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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Updates on Chase and where I am off to next..

"Although the world is full of suffering, it's also full of the overcoming of it."
-Helen Keller

"Maija", you wanted an update on Chase, so here it is...
I am pleased to tell you "Chase", a.k.a. Drippy, no longer bites, is walking and gives lots of tail wags and kisses:)
He had me very worried, as well as the staff at my vets office, for he did bite on several occasions.
There is nothing more heartbreaking than an unsocialized animal who is terrified by everything.  Did you know that fear is the very root of an aggressive dog.  
It is true, a dog who is not confident will bite out of fear.  But with time and training, these issues can be overcome in most cases.
Chase's name was originally Drippy.  The vet techs at my vet's office named him, after he came in.  He was soaking wet and drippy, when he was brought in, after a car had hit him. 
His name was changed for fear people would be reluctant to adopt him because they might think he had a drippy condition, for example having a potty issue. But after much thought, he will regain his Drippy name, just because he truly responds to it more, than Chase.
Our little guy is doing fantastic!!! A picture tells a thousand words and you can see from the pictures below, his progression has been miraculous:)

Tomorrow I am headed out to Ranger U, in New Jersey for product usage certification.
Really excited, for I will get to see & learn about all the wonderful new art products they have. 
I personally use Ranger products, as a staple in my artistic endeavors, and now I will be a certified instructor as well!!!
Not only do I not have to teach, I will get to be a student for a change and will learn, what is new and exciting in the industry. 
The instructors teaching are also friends of mine, so that makes it just that much more fun!!! 
Claudine and I will get to spend some girl time together, brainstorm about A Place To Bark's future events, like the art auction slotted for November, the Cafe Press store and other things to benefit the animals and keep us running.  I'm sure we'll be headed out for some Thai & Japanese food too:)

On the horizon, I have also been asked to teach at these upcoming events later this year & next year.  This is my version of cutting back my schedule:)  

"CHA Chicago", will be book signing and demoing for my publisher "F+W Publications",
"ZNE ConvenZioNE" in California, 
"Raevns Nest Art Retreat" in Wisconsin, "Expo Art" in California,
& I have been asked to teach at the "Creative Soul Retreat" in Melbourne, Australia next year!!!

Yes, I have busy schedule and a medical condition that has been  tiring me out a bit more than usual, but have to earn a living just like everyone else and doggies to feed:)
If you wonder who cares for them while I am gone, we will soon have a page up on the website that introduces you, to those who help me care for the animals. 
I have Terry here full time and Chris helps when he can & several fabulous fosters who will be featured, so you can get to know them too:)

Gotta run, but not until I introduce you to our newest shy girl...
Her name is "Skittles" and she is soooo shy.
Sweet as can be, but truly scared to death of anything that is new or moves quickly.  
Once she warms up she doesn't leave your side.
About 1 to 2 years of age she would be a wonderful companion for anyone who is looking for a co-dependent small dog.

That's it for now, will post more next week...
P.S. Just to let  you know, we have already rescued just a little over 300 animals this year so far!!!  

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Bernie, you are a miracle worker. Thank you so much for Drippy's before and after photos. The two where he is sitting are the very image of a dog who has given up on life.

Then, the "after Bernie got ahold of him" photo - that confident stance, the eyes full of love, and the smile! Just like all your dogs look at you.

Your energy and commitment leave me in absolute awe, you make the world a brigher place,
thank you.

hi bernie,
you get the best photos of your dogs! it must be that they know with you they are finally safe and loved, and well on the way to a happy life.

skittles looks especially dear, she looks and sounds like our dog that we adopted from a rescue 5 years ago. shy and nervous at first, she's a much more confident girl now, but she still always wants to know where i am and quietly follows me around the house. talk about unconditional love! i hope skittles and all your sweeties find wonderful homes.

you're a real gem to do what you do. have fun at ranger!

Hey Bern, Just wanted to pop on over & say Hi, haven't talked to you in ages! Looks like you have your hands full again as usual, an understatement, right:) Take care of yourself, too-hope to talk to you soon!
Thank you for all that you do! I found out about you through your art, but love what you are doing to help the dogs and cats who need you!
Glad Drippy, (still love the name Chase) is doing much better. I admire you for all that you do for these wonderful animals.
Gosh Bernie your schedule is jam packed - how do you do it - Do you sleep at all????!!!!
Wish I wasn't so far away those conventions sound amazing....
oh i believe you are doing a wonderful thing helping all these animals and they are so cute!!
He looks so good. You are doing a brilliantly wonderful thing and I envy you.
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