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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
"Each of us has a spark of life inside us and we must set off that spark in one another!!!"
-Kenny Asubel

The quote above just seemed so appropriate for today!!  Sparks have been flying all over the world:)  We have received donations not only from the U.S. but also International!!
I'm just floored, I'm still pinching myself that this is happening..  
Can you believe, we have been in second place for several days..  "WOW!!!!!"

We only have 9 more days and have to keep, spreading the word for people to donate.  
Keep the positive vibes and spread the word of rescue everywhere you can!!!
We have come so far and this final week is going to have us all on pins and needles!!    
Not to mention a very tired finger from hitting the refresh button:)
We have such a good chance to get to the 25k for the matching donation by the end of the contest and the possibility of the prize money!!!  
Keep praying that we can build the shelter, we need it:)

Yesterday was a crazy, busy, day..
Non stop, feeding, cleaning & rotating the animals, running from the vet's office, to Petco, to one of my foster homes...  
Then home again to feed, water & rotate.. 
I'm not a huge fan of the camera, but with this contest I feel an obligation to show you my world.  So please bear with the amateur video, it is a little rough around the edges, but do know I appreciate you all so much and want you to see what I do on a daily basis..

This video below was taken at one of my foster homes.  Pam and Tom are my heroes:)  
They love and care for the animals with their whole heart and soul and so does their little grand baby!! 

This last video is in my house, so you can get a feel for the environment.
Thank goodness we have a big house, he have a lot of animals here.  
We just tarped the basement, bought and set up x-pens for the overflow of little puppies that have been coming in.   
Someday, we can only dream that there won't be so many abandoned animals.
I leave to transport everyone next week, so I will be super pooped, by then.
Please bear with me, if I fall behind on the blog, Claudine will keep you updated:)
I couldn't do it all without her, she is my right hand, with keeping all this web stuff and techie stuff straight..  
We still have to have the vet come over to do health certificates for everyone, get all the crates cleaned and sanitized for the trip and rent the van.

If you want to see some Great Dog training videos check this guy Zak George
Much better Youtube videos than what I do:)

A BIG Thank You post coming up, next post...
I want to try to properly Thank You ALL for doing so much for me and for the animals!!!
Blessings and Light to you ALL!!!
So wonderful what you are doing. It was all I could do to adopt 4 boys from the shelter. I have posted a
link to you on my blog and urged
everyone to donate. I just found you
four days ago. Good luck and bless you, Annie
these videos are wonderful! thank you for giving us a glimpse at what you do!!!!
There are no words... to appropriately thank people like yourself for being such advocates for so many dogs and cats. My sister formed a no-kill rescue like you only a year ago (in Washington; see my blog) and they've helped over 700 dogs and cats so far! They don't get paid; there's no facility; it's all done by the grace of god and the goodness of volunteers and foster homes. You and people like you are my true heros. Thank you for taking care of all our little creatures. And best of luck!
God Bless you and everything that you are doing. I donated and put your badge on my MySpace page...am encouraging everyone I know to donate as well to allow you to continue to do your good work. Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do. Alison
Oh my gosh! how do you keep your house so clean. I have two dogs of my own and at times two fosters and I am a complete mess most of the time. I am totally impressed!
Bernie, I could not find a private email address for you - I am in love with the very shy boy the first video.

I live in Phoenix, but I have heard there are great pet driving organizations to get rescue dogs from one place to another - have you ever worked with them? I am wondering if it is possible to adopt him.

Bernie, dear Bernie,
The very last thing you need to be worrying about is writing up a thank you post for us!

On top of everything you do, you also take the time to keep this wonderful blog. There are no words to describe how truly amazing you are.


I am so happy things are going so good. I wanted to tell you I have had your banner on the front page of my blog for days. I plan to keep it front and center until next week. I know it helps.

Bernie - agree on the no-thank you notes. we all know and everyone is praying that you win the contest and get the money to do more of what you do, and make it easier on you, your family and the pups. good luck....
Thought you might want to know that someone has started another badge for A Place to Bark, I assume on your behalf. It only has two donations at this point, but I'm afraid people will confuse them and it will spread out your votes. I think there's a way to combine the two sets of donations (per the FAQ), but I'm not sure how it's done.

Here's the duplicate badge http://www.networkforgood.org/pca/Badge.aspx?badgeId=110290
Hi Bernie!
OOOO! I am so excited you are only about 100 donations shy of being in first place. You go girl!
Melissa and Emmitt
Hi Bernie
I spoke with you this morning about Sparky. I wasn't sure if you got my email. We would love to see more pics of the cute little guy. my email is:
Bless your heart for all that you are doing for all the animals! You have a beautiful soul
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