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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
All is good...

Sometimes days are not so good and it brings us down. I've learned to embrace how I feel and let it go.
My last post was one of those days.. But those days pass and everyday is a new beginning...
Like today!!!

The good news is, the county has resumed our program!!!
I have been super busy getting ready for my transport Thursday.
Today I have a reporter coming up to take pictures and do a story if it doesn't rain and my vet is coming to do the health certificates.
Tomorrow I rent the van, clean and sanitize all the crates, pick up 8 pups I have at foster care, drop off 3 litters of pups & kittens to board at the vets office while I'm gone and make sure to brief Jeff & Terry as to, who gets what, medication, food, etc., while I'm gone.

Positive change is coming and our working relationships with our county commissioners is growing stronger.
So better things to come for the animals for the future..
It will take time and change won't happen overnite, but the future can be positive, we just have to work hard and believe..
So glad to hear things are looking up! But, after all, we reap what we sew, and your good heart will certainly reap good things!

And how cute is that guy in the picture. Gave me my first big smile of the day!


You and your work are such an inspiration! It is amazing to read your adventures and journeys in dog rescue. It helps to make this work feel less hopeless; to know that there really are other people out there who care about animals and who are enacting positive change in the lives of individuals and communities!

It's going to be a long battle. It's great to know we're not alone.

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