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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Tuesdays News..

Today was a busy, busy day..
Whoa!!! I'm pooped, but did get quite a few things done.

We got a new little one in. Her name is "Tiny" and she is, about 4-5 pounds. I was told she is a long hair Chihuahua, but I'm thinking she has some Pom in her. Very much though the Chihuahua temperment. Scared to death at the pound, she would have never had a chance. She warmed up to me pretty quickly.

A more mature gal, who has some hair issues. She has a stripe down her back that is missing hair.
She'll have to go to an experienced Chihuahua home.

I'm starting to prepare for the next transport which will be the week of Memorial day.
So much to do, where does the time go??
These guys I'll be doing private adoptions for, they are fixed and ready to go. I do fewer private adoptions these days due soley to the numbers we have been taking in. The Humane Societies have a much better viewer audience and lets face it, a better place to showcase the animals. I do the private adoptions, so that I have some long term connections and get to know how they are doing. I will say, that the Humane Society is very good about sharing where the animals have come from and I do get updates from the owners who adopt from them.

Here are our guys ready to go:

"Harvey" is a male Great Pyrenees, approximately 2-4 years of age. SUPER Sweet, laid back, good with other dogs & housebroken. He is a guy who drools and is very hairy, please consider this when thinking of adopting him. A once a month appointment with the groomer will make help the hair situation greatly & keep his coat fabulous. He is a very handsome guy who never wants to be too far from your side. Great Studio dog, keeps my feet warm:)

"Paris" A female Golden Retriever/Collie Mix. She is a year and a half. Great dog!! Loves people, good with other dogs, loves to play, carry toys around, gives you high five, sits and is housebroken. She is a talker though, so just to warn you if you want a quieter dog.

"Mandy" A female Australian Shepherd. She is approximately 2-4 years of age. Recommend for experienced owners of this breed. Loyal to her owner, she will guard the property. Wary of strangers. Loves to herd. She is very active and would be a great agility dog. She picks and chooses who she likes, does best with male dogs.

"Peepers" A female Rhodesian Ridgeback/Catahoula Mix. She is 1-2 years of age. Loves people, good with other dogs, mostly housebroken, fully crate trained. Loves to run and plays hard!!

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