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Saturday, February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day!!!! The BEST is yet to come..
"I have learned that LOVE , not time, heals all wounds"
-Andy Rooney

I'm swamped but didn't want to go without posting something today!!!
This beautiful pup is "Mister Omar Cupcake".  
A male Terrier/mix, approximately 8-10 months old.  A total KISSER!!!  
In your face, I love you man!!  Perfect for Valentines day!!!

This is his real photo, my friend & fabulously talented photographer/artist "Jill Beninato" dolled it up for me.

Jill will be joining our creative crew here at "A Place To Bark".  
Her title will be: Official Puperatize Doggie Diva:)

Also joining us will be: Suzi Blu
and GiGi too!!!
Suzi will be our "Media Maven" to help me, bring you better videos.. 
So you don't have to turn your head sideways to watch:)
She is a fabulous gal, I'm blessed to call friend!!  
We're actually planning a class, later this year on the road teaching together!!!
"Bijoux Voodoo" will be a painting class, taught in Louisiana, more details will follow!  
Check out Suzi's newest Western Video, starring "GiGi" the Wonder Dog!!!

We all come together for animal in need & why not make it fun:)
One of our plans is to do a really fun Zine.  Where art & animals unite!
Send submissions to: aplacetobark@mac.com
Sooo many new exciting changes are being planned by Claudine, myself & the creative crew !!!
We will also be announcing our much needed capital fundraising campaign for the year,
details TOMORROW!!!

It's been a tough road getting this far & together we have done so much!!!
What are the chances, pretty much against all odds...
We should all be so proud:)  I know I am..
In "2008" we rescued 502 dogs & 46 cats.  
Their lives were saved because we all came together & cared!!  
What is a better Valentines present than that:)
We would like to do more for animals in need, especially now when times are hardest financially on people & pets have no where to go:(  
So we will be asking for your help & to join our army of artist & animal lover!!!
Subscribing to our blog, will link us all together, to show our power in numbers.
One of our idea's so you feel more involved is once we finish the shelter, 
we want to put a live cam in so you can be a part of daily goings on here.  
Whatcha Think??? 
Want to see rescued, puppies & dogs live???
Would Love to hear your thoughts:)


Thursday, February 12, 2009
What's New At the Zoo.. Many new faces to share with YOU!!!

"He that can't endure the bad, will not live to see the good"
-Yiddish Proverb

Things have been busy here beyond words!!!
I am working on the next blog post, but it is taking me some time to compile my thoughts.
So I will post a few of the many faces here, looking for homes in the meanwhile.
These guys will be leaving on February 17th, for Chicago and their adoption program.
Gorgeous, loving, happy animals!!!  
Happy endings & new homes will be coming very soon:)

"Trixie" female Black lab/mix approximately 2-3 years of age.  
Super happy, loads of energy & just a great girl!
"Sluggo" male Boxer, 9-10 months old.  His name was Baxter, but Sluggo is more appropriate.  He loves to Box, run & be right with you all day long.  Also has a mean right hook:)


"Annie" female Brittany Spaniel/mix approximately 6-9 years of age.  
She is one of the easiest dogs I've ever had.  Just lays around & doesn't bother anyone or anything.  Super sweet & darling.  Has seen some very hard miles.  Her teeth are shattered to the roots & she is recovering from ear and skin infections.  Doing well, she'll be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

This fabulous threesome is "Harley" 6 years old, female Beagle mix, "Carney" 1-2 years of age, female Wirehair Dachshund & "Cooper" 2-3 years of age male Basset/mix.
Housebroken, super fun personalities and look good together:)

"Sugar Pie" is a female Aussie/mix 12 weeks old. 
Just wants to give you kisses and lay her head at your feet.

"Teddy" is a male Golden Retriever approximately 10 weeks old. LOADS of energy, carries & chews everything. Always happy and loves other dogs. Definitely ALL puppy!!

"Billy-Belly" is a male Lab/mix, 12 weeks old.  LAZY puppy:)  I'm pretty sure he has some hound in him from his baying bark tones.
"Shayla" is a female Aussie/mix approximately 2-3 years old.  
She is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!  Busy, loves to run and play.  
This dog came from a horrible abuse case & has the most love for people I've seen in a dog.
If you go to my YouTube channel you can see her video.  

"Sarge" is a male Malamute/Husky mix. FABULOUS guy, 1-3 years of age.  
"Myrtle & Turtle" are female & male Jack/Beagle mixes. 8 weeks old  Darling, shy & busy.

Large "Marge" is a female Great Dane/mix.  1-3 years of age.  She is soooo funny!!!  Thinks she's a poodle and will try to crawl in your lap.

"Captain Kissey Pants" is a PitBull, probably a mix. Male, approximately 3-4 months old. SUPER, KISSEY, SWEET!!!!  He is a stalker of the BEST kind.  
A parvo survivor he came to us with his ears & tail cut off:(  He is just the sweetest sweetie pie.

Please stay tuned this week... 
I will be doing a very important post coming up in the next day or so.

Please note: We have reset the badge to reflect donations made this year, so if you have our badge on your blog or website, that is why it is blank.  
Please add the new badge, by copying the new text via the share tab on my current badge to the right of the blog.

More news, updates & faces in the next few days..
Blessings to you!!!!

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