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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Beautiful Girls..

I took these two girls in today, how could I not???!!
They are so incredibly sweet and loving...
Well behaved and just a joy to be around.
"Peaches" is a Golden/Aussie mix my best guess. Only 25 pound. Female, approximately 2-3 years of age.
LOVES to be with you!!! Great with other dogs.

"Bella" is a Great Pyrenees, possibly a mix. She is 56 pounds, female and approximately 1-2 years of age.
Super sweet and well behaved, is good with other dogs, knows how to sit.

Harvey is quite smitten with Bella as you can see..

I blame my friend Allison for me getting hooked on Great Pyrenees.. (((Giggles)))
Never in my life have I seen so many, I never saw as many up north in rescue.
Till tomorrow..
Hi Bernie...the pictures of all your rescue dogs just make my day. They're just gorgeous dogs...every one of them! Give'em kissies for me today!:)

xo!! ~Bella
I love looking at your site. I check in most every day b/c each new post is such an inspiration. Looking at their sparkling eyes and smiles says it all!
I just don't know how on earth so many adorable dogs find their way into your rescue. Gosh, I wish I could take most of them... but alas my little house is full with 5 pets already. Keep up the awesome work Bernie!! Not only is it a blessing to the animals and the families who eventually adopt them, it is a breath of fresh air to people like myself, in this harsh and troubled world.
You think the top pics of the doggie might be a chow/sharpei blend b/c of the blue spots on the tongue? I had a half sharpei-half lab that looked just like that, except she had longer legs.
I just wanted to pass along that I think you are a hero. What you and others like you do for these poor innocent animals is just amazing. I'm hoping to attend the April meeting at our local St Louis Humane Society so I can sign up to be an "educator" in teaching people about caring for animals. You are a true inspiration for those of us who love all animals.

Thank you.
Oh my... they are both absolutely gorgeous girls!
Bella is most definitely a mix. I am a Pyrenees breeder and there's something definitely different in her. She's also too small, a female Pyrenees should be at least 80 pounds by the time she's one if not up to 100. She's very pretty though.
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