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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Gifts from Universe & GREAT NEWS!!!
Today is a good day..
I was a bit down this morning thinking about finances and that my rescue efforts may have to end, when I fell in a hole..
Take a look at this hole:) I'm sure it was dug by Harvey, for he's the big digger.

I'm one who collects heart shaped rocks and just the other day when scooping the litter boxes..
Well.. I found a heart shaped scoop:)
Needless to say I didn't save it, but I'm always finding hearts in my life, in one form or another.
You all my art & animal friends too are the hearts that surround me..
I'm taking the perfectly shaped hole as a sign, that things will be alright and that should we have to close up, we have saved many, many little lives and I will continue on in whatever way I can with the animals.
No regrets, only gratitude that we have lasted this long.
I have learned so much about animal care, welfare and mostly the lessons they have taught me about love.
But with a little luck and some help from my friends I'm hoping we'll be around for a long time to come:)

"A Place To Bark" is now registered with Network For Good.
This organization helps take care of the donation bookeeping, with providing you, receipts and donation history, not only to my rescue, but to any other charity registered with them.
Claudine of course was equally excited and dropped everthing this morning to make my charity badge so we can keep track of donations made.

I first learned about Network For Good thru Six Degrees.
Six Degrees is a charitable initiative of Kevin Bacon in partnership with Network For Good.

I am asking that those of you who believe in what I am doing, to help spread the word and this charity badge to your blogs and websites. Together we can help the animals and continue on..

Blessings and Light to you all...
yay! this is so great! I added the badge to my blog!
Bernie - I met you at the Burnt and Bound class in Topsfield. I've added your badge to my blog also, and hope you keep your spirits up.
Hey Bern, I've got the badge added to my site, very cool! And there are current pictures of The Boyz that I posted a few days ago-go take a peek, Mr. Smooth will make you laugh:)
Hi there. I linked it to my blog. I was wondering if you know about igive? It's a donation site that allows people to shop online and a portion of a sale will go to a charity of choice. A local shelter that I support in RI uses it.
WOW this is awesome, gonna add the badge to my blog...
badge added on :

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-fran├žais blog
this is wonderful bernie! i know your job is a hard one, but hang in there & keep up the fabulous work!!!
I added the badge to my site too, thanks for being so devoted to the animals!
Thanks for all the good work you do. I just made a donation - great idea to do the badge because it makes giving easier. One thing - the badge says "combing" when I think you might want it to say "combining." I don't know how to add it to my blog, but I'm going to try to figure it out. Again, thanks for all the good work you do.
Hi Bernie!
I've added you to my site as well! :)
Bernie, Kaylyn has $ set aside, which she was planning to donate to our local shelter, but you know she enjoys your blog and reading about your rescue efforts. Kids can make a difference! I'll speak with her about sending it to A Place to Bark. I'd love to add your badge to my blog.
I added it to my blog too as well as a separate link to your blog here. I hope it helps even a tiny bit. Thanks so much for all that you do for them, Bernie. You've got a special place in so many hearts, human, canine, and feline.
i am web surfing for info to help you...started at doris day's foundation... found this site that looks like it has tons of free information in it about grants, ect.
http://foundationcenter.org/ maybe u have all this info already...but anyway, thought i wanted to help find you BIG BUCKS!
i DO know that there are pet food comanies that will donate all your food needed as long as you adopt out a certain amount of dogs/pets per year...i think u would make the amount required...do u know about this? u would have to use regular food though, and not your special stuff for them all....i forget who it was, but i could look into it again if u want.
what a beautiful find in the dirt. i would make a concrete cast of it before it goes away. then you can have it & relfect on why you do the wonderful things you do for the animals. i truely think you are an angel for these critters. keep your wings & heart open. you are making the world a better place!
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