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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Operation Animal Hope
Yesterday is a day I will never forget..
A day of reflection, friendship, overwhelming emotions and hope.
I can't say too much, since it's a criminal proceeding, but I can share with you information that is already out there in the media.

Click here to watch a local NBC TV news report on the sting.

Other news stations:
FOX 17

I was one of the many animal rescue organizations asked by the sherrif's department to help with the seizure of puppymill dogs.

I had a chance to work side by side with The Humane Society of the United States and will continue to do so in the future. They are an amazing group of dedicated individuals, as were ALL the people I worked with yesterday. The equipment sent to transport and care for the animals was truly impressive.

Click here to read the HSUS report on the Operation.

To see everyone come together for the animals, there are no words..

I was not allowed to take any photos at the site, since this is a criminal case.
I do have a few that I can share of the day..
My vet Dr. Dixon, is just a great guy. He interuppted plans with family and friends and days off to come to help with the animals. Processing animals all day long with his friend and vet tech Andrea.

This was my outfit for the day.. The Hazmat suit people really need to work on a shorter version for us little people:)

I've got to run, it's going to be a very, VERY busy week, but wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the auction.
Life happens and unfortunately around here , it's ALWAYS happening:)
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Feline Friends..
Here is some of the precious cargo waiting to be adopted at our place:
Heavenly: Female, White, med/long hair tabby. Approximately 4-6 months of age. Outgoing, sweet and has the most beautiful eyes.

Boo: Male, Black, Pixie Bob with the cutest overbite. Approximately 5-8 months of age. Always your constant companion. Shadowing your every move. He only wants to be right by your side.

Charmed: Female, dilute grey, med/long hair tabby. Appoximately 5-9 months of age. Super Loving, with a shy side.
Good with other cats. Loves looking out windows and enjoying the sunshine.

Bliss: Female, Snowshoe/mix. Approximately 6-10 months of age, she is independent and not needy in personality. Beautiful and knowing it:)

Gertie, Grizelda & Gretta: We have 3 female, slate gray, what looks like Russian blue kittens. Approximately 12weeks in age. Amazingly calm for kittens. Loving, always wanting to climb in your lap and be held..

Alchemy and kids: Female, black, domestic shorthair, approximately 1-3 years of age. Starved when she came here, her malnourishment has caused her to dry up, leaving no means to feed her little ones.

We are currently bottlefeeding them.
They are mostly grey & black with one little white one. They will be ready for adoption in about 6 weeks.

If you have room in your life for one of our little darling, just let me know!!!
Home again, home again..

I'm back from my transport trip. Tired but very happy.. It was one of those weeks that you wish wouldn't end.
My animals were adopted, I spent time with family and good friends, adopted a puppy to my one of my best friends Monica & got work done at our other house in Wisconsin.
I also had the privledge to meet the woman who adopted Mr. Binky who is now renamed Tyler. He no longer looks like a worn blanket, but looks like a dog who is loved and very spoiled:) Helen, Tyler's mom, also adopted Sylvia from us this past weekend. So two of my babies are living with her and her happy family in Chicago. I couldn't ask for more...
As soon as I get pictures of the two together, I'll post them.

I'll be getting ready for another trip in two weeks. We've been blessed with so many wonderful animals and contacts, as tiring as these trips can get, it is so worth it when you hear from the adoptive families and how much they are loved and bring love..

My little Pug Mr. Magoo is doing GREAT!!!
Amazing what a few weeks, a good vet, a little loving and the correct meds can do..
It still will be a month or two before he is available for adoption.
I already have applications coming in, so who ever gets him will be a very lucky person:) He is such a doll!!

I'll post a cat and kitten post in a day or so..
We have so many cuties just waiting for homes.
Art work for the auction is coming in and I'm just so blown away, I can't wait to share!!!
It will probably be Monday, before I can post, I have a very important things to do with the animals this weekend.
So till then,
Blessing and Light to you all..
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Hitting the Road..

I'll be leaving for Chicago and Wisconsin today, in about 4 hours. It's been a mad rush the last few days, trying to get this transport ready.

When I get back, I'll be giving an update on the art auction, art received, pics & a yahoo group so that I can keep track of things in one place.
Thank you very, very, much, to all that have donated!!
Not huge numbers, but all SOOO, SOOOO beautiful:)
For those still planning to donate the due date is October 25th, if you need a few more days, please no later than November 1st.

These transports are becoming an every two week trip. The number of animals just keeps getting more and more and at this rate, I'm not sure how long I can keep up the pace. The drive is 8 and 10 hours long and the vet bills are way up there these days. I did a count of how many animals we have fostered and transported this year so far and is 281 with a few more transport to go before the end of the year.

All animals must have health certificates, shots, heart worm tests (if 6 months or older) and fecal exams. For those in the Chicago area, this transport if going to the Anti Cruelty Society.
We have lots of puppies and many housebroken adults, so if your looking for a furry friend, please adopt a rescued dog.

Till next week..
Sunday, October 08, 2006
Puppy Love: Giggles, Pinky, Sophie
I've been meaning to post pictures of the puppies..
The three litters that were delivered here were on September 5, 9 & 14th.
Time passes so quickly..
They are becoming quite the active bunch and are developing their individual personalities.
I'm always in awe of mother dogs. The devotion and dedication.. The clean up.. Ewww:)
These mothers have been outstanding.
The two mothers Giggles and Pinky were part of the 4 dogs left for a month without food and water.
Truthfully, I did not know they were pregnant because you could count each and every bone on their little bodies when they first arrived. And even if I did know, I just personally don't have the heart to abort a litter. I know many rescues & humane societies do, but I personally just can't. Pinky is starting to put on some weight, but Giggles is still nothing but bones. You can't tell too much, because she has so much hair. Once the pups are weaned, I'm sure she'll turn around.
They are too cute for words...
Giggles & pups:

Pinky & pups:

Sophie, has little Shepherd/Golden pups from what we can guess. She is so sweet and is already adopted!!
Her adoptive family, John and Patricia Bolton are excitedly awaiting her arrival which, we're hoping to get her to Massachusetts in early November.
You can read about her going to Massachusetts in the near future on the editors blog:
Click here read Sophie's upcoming adoption soon to be posted.

Saturday, October 07, 2006
More at the Zoo..
Days are flying by, with too much to do and not enough time to do them..
I'm getting ready to take another 20+ dogs on the road to the Humane Society on Thursday of the upcoming week.
They are healthy and ready to be adopted & deserving of forever homes.
I've been working day and nite these days with the larger number of animals that have been coming in and have been working together with "Friends of Hannah", since we work so well together. It's just too much for one person to do.
If there is anything I have learned from the animals is the strength of spirit & forgiveness.
Those that end up here, mostly have been abused & neglected, but still have strength to love, even when other human beings have been mean and cruel.
In their last moments of life, I see true strength, to give one last kiss or snuggle deep into the fur of another littermate.
Forgiveness of the past & only focusing on the present, be it pats on the head, kiss on their faces or a bowl of food or water.. This kind of love should be our focus for the future of the animals. It should not go unrewarded. Little by little, one animals at a time, one by one, we can make a difference. The animals depend on us and truly are gifts given by our creator.
There are many, many sad stories that we should not turn a blind eye to or forget. Life is a journey and a story.. Each one having a very personal one to tell. Sometimes it is not easy to hear or see, but needs to be told and remembered so that we can help to make a difference and a hope for tomorrow that this may all come to an end.
The topic today was brought about by some of the new dogs that have come in..
These are their stories..

"Lucky" as we'll call him for now..
(We're looking for the perfect name for him, so please feel free to leave suggestions.)

Was running around on the side of the highway, electrical cord hanging from his neck, starved and looking for food, he got his head caught in a chicken bucket. He couldn't see where he was going and ended up in the middle of the road with highspeed traffic and no one slowing down or stopping. Ashley my vet's tech, stopped and almost got herself killed trying to save him. She could not get people to slow down and all she could do was watch Lucky get hit time after time until she could get him.

He is doing well and is currently at my vets office, getting lots of love, till he is healthy enough to come here. He is approximately 1-3 years of age. Will be around 50+ pounds when fully recovered. Sweet & shy personality, but in the right home will blossom!!

"Vanilla" is a 10 year old Maltepoo. Surrendered by his owner, due to having to go into a nursing home.
Housebroken and needing a lap to sit on.

"Possum & Barry" 12 week old Collie/lab mixes.

"Jessie" Australian Shepherd/mix 10 weeks old

"Sy" A Yorkie/mix. Male, approximately 3-5 years of age.

"Bucky" A Scottie/poo, who really needs a friend. Always pawing at you to get attention. Very active and always running around to seach for critters in the yard. He need a tumor removed from his mouth & a bit of a diet.
Approximately 7-9 years of age.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Transports adopted..

I got back from my last transport to Chicago last Wednesday. This was our biggest transport so far.
I haven't had a chance to write, things have been busy as usual.
This was my first trip with a cargo van and it worked out pretty well.

I received word today, from the shelter manager that all of our dogs have been adopted. I wish that I could know where each and every one goes, but that is just not possible. I just hope they end up in the best lives possible...
I kiss each and everyone of the dogs that leaves me and say a prayer. I've done what I can and all I can do is hope for the best and leave it to the God and the universe to care for them.

I'm currently working on our next transport. I'm full again:( It just is a never ending battle with the homeless animals.
I hope in my lifetime that we see change and the end to the needless killing of adoptable animals. We all can have a hand in this. Not saying that we need to do things to the extreme that I do, but to find out what is going on where you live locally.
Working with Humane Societies and rescues. We all together can make a difference. The capacity to help is different for everyone, but every little bit of involvement does help.

News at the Zoo:
Mr. Magoo is healing well. He is still a bit itchy but goes for his second treatment this Friday. His hair is starting to grow back!! I can't wait to see how he looks with a new coat. I'm thinking I should change his name..

This is "Miss Prissy" I didn't name her, but think she should have a new name, any suggestions??

Two Terrier/Poodle pups and their mom came in.

It's hard to take pictures around the puppies when they are pulling on your camera cord:)
We have three of these puppies

And "Elliot" who is just the best dog!! I think he is a Boxer, possibly Bulldog mix, we have to do some testing with the vet, as I think he may be deaf.
Sooo sweet and very attentive, just the best if you are looking for a bigger dog.

There is more, but I have to get moving, lots to do...
I'll post more in a day or so.
Blessings and Light to you..

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