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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Cats & Kittens, Oh My!!!

Well once again it's that time of year that we have little ones..
I am very happy for these guys will have places to go with the contacts we have made over the past year:)
If there is a special someone you see, please feel free to contact me in regard to a private adoption.
Otherwise they will be on their way to humane societies Chicago or Wisconsin or Nashville Cat Rescue in 3 weeks.

This litter of kittens is so darling!! Exotic mixes. Siamese mom and dad was part Siamese, he looked like a Snowshoe mix.
Our friends at the fix foundation took him in and the mom will be going there as soon as she is done nursing.
This mom is also nursing, an add in kitten that I found at animal control by itself.
He was only a few days old and almost dead, but she is taking good care of him, I'll post a picture in a few days.

This litter there are 2 black kittens, 1 orange and a tiger striped. They came in with eye infections and are doing well.
Their mom is a dilute calico. Very nice girl!!
The picture of her was taken at the pound, I haven't had a chance to get pics of her here.

We also have a litter of 5 tuxedo kittens, one of which is featured at the top..
So that is the cat news for today..
This post is dedicated to my friend Claudine, my biggest cat fan:)
Have a GREAT day!!
Well, I'm your second biggest cat fan. I was ohhing and ahhhing at my boyfriend to another room as the kitten pictures came up on the screen. I've been bugging him to get another cat and once I saw those siamese mixes I thought I'd have an in with the boyfriend. He grew up with siamese cats. Sadly he says that two cats is enough. Otherwise I'd be adopting one.

Love, love, the cat photos! Yes, the dogs are cute too:)
awww!! hi kitties!!!
Don't know if you're aware of a great organization called siameserescue.org They have centers fairly close to you in VA or TX(dallas area). It's where I got my pair, and I highly recommend them. They may have a foster home in the area, or be able to set someone up, or transport this adorable family to one of their centers.
Keep up your wonderful work!!
Hi Bernie,
I just read about your site on the AAO group site. I see that you are in Tennessee. What part? I am near Columbia in middle TN. We may be looking for another dog in a couple of months and if it's not too far away, maybe we could get one of yours.
I love what you're doing.
Sherry Scheitel
ooo, such cute kittens. i want to snuggle and kiss them all! :-)
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