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Friday, June 27, 2008
Today.. Day 3
Can't post very much, I am running out the door.
I have been onsite volunteering at the"puppymill seizure" here in Tennessee.
700 animals rescued, it is the largest bust in the history of the state.
If you have never seen "Humane Society of the United States" in action, the term blood, sweat and tears is the best way I can describe the people and dedication to the cause.  
I have seen first hand where the donation dollars are spent and am in awe of the total operation to save and someday abolish all puppymills.
You can follow the rescue "here"..
Help spread awareness about puppymills and help join "HSUS"in their crusade, that no dog be left behind!!

I saw that story on the news last night! I was shocked that 700 animals were living in chicken coops like that. To see a little baby pup trying to learn to walk on wires was heartbreaking. I'm so glad you're helping out. Good luck to you and all the volunteers! I'll be watching for updates!
Oh what a wonderful woman you are. I stumbled through 86 million degrees of separation upon your blog and you have stolen my heart.

I lost my kitty of 12 years a few months ago, and I sure wish I lived in Tennessee!

Thanks for what you are doing. Every little furry life is so precious - "all creatures great and small" right? I thank God for people like you.

Take care,

Thanks for all you do! What an angel!
Bernie, Thank you for your wonderful work! Because of your blog I added a sweet sweet rescue cocker spaniel to my household. I saw the name of a nearby rescue on your site and clicked it on a whim. Three months later, I was picking up the cutest tiny cocker girl ever! Her name is Isabel and she keeps getting better every day! So, thanks from Jean, Isabel and Isabel's big brother Joey.
I'm not going to go look at the site, but thank you for helping and all that you do.

Awww, that's just amazing!! I donated some money to your blog, do you know how I could report puppymill/bad conditions in Anderson SC at a flea market called the Jockeylot? they have a section called puppy alley or something like it and it's horrible. Puppies in small animal cages and I can't figure out how to report them.
You are a inspiration to many! So sad to find out these things still happen.

Love & Hugs

Traci x
Your good work at the puppy mill caused quite a stir here in Atlanta today. So many people showed up for the available dogs they had to call the police. Nothing bad happened, just way more people than dogs. They passed out numbers for the group that will be ready Wed and the next group that will be ready Thurs. Every news station had it their first 5 min.
Lots of puppies will have a much better life now!
Alpharetta GA
I just read about this...Wow! keep up the great work!
Thanks so much for all you do for the animals, Bernie. I do what I can for our Golden rescue but I couldn't get past my own feelings the way you do to help. People should know that they can sign up to donate to A Place to Bark automatically every month. I do. You are a very special angel, Bernie, and the animals are very lucky to have you and others who do this heartbreaking work.
I came to your blog via two other blogs trying to learn some new craft techniques. I sure didn't expect to find this. I'm also an animal lover, and your living my dream, and I suppose my nightmares also. I have taken dogs off the streets for some years now, only sometimes do they have to go to the local shelter which breaks my heart. I know how you an most rescuers feel about kill shelters, but I only do it when I have exhausted all other options. I hate to see them on the streets living that horrible life also. We have three now, good size, crate trained due to two of them being food agressive. They are my dogs, they have quirks, still skittish, but we love them and take care of them, they live in the house and are part of our family. I just wish I would have had the knowledge when I brought in the first two of how to help them with their issues, they may have gotten over some of it. My spouse has been pretty supportive, giving up our dining room to house those 4ft by 3ft crates and supporting them financially. Unfortunately my huband doesn't feel the same as I do when it comes to rescueing, so it does cause some tension in our 24 year marriage and that is hard. I can't pass up a helpless animal, dog, cat, bird, and have found my self leaving my job to make it to a wildlife rescue to deliver an animal 60 miles away before they close at 6PM sometimes. That is just me, it isn't something I can stop doing. Ive been lucky the last several I have picked up, I've been able to find good homes for them and make sure they know what they are getting into and not taking the dogs on a whim. I know people run into hard times, but it would break my heart to give up one of mine. I have two grown boys and these dogs are about as close to me as them. Enough of my babbling! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for dedicating your life to help the poor defenseless animals of this country. Take Care of yourself!
Hey Bernie!! I have been thinking of you straight time since Ranger U and the puppymill bust. I am so glad you survived...even though it was horrible. Hang in there...no one can do it like you!! See you at CHA.

- Kim
(one of Tims girls)
I'm so impressed with what you are doing. I'd suggest you get yourself up on Facebook too.
My stomach turns at the mere thought of those puppy mills - they are everywhere and I beleieve we have tons here in the UK. Dog fighting is rife here as well which is just horrific and I was shocked to see in our local paper in North East Scotland that it is really bad in our area and WHO KNEW??
I am disgusted but I believe the RSPCA here have undercover people among them so here's hoping...
Bernie your work and that bust must have been horrendous but so happy at the same time, 700 furry buds rescued - AMAZING - How in God's name did it even reach 700!!!

It is great that time was taken to do this rescue not sure it would happen here though....

Take care
I saw you on twitter....I live in Tennessee also...I would love to donate to your facility and put a link to your site on my website-- www.nomommysperfect.com - The world needs more people like you... I will send you an email.. You are inspirational. Susan
you are an inspiration. Keep doing what you do. I was fairly high up at North Shore Animal League America for several years and have been gone almost 10 months now....and I miss the pups and kitties so very much. My dream has always been to have my own shelter.....But Tennessee and the rest of the south are so desperately in need of you! Its all about educating people to SPAY/NEUTER!!!! Its so simple!!!

My wish for you is simple...that there are no homeless dogs and cats for you to rescue ever again. But in the meantime.....keep up the wonderful work!

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I found you via Twitter and just wanted to say "Thanks" for being an animal HERO :) ... I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.
You're site is amazing and what you do is inspiring. We need more people like you in the world.
You are doing great work! I put a link to your site on my own blog http://livelyauthority.com, under the Critters section at the left. Thanks for following me on Twitter. TN needs more like you & less puppy mills for sure. Great cat pix, I have a weakness for cats, esp. the darling white ones. I have 9 Cats currently...
I'm a kindred spirit Bernie. Rescued for several years until my grandkids were born. I know what you're up against and I will keep you in my prayers as well as the animals you rescue. God bless you.
Renee Troy
my blog (I'm new at all this)
Bernie, what a wonderful thing to find your blog. I am an artist and work in animal rescue, too. I see you have created a space for all of us animal-loving artists. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you do. I wish the world were full of people exactly like you.
healing love and pughugs,
Nancy and the fattypugs
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