for being an animal lover!! It is a goal of mine to one day have enough land to keep rescued pets. I have such a tender heart when it comes to them, and it's because of people like you that some animals get a second chance!

((hugs again!!)) :)
Thanks so much for all you do. YOu are such an inspiration.
Bernie - thanks for all you do for those who cannot help themselves and rely on us. Stephanie
I'm Here!

I am so glad you are here to help the animals. I just love that doggie you just posted. sigh.... I wish I could have more, but I help whenever I can.
I live in a community that does not allow pets. My quest is to help change these antiquated (unconstitutional) by-laws. I WILL someday soon be bringing home a neglected pet to love, nurture, and heal. God bless you.
Hi Bernie... love your blog and what you do for the animals and with your art... Met you in Mass class with M. deMeng.. Hope you'll be back soon. Judy
Please keep doing what you do. It's just so, so important!
Hi Bernie-
You are an incredibly large-hearted person, with an amazing dedication and drive. I'm so glad I got to know you at B&B, and look forward to seeing you around the crafty world. I admire all that you do, art-wise and animal-wise!
Thanks for all you do and for giving some very cool stuff away!
I follow ypur blog faithfully and have rescued quite a few cats over the years and have 3 right now--make my life sparkle
Hi Bernie! You are an amazing person with a huge heart..Thank you, Thank you for all that you are doing for these wonderful animals....We are in love with all your furry babies..Good luck to you
I love your dog painting, it has so much soul

I always read your blog, even if I have a hard time hearing about some of the animals. I know what an awesome job you are doing and along with the sad times are the happy ones. I love my cat Spaz who is an adopted from our shelter. My husband questioned why I wanted a cat that had an injured eye that needed to be removed. I said that Spaz especially needed out love and he has turned out to be a loving cat that took the place of my 18 year friend, Barf (cat)

Nice giveaway...you guys associated with Ranger sure are generous. I'd love to win. My former shelter kitty says "Meow!"
your hardwork and love is paying off not only with getting the shelter built but more importantly finding wonderful homes for all those sweet furry faces...
Thank you for all you do. My three little rescued Chihuahua's say a big collective "woof.
First time here and I love your blog and thank you for being so generous :D
I guess i am not a recues, I am a keeper. Right now I have only one very old dog and one cat that lives here and one that eats here(gets caught long enough to get her shots). And when Babe dies, there will be another one (from a humane society) to live--as long as I am able. Cindy cptrobaugh@msn.com
P.J. Jammie and family send our love. We are greatful everyday for the love you give! Take care of yourself-Hugs Amanda Davie, The Pack, and Family xoxo
I am a huge dog lover!! I have a black lab and he is so spoiled and loved!! I am so glad i found your blog and enjoy reading it!
Hugs from Minneapolis! And thank you for being such an inspiration to many of us who love our dogs and all pets.
I am also an unofficial rescue mommy. After loosing my Chow Shepard mix "Sheba" at 17 (she was a last minute rescue from a pound on the coast of Oregon I adopted 2 hours before she was to be put to sleep)... she was without a doubt the best kid I ever raised. I live rural, where people dump unwanted cats hoping they survive... While still alive, Sheba mothered the ones that wandered into our yard, now that she is gone, and with me being extremely allergic to cats I cannot exactly take them in even though the local shelters are full. As a compromise I fixed cat houses underneath my porches as shelters for them and I invest at least $50 towards cat food each month while trying to find them loving homes as they appear. Last year alone I placed 17 cats and kittens. What you are doing is wonderful.... keep it up! And if you ever come across a special dog with the heart of an angel, who loves art and music... keep me in mind, I am searching for them.
Umm, can I just say wow you are so generous. Again, thank you for all you do.

blackbeltmama_99 at yahoo.com

I am amazed at how big your heart is Bernie...you are truly a special person. I only wish that I had enough money to help you with your precious cause. You are in my thoughts and prayers...Carol from SC
I just had to take a moment and say that this site is amazing and you are doing something wonderful! People like you are a blessing to stumble upon! Smiles, Lorie
Your hard work is such an inspiration! And that picture is sooo adorable. I just love so many of your rescue dogs! I wish you were closer to me.


Love your work and already have your book (unsigned).
Admire your compassion and devotion to our four legged kind.
Looking forward to you coming to Australia!
You're so GREAT-found this from Claudine's blog!! You're on my Google Reader now!
Hey Bernie,

It was fab to meet you at Ranger U seems weird reading your blog and then actually seeing you. You are so talented and soooo sweet, will look out for your book in the UK and really hope we keep in touch big hugs

Traci x
You rock! We just adopted our first resuce a month ago and it has been difficult. Always having had puppies they just naturally fit into our lifestyle. Our new resuce (who still doesn't have a name) has been a challenge - agression toward dogs...and cats, birds, squirrels, rabbits.... But he is fabulous with the most beautiful eyes and the best tail wag. Your website inspired me to rescue as I hope it will others. Live your life knowing that your karma is outreaching and is definately circling back to you!
I'm so glad there are people like you out there, doing this kind of rewarding but sometimes difficult work. It's so appreciated!

Heather in KY
I admire the work that you are doing every day for these animals. I only wish I had the talent and energy that you have :) I currently have two dogs and five cats which I have rescued, and even today I may be bringing home another kitty! Outside of my family and my fur-babies, my main focus is trying to do what I can to save our environment....native habitats to be exact. http://motherearthmender.blogspot.com/
Hey Bern!

I read your blog all the time - best way to keep up with what's happening with you! We miss you lots here in Massachusetts. Hope you can make it out again soon. As for your rescue work, it doesn't surprise me that you spend your life this way - having had the good fortune to meet you, I know it's just one example of the love you bring to this world in so many ways. You are a true earth angel.

Keep smiling, girlfriend! Big hugs!
Chris O.
You deserve the thank you gifts. You do such an awesome thing- I cry when I read your blog sometimes.
We have 2 unofficial rescue dogs- one was a bulldog that was being kept outside 24/7 during the summer - was blind - terrified and 9 years old. Its owner moved and left the dog with her 75 year old mother who couldnt handle her. We followed this old lady home from Publix and picked Alex up that day. The other was a 9 year old pug who couldnt breed anymore and the breeder was looking to get rid of her- also a dog living outside, in the heat etc. They now have their own recliners and love to sleep in my bed. At 13 years old- I know they are getting close to the end but at least the last 4 years have been good ones for them.
Plus a year old Rottie-so my place is fun!

Anyway- also live in Nashville- and would love to help out some. Money is tight but am trying to think of other ways I can help. Please contact me- jill.watkins@gmail.com
we rescued our Maxer and if i could have left with 10 dogs that day i would have. you really are an inspiration!!!
You are truly an angel and I cannot imagine the heartache you feel on a daily basis not being able to help all the precious angels out there, but you are doing AMAZING, amazing things with your time and efforts and making such a difference in the lives of animals and spreading the word through your blog and updates. I am always so excited to see new posts or new pics! Warms my heart to no end.
Keep up the work and God bless you!
-Caroline W
Hi Bernie-

I'm a paper crafter and just found your site through Tim's. Your work for the animals is admirable. As a mom to 4 rescued fur-children, I realize how important it is to have wonderful people in the world such as yourself to give a voice to those who have none.

Keep up the great work! You're bookmarked now. :o)

Karen Fryar
OMG! That Little 4x4 dog put a HUGE smile on my face! Jood
Good for you! I think it's amazing what you do... and I'm very proud of you. I own a puppy and couple of cats.. and can't imagine my world without them. Both of my cats are rescued cats. They were to be put down. And they were KITTENS!!!!! For goodness sake. My older cat just passed away. (19 year old Suki). She was also a rescue cat. They'd given her her shots at 2 1/2 weeks.. and they made her sick sick sick. She threw up, and went to the bathroom everywhere. So they considered her damaged.. and needing to be put down. I had her for 19 years. Were there accidents? Yes. But oh well. The joy far outweighed the problems. She was a cantankerous old broad.. and just my little love. (terribly small because of this... but SO sweet). Anyway... I do what I can for the animals. I donate food and money.. and always have as many as I can get hubby to accept. And I can't imagine my life without them. Children should always have pets. They teach them so much.

Long-winded.. sorry. I enjoy your blog.

All my very best.
Sandie roberts54@rogers.com

As many have said - you are a true inspiration and thank you for all that you do. I love, love, love looking at all the smiling faces and only wish I could give them all a home. I'm looking forward to the building project.

Thank you!

Linda (in Maryland)
Love what you do for all the poor animals out there - I LOVE my two dogs - sometimes more than my children (ha ha ) - Keep up the great work!

That the times are so bad for everyone is very sad and for animals to be put to sleep because of this is heartbreaking.

I hestitate to bring up this subject but it has been of concern for me. I know rescuers are well meaning in their placements but some are (in most cases rightfully so) very strict in placing animals.

A few years ago I applied eagerly to adopt a rescued dog. To my dismay I was deemed an unfit dog owner as my dog was not current on Heartworm prevention and denied a dog.

Maybe rescue groups could have been that picky then, but now I hope some standards such as this would be worked around for eager would be dog owners.
Hi Bernie,

I volunteer with a Border Collie rescue here in Colorado and am also an artist. I hope one day to meet you! I can understand the heartbreak and triumph that you feel when you help the ones that you can, and have to pass on the ones you can't. Have faith that you do make a difference in the world. I have 6 of my own dogs (5 BCs and Aussie) a BC foster dog and three cats and a very understanding hubby. As one of our volunteers says "Saving one dog won't change the world, but for that one dog the world will change forever."

Keep on truckin'!

Diana VanGorden
Just know that you are doing all you can do which is more than what some people do. What you do makes a difference, you know that it does, every time you look into a sweet fuzzy face, you know what you do makes a difference and is needed. No, we can't save all of them, but I'm glad I've saved the dogs and cats I could when I could/can. I wish I could take in the Momma Basset hound, I miss my basset, Eli, that I had for almost 13 years. I made a difference to him. Hugs.
Thanks, Bernie. You have done so much for so many animals.

I love my two rescued retired greyhounds--Money and Lindsey. I try to do my little part to help the rest of them find their forever homes. Wish that I could do more.

Hi Bernie! Hope you had a great time in Jersey!! Miss the old Collage Cat chats!!!
You do such great work! I would love to network with you and help raise some money for your organization. Please LMK if I can help.

We have two very adorable indoor cats. And we all think (us and our cats!) that you are doing fabulous work. Both in your rescue efforts and your art. Even though you can't save them all, you are saving the ones you can - and making a real difference. Enjoy Ranger U! I plan to go there someday!
A friend turned me on to your blog saying we were separated at birth. I hope you can check my blog out at www.tackytraditions.blogspot.com and meet my two rescued rascals - Byrdie & Jake. Byrdie won my heart when she picked me 10 years ago at the Washington DC Humane Society Shelter. She's older, slower and needs much medication - and she makes my heart smile every single day. That love is .... well you know ... Thank you. Chrisi
I was so touched by your blog. My sheltie is 13 years old, and we just went through a very emotional time with him. He is my first dog, and we thought he had liver cancer. However, the biopsy showed different things but no cancer. I have been on an emotional roller coaster because this dog means so much to me. He isn't out of the woods because he may have surgery to remove one of the larger tumors. Big decision. But people who love dogs understand. What I have a hard time understanding is how people some times treat their dogs so poorly. Don't understand why they get a dog in the first place. Continue your good work.

Shirley Lee
Hi Bernie!
You are such an inspiration and touch everyone that comes in contact with you! Have wonderful travels!
Melissa and Emmitt
Hi Bernie! I recognized you today on the Hero Arts blog and thought I'd drop by. I'm a little tight on money right now but I have been using GoodSearch.com for all my web searches. Hope it helps. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself too.
Ruby Craft
Wow - these are great items! Love your work... your reason "to carry on". You Rock!
I know I am too late for your wonderful giveaway, but seeing your blog and your purpose made me want to post some support. You are doing wonderful but heart-wrenching work, and it is so great to read about it and see it on your blog. I love my dog (surrogate child!), and it looks like you have found many who will be loved by someone, too. Good luck with everything.

By the way, your artwork is beautiful and inspiring as well. Thanks for sharing part of yourself.
Hi Bernie,
I found you by a lucky accident....I am also involved in dog rescue here in Maine with a group that solely brings dogs due to be euthanized in AK shelters up to be fostered or adoted....but I found out about you through my love & career with papercrafting.

thanks for giving volunteers and pups the coverage they all desperately need!
Hi Bernie,

I love your blog and your pictures. You are an amazing person doing what you do. I might contact you someday if my fiance ever lets me have a Boston Bull Terrier or a Black Lab. :)
you rock! keep up the fight...the love is in the eyes of the saved!
Yay! Keep it up girl! *grins*

I'm too late for the drawing, but that's okay - I just wanted to take a minute and say 'THANK YOU FOR ALl YOU DO!!!!!"

You rock, girlfriend!

I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I've had your contribution badge on mine for almost as long. Thank you, thank you for what you are doing. Every time I look into the soulful eyes of my fur girl, I thank God for you and what you are doing for other animals out there.

I have your book and love it, so if you end up drawing me, please pass the book on to another commenter. :-)
I visit your blog regularly, and living in the UK it's so far away but your work is amazing, I wish there were more people like you here.
All we can do is Live every day
Hope every Hope
and Dream every Dream
I love this phrase and Bernie you are living the dream........

Hi Bernie,
I just want you to know that my Mom says I am being a real good boy. I play nice with Ziggy & Valentine. I am much happier now since my sinus infection has cleared up. I even have decided to sleep in my chair next to Valentine & Ziggy at night. This has made Mom & Dad very happy! Thank you for rescuing me. It has taken me over 4 months to trust my new owners and adjust to my new home. I have gone from a 19 pound skinny scared boy to a healthy 24 pound happy boy. I really tested my new owners patience at first.
Just noticed that you are following me on Twitter (ValSCG). Wondering if it was my "kittens rescued" Tweet that caught your eye. God bless you for what you do!!!
Love and Peace sent from U.K.Just keep doing what you do,Girlfriend.
Thank You,for all you do for your recued furbabies.[Denise,Canine Emergency Foster Carer.ProDogs Direct,R.S.P.C.A.][BIG Hug to you and to those that you Love.]
I'm so inspired to look locally to see how I can help..

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work that you do. I'm in awe of your work. It takes a very special person to be able to do it. Kind of blows my mind really.

I just wanted to chime in and say hello :) what a nice post.

best wishes
Hey Bernie (crazy scale lady here) I came to visit your blog to let you know I'm hosting a study based on your book. Almost everyone is new to altered art and each week they are pushing themselves more and more, You are a true inspiration to me, and through your book, so many people are setting their art free. Come see how they're all doing! http://www.clubscrapchat.com/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=35
ps- all books were purchase through your link, to help your shelter! -luanne
Hi Bernie, Can't wait to meet you in ZNE Class and show you the book Arte du Blythe made to sell for your place!
Hi Bernie,
This is a repeat comment but meant with my whole heart... thank you for your kind heart towards animals and all that you do to keep them safe and into the right family. We have a rescue puppy and couldn't imagine life without her. I keep telling my husband a dog is the only living being that thinks more of you than him/her self. We do contribute to your cause when we are able and have never hesitated as we know the good that you do.
Love to read your blog & your tweets! You are an amazing, dedicated animal lover! We rescued our husky from the Dumb Friends League here in Denver, almost 9 years ago. Our best pets have come from adoptions!
Keep up what you do! It is appreciated!
My husband sent your information to me, calling you his new twitter friend. I am so moved by your work, I cannot stop crying.

We did not know we were dog people until my brother adopted Kona, our chocolate lab niece. She is the light of my life.

Thank you for the work you are doing.
Keep up the good work. Was glad to hear you took some time for a good cry in Chicago. I think I'd be balling constantly!!! Hope your art serves as a good outlet, too.
I'm glad to have found your blog. I just came across your ATC book (love it!) at the library and I am very VERY new at the whole "art thing". Was looking for your Cre8tive Eye website, and after some googling ended up here. It seems like this is your most current blog/incarnation. Although I "came for the art" - "I stayed for the dogs". I even liked your "heavy" post of July 12? about the dog rescue - Chicago aftermath. I'm just down the road a piece in the volunteer state, and so I saw the coverage about the mill bust. Heartbreaking.

Admit as a newbie "artist" (just faking it at this point) partly leaving a comment to get my chance at the drawing (don't know if you're doing sep. drawings or how you're doing it - but although I love the cute little dog, I'd prefer to be in the running for the books (esp.) or the collage sheets.

I hope you recover from the Big Mill Bust and if I should be looking elsewhere for your art site online, please let me know. Thanks.

I'm a one-pet cats only household, but believe totally in what you are doing. My newest furry sweetheart came from a no-kill shelter. Thank you for what you do, and others like you!
Love to read your blog and look and pictures... such sweeties...I left my first donation your group today..We have 2 weiner dogs.. one of which was rescued..now all we need is a couple of kitties.Thanks for your work and caring for thse animals
I can't imagine seeing a puppy mill in "person". It must affect you for a long time. What you do is so wonderful.
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