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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Giving Thanks!!!
"We each have the power in our own hands,
 to create the miracle of becoming the person we were meant to be."
-Joe Tye

Thanksgiving is a day, that we take time and reflect on what we are Thankful for:
I have been blessed in so many ways & just feel that it proper I say it out loud:)

I am Thankful for: YOU!!!
My friends, animal loving people & artists, so many I know & so many I don't personally know, but who support and believe in my visions.   
I value each & everyone of you, more than you'll ever know!!!
Below is a photo taken at Ranger U with my animal loving friends:
Terri Ventura, Claudine Hellmuth, Suze Weinberg, Me and Tim Holtz.

I am Thankful to be as Tim says:  "Living the Life you Imagine.."  
By paying forward the gifts life has given us, we in turn can give life back. 

I am Thankful, you helped me save over 400 dogs this year and approximately 67 cats.
I am Thankful to all my friends, who go above and beyond, you helped me build a shelter:

While it is what I love, at times it can be very challenging.  
Seeing bad things that happen to the animals, 
who can't defend or care for themselves gets to me.
So the struggle is constant, to stay focused on what we can do, rather than not.
The contrast make me most appreciative of life at every level!!
It inspires me to continue on, learn more, do more & develop a program that will become a standard sometime in the future, that will teach others, how to do what I do & save more lives.
Yes, a book in the works:)

I am very Thankful for Jeff!!  
He is the BEST dog/puppy socializer in the world.  He does wonders for the shy, scared & terrified.

Due to his medical conditions he is very limited to how much he can do, so time is on his side.
Thru it all he battles his conditions & does all he can do for the critters.  
He gives them love... As the saying goes Love Conquers all!!
Truly he has one of the most important jobs in rescue.  

ALL of us here are Thankful for Terry!!   
He is a very humble and quiet man who loves the animals...  
While he doesn't like me snapping pictures, I think it's important to honor those who help us.
He is the manpower & muscle behind A Place To Bark.  Here everyday, rain or shine.
Without his help, I could not care for as many as we do.  
We value his friendship, dedication and love for all the dogs.

I am Thankful for this year & the many past years of saving the lives & finding homes for the animals that come into my rescue..
I have learned so much, it has changed me to be a better person and my hope is to inspire others to join in our fight to save lives.
More times than not, it gets very scary financially, but I believe in the greater good!!  
Hope leads me, Faith guides me & I Believe we can make a difference....

I am Thankful for my family, both human & furry..
And most of all I am Thankful to be ALIVE today & everyday!!!
& again I am Thankful for YOU!!!
God's Blessings be with you all...

P.S. Don't forget about our ongoing Linked By Love Auction
4 items ending in just a few hours!!! New items being listed daily till Christmas:)
Tell Santa you want some art!!!

Also, more links to artist donating to us this Holiday season, they have auctions up too!!
Barbe Saint John
Maria Lamb
I love reading all your Tweets about your rescue adventures. My favorite dog sitter just started her own rescue, so we're helping her out however we can. I wish I could do what you guys do!!
Oh my -- I just love the look of complete love on Terry's face -- and complete joy on yours! You are doing God's work -- and for that we are all very, very thankful. Blessings to you and those who work so tirelessly to help you with the animals. We're thinking about you always.
Happy Thanksgiving! Cute picture of Flossy, Rose and you!
The photo of you w/paint on your hands and the quote above it- priceless! Thanks for all your good works.
bernie: did you ever get a washer and dryer? Do you get to Atlanta? I have a set that is only a couple of years old if you want. Maybe, I could get my husband to meet you half way. Let me know.
Sweet Bean has my vote!
Hey Bernie...
I'm thankful that you blessed Mike and Me with Mugsy and Popeye!!!
Pug Hugs and Kisses,
Nice post. I am positive that all those dogs you rescue are all very thankful for you and your staff and everyone there! They just cant tell you that!

What a beautifully touching post.
Bernie,you are an amazing person.I wish you were i'm friend.I do not know you personnaly,yet I feel so touched by everythingg you show in this blog.I wish I had some "quality" people like you around me.I sure would learn how tobe a better person!
If you ever need anything from me...I can't do much.I can draw,so if you ever need a drawing,anything like that...well, I am not a famous artist or anything,eheheh, but if you need digital ou traditional illustration of any kind I offer you my work gladly!:)
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