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Sunday, March 29, 2009
Busy Beyond Words..
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.  
The most massive characters are seared with scars."  -Edwin Chapin

Nothing new...  Just same old, same old.. Dogs, dogs & more dogs...
Trying to play catch up. 
Sorry I've not updated in awhile..

Life has been, non stop on the go!!!  
Trying to squeeze work in between caring for all these critter.  
Since the last post I went down under to Australia to teach.  
It was AMAZING!!!  
Have lots of pictures to share, just have to find time to post...  
The Australian artists are also an animal loving bunch.  
They made me feel so at home, even provided me with a few dogs on loan, to keep me company:)
I will be planning to get on the road a bit more this year, gotta bring home the bacon, so to speak, since donations are way down & we have lots of mouths to feed & care for around here as you will see. 

The economic situation is a double edged sword.  
More & more dogs being surrendered & dumped at the pounds with less & less donations being given.  So many rescues are closing:(  
We too are truly struggling and will be asking for help & posting our yearly fund raiser/ art auction in the next post.  "Ten to Life" will be our theme.  
So please stay tuned for details:)

Here are a few of the many, many, new faces here.. 

"Franzis" is a male chocolate lab/mix.  Approximately 1-2 years of age.  He's a fun loving guy, super, duper high energy!!
"Jester" a male Black Lab/mix.  Approximately 1-2 years of age, same story.. Busy, busy, busy!!!

"Kirby" & "Derby" litter mates at the pound.  
Both had mange, were very, very thin & shy.
They are approximately 10-12 months of age, both male & have an artistic ability to dig heart shaped holes together:)  It was HUGE!!  Better than a box of chocolates:)

"Wally" is a very naughty boy, who is incredibly smart!! 
Would be a great agility dog. 
Approximately 12-14 weeks old.  Border Collie/Aussie Mix.  
"Newton" is a Beagle/mix.  Approximately 1-2 years of age.  LOVES the ladies.. 
We are taking care of that:)  But is very much a high energy snuggle bug!!

"Lovey" is a female Chow/something fuzzy mix.  
Approximately 2-3 years of age.  VERY, VERY Friendly.  
"Flobee" is a female Goldie/poo or doodle something.  
Wirey scruffiness, too sweet and cute!!!  Approximately 1-2 years of age.  Loves to run!!!

"Lobo" is a male White German Shepherd.   
Approximately 2 years of age.  He is a great dog!!  
Loves to be right by you and thinks he can sit in your lap.  Not a cat lover!!!

"Bullet" is a male Hound/mix. Approximately 2-3 years of age, between 40-50lbs. This guy truly did get a second chance at life... Shot twice, by some unknown person. The sheriff's department in one of our rural counties in Tennessee, was called to put this guy out of his suffering. When the sheriff arrived, the dog was in incredible pain, but as the sheriff raise his gun the dog looked him in the eyes and started to wag his tail. He couldn't do it. Instead he took the dog to the vet & paid for his treatment. One bullet was removed, the second had to remain. He will most probably have a limp once he recovers. But this boy is nothing but love and kisses!!! The dog was named by the sheriff who saved him.  So Bullet it is:)

Many litters of  puppies to share, just can't get them to sit still long enough to photograph:)
Updates on the puppy mill puppies soon too!!!  
Leaving to transport dogs to Chicago on Tuesday... (((on the road again)))
More to come.. 

P.S. If you haven't voted for Joe, please do... 
If you help Joe, he will help us!!! 
(((O.k. he'll help us anyway, but it would be wonderful for animals in shelters & rescues everywhere if he would win his dream assignment))) 
We have several collaborative projects planned in the very near future, more on that soon.
Voting ends April 4th, so time is drawing near, if you want to help animals in need, it costs nothing but your time to register & vote!!! 
This is how you can help Joe win his "Dream Assignment".
Sign up
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Click the Pic It box to the left of the screen.
This is the most important step, other than registering:
If you don't click the: Pic It box, it will not register & be counted.
He is currently ranked in 5th place and we need to stay in the top 10 to qualify for consideration.
Leave a comment if you like, I'm sure Joe would LOVE to hear from you...
All Done!!! YOU DONE GOOD:) 
Pass this along to other animals lovers, spreading the word & asking them to vote.. 
Animals can't speak for themselves & need us to care for & defend them!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Paws, Cause, Fabulous Photography & Give Away
"Falling in Love is Easy.. But staying in Love, is something Very Special"
-Author Unknown

(Photo by: Joe Frazz)

The quote above really spoke to me..  Especially when I look at all these adorable pups.
I worry about their future, because I have seen their past..

For many puppy mill pups that end up in pet stores, it is so easy to purchase a pet on impulse. Seeing their cute faces in the windows & cages.
Not realizing where the pups originally came from or the conditions they were born into.  
The money spent at the pet shop or the Internet bought puppy, is what millers consider a cash crop.  It puts more money than you can imagine, into the pockets of some who did not have the dogs best interest at heart.  
I am reminded of this every time we take in dogs from puppy mill confiscation.

I hope that if you are considering adopting one of these darlings, that you realize they are to be loved and cherished for their lifetime.. Not just the short time they are pups.
My mind thinks about this every time I rescue a dog, who is so loving & good.
That they were loved, snuggled and kissed as pups, but are now is a grown adult and given up or discarded.  These are a few thoughts that travel thru my mind daily..
Enough of my thoughts, I know they make you sad, but every now & then I do have to share a bit of my reality with you, for the sake of the animals & to help spread awareness.

Now for the Good Stuff!!!
Wowza!!!  Total cuteness:)
These darlings are pulling thru, getting stronger everyday & will make it into adoptive home in the near future!!!
I hope you enjoy their happy photos..

"Dumpling the Puggle & puppies"

Close up of "Dumpling's" pups

Little "Lambkins" pups, 2 of 3

My Blessed little "Soul" 

"Willameena" weiner & her cocktail Weenies..
"Eenie, Meenie, Miney & Moe"

"Ernestine's" pups

My last post I'm sure was hard for many to read...
I wish I did not have to post about such things or ask people to embrace their inner strength to view my blog, but it is a reality of life.
Not a perfect world by any means, but it is the world we live in, our world.
So we have to make the best out of what we have, continue on & hope for a better future..
Tomorrow is another day and the baby steps we take, to change the world little by little.
Will help create a better tomorrow, for the animals in need!!!

Speaking of a Better Tomorrow..
A dear friend of mine, who has been dedicated to rescued dogs,
NEEDS OUR HELP to win "A Dream Assignment" contest.

"The Day The Dogs Stood Still"
A Photographic Journey of Life and Hope 

(Photos by: Joe Frazz Photography)

It is a contest where our votes could help him, help animals in need everywhere.  
It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time to sign in & vote.
I know it's a pain to do, but hey it could make a world of difference for an animal in need!!!
And that is of the up most Importance, in my book:)
We've done wonders together in the past, so I'm asking you now to help a friend make a dream come true...

Joe Frazz is an Amazing Man, with a HUGE heart!!!  
Not to mention one of our newest additions to our creative team here at "A Place To BArk".
He will have a regular spot on our blog weekly with his photos and we'll have caption contests.
Joe has donated time & photos to animals in need since "2005".
Photographing animals at 3 local shelters where he lives, is a regular part of his life.
Willing to give up a month, to follow his dream and raise awareness for animals in shelters across the country, by creating a Visual Anthology to share with the world.

You can judge for yourself, his love for the animals...  A pictures speaks a thousand words!

 This is how we can be a part of this project & help Joe win his "Dream Assignment".
CLICK HERE  (Edit: Revised Easier Link)
Sign up
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Click the Pic It box to the left of the screen.  
This is the most important step, other than registering:
If you don't click the: Pic It box, it will not register & be counted.
He is currently ranked 17 and we need to stay in the top 10.
Leave a comment if you like, I'm sure Joe would LOVE to hear from you...
All Done!!!  YOU DONE GOOD:)  Pass this along to other animals lovers asking them to vote.. The Dogs THANK YOU!!!

For anyone leaving a comment here, you will automatically be entered to possibly win one of Joe's fabulous photo books.  "Good Dog!"  A book of friends.  
44 pages of beautiful color photos & quotes.  Signed by the Author.  
Leave a comment & you could win a copy.  Any comment will do!!
For example: Go JOE!!!  LOVE Dogs, We Welcome you to A Place To Bark, etc...
This book is a must see,  for anyone who loves dogs!!  
We will be using a random number generator to pick the winner. 
Winner will be picked Saturday March 7th at 11:00 p.m.  
It's when I'll have a moment away from doggie duty:)  

A limited amount of these books are available for purchase.
Proceeds to benefit "A Place To Bark".
$17.95 include shipping, will be available 3/20/09
Send payment via Paypal: aplacetobark@aol.com
Please include: Purchase Good Dog Book and all mailing information, when ordering.
Also, join Joe on FaceBook: Joseph Frazz, just message him  & say Bernie sent you.

More news coming soon...

EDIT: The winner of Joe Frazz's "Good Dog" Book is: Debra Quartermain. 
Please send me your contact information to aplacetobark@mac.com and I will have it in the mail to you soon!!! 
Thanks for the comments, love hearing from everyone:)
Sunday, March 01, 2009
Past the Storm, Into the Light...
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing" 
-Edmund  Burke

This post is one of the reasons I have been unreachable lately...
"A Place To Bark" received several dogs on February 15th
from a puppymill confiscation  done by the ASPCA.  
The dogs that we have taken into our program, have litters of puppies
 that will be fostered here until they are healthy & old enough, to safely be fixed.
We're estimating 12-16 weeks, since they are small breed dogs.
The majority of the mother dogs. currently have health issues on many levels and it will take time for them to heal.
When ready, they will then be transferred to the "Anti Cruelty Society" in Chicago, for adoption.  
This arrangement is in accordance with the directives of the ASPCA
These dogs were not transferred out of state to the ASPCA shelters, for their conditions were very fragile and needed round the clock care.  

For those of you that read this blog regularly, I ask you to read this post in it's entirety..  
Not to turn a blind eye & please not to focus on the negative.. 
Be brave & walk a moment in my life & life of other rescuers everywhere.
Please focus your thoughts and read this story, with love in your heart and a knowing that these animals have been rescued.  That they are on the road to a better life!  
Your knowing & not turning a blind eye, helps to change this world.  
I'm not asking you to look at gory photos, just photos of a reality, that shouldn't be.  
Many of you, I know cannot look at the pictures & so that is why we always try to keep it upbeat and a bit veiled, on this blog, so that we don't lose your viewership and keep reading.  
But today  I ask that you walk with me in seeing what I see..  
The old saying the truth will set you free, is truth on many levels.  
We need to balance the scales by raising awareness, for their sakes.  
It is easier to not look, to block it out, to pretend it doesn't happen.  
But the reality is does, it is and will continue on, if good people don't come together to change it.  The animals need us, let's not let them down!!!

The photo below, is a sweet girl that stole everyone's heart on site.  
We think she is a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix.
We named her "Ernestine". Her picture and many other pictures of the confiscation are on the American Humane website, just click the link to view.  

In the next 12-16 weeks we will be watching the mothers & puppies we have taken in, grow healthier, stronger, more confident & trusting.   You will see the happy ending to this story!!!

I dream of many things..  A world that is Free... 
Free of cruelty, pain, neglect, sadness, hunger, illness & the list goes on and on as we know.  
These babies are past the storm and now going into the light.. 
The light of people such as you that believe in LIFE & LOVE.  
The organizations that made this rescue possible, the ending of yet another puppy mill should be recognized and commended.  The people who come at a moments notice for animals in need are hero's that I've been blessed to meet and even though the meeting are brief and under the worst of circumstances, we are linked by our love & dedication to the animals  for a lifetime....
Believe in a better world, donate your time & energies to your humane societies or local rescues where you live... 
Become a part of a growing army of animals lovers who are against needless euthanasia & the confines of breeding for greed.  
See it, Believe it & Achieve it!!!

A Big Thanks to the ASPCA and American Humane for putting our link on their sites.
It is an honor to work with such dedicated people..

To read more about this puppy mill confiscation click herehere & here.
ASPCA puppy mill confiscation YouTube Video


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