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Monday, August 18, 2008
And Here we have it.. Our new building!!
"Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts"
-Sy Wise

I have to run out the door, to check on the builders, the store, animal control and the vet... 
But I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you, because I know you are excited as we are!!!
This shelter is built on the love and kindness of our fellow artists and animal lovers.
Look what we have accomplished together!!!

I will post more later and edit this post, but just so excited I wanted to post a note to you all now!!!
How exciting! I know this will make it possible to save even more lives.

Good work, Bernie!
I am so happy! It looks great. I hope you have a grand opening day. I would love to come and see it!
Great Job!
Woo and hoo!

The building looks beautiful! Thanks for your kind comments on the Blythe book. I wrote about you some more at http://bly-me.blogspot.com and I will email you re: enclosure for the auction. You are doing something great, but you know that!
Hi Bernie-Your email was full and my message was rejected, so I'll just leave this here. Thanks again for comments about the book. Doing it for you was originally proposed by Shoshanah Jennings and Heather Bluhm, as you probably know. Everyone was very enthusiastic.

I am planning to list the fat book on ebay after I return from ZNE. I hope your husband is doing better. Maybe you and I will meet someday at an art thing. I missed your signing at CHA by only a little bit. I also asked Claudine where you were, but no luck! I already have your book and have done many of the techniques in it.

If you would be so kind to send a short note or autograph or signed pet photo or whatever-or maybe autographed copy of your book or whatever you want to do- a 4 x 4 page/sheet? that we can announce will be included for the winner, that would be fantastic. I will give you my address below. I will also email you the auction link, and Shosh, Debbie Metti and more will be promoting it when it happens.

I will send you a check for all proceeds after the auction, and email you to let you know it is coming. I have not done this before but Rita Bellanca is advising. However, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks again,


Gina M. Smith
2 Yvonna Street
Leesburg, IN 46538
Bernie - the new building is FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to see it with little furry faces in it. Congratulations!
Bernie ... you're an angel! The building is truly a dream come true, isn't it? It looks awesome, you must be so excited! Keep up the great work!

Looks Awesome!! Am soooo happy for you and the pooches
It looks fabulous!!! I'm so glad for you and the doggies that your dream of a shelter has come to be ;)

Here are some recent pictures of Chi-Chi Mama~

wow! that was fast! i am impressed! i can't wait to see more!
Your new building is amazing and all your doggies are sooo cute. The world is a better place thanks to people like you who care.

Dee x
The building looks great!!! How very exciting. I am very happy for all the dogs.
Bernie it looks fab!
It's gonna be great and so wothwhile....

Thinking of you Jeff.
Things are looking so good. I am so happy the shelter is being built.Dreams coming true.
Nancy A.
Just beautifull!
You are amazing!!!!
Sorry I am missing out on the construction part of the building. Any good looking hunky construction workers to look at? LOL
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