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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
"Every Gathering Across The Nation"
Whether a few on the Porch of a Crossroads store
Or Massed Thousands in a Great Stadium
"Is the Possessor of a Potentially Immeasurable Influence on the Future"
-Dwight D. Eisenhower


Ohhhh, we knew this was coming...
The other charities have stepped it up and if we don't continue to get others to donate, we are going to fall to the back.
They are really gaining steadily..

We need to stay in the top 4 in order to win the grant money and we are close to being moved out of the 2nd place spot, if we are not careful.
Just click HERE to check our placement status.

PLEASE, PLEASE, Spread the word...
I know so, so many of you are out there accosting everyone you know to donate:)
We appreciate your efforts, more than you will ever know!!!

If you are having problems getting the badge to appear, one of two things may be going on..
You may not be waiting long enough, it takes time for the badge to load or you have not enabled your pop ups to show.
Please don't give up on donating if this is the case.
Shoot me an e-mail at: aplace2bark@aol.com either Claudine or I will help you!!

If it weren't for all of you, my new friends and all of my old dear friends, we would not have gotten this far..
I am grateful in so many ways for this contest and the uniting of people who love animals!!!
It has taught me so much and again, I say that all these charities are Important!!
It is very sad we can't all get the prize money, but I truly believe the bottom line is, that we all have won, finding friends in perfect strangers, all believing in making a difference!!!
Now that is a true prize!!

I really need to say a special "Thank You" to Claudine and Tim..
Without your amazing dedication to the animals and your constant support of this cause, I would never have done as well as I have..

Please everyone, I am not minimizing all that you all have done, please don't take this post that way.
I just want you to know that these two people have made such an incredible difference in my life with their support.
I will forever cherish you all for your selfless acts!!!
I will have many more "Thank Yous" to come.. Just need time to write and post pictures.
I'm just getting done with my duties and have a 5:30a.m. wake up call to get my chores done, before the vet and my fosters get here at 7:00a.m.

The video you are about to see Claudine made for "A Place To Bark" to just make a visual point that we do our very best, to find a better life for the animals we rescue.


I love the music, it makes me think of my twenties..
Good Grief, yes, I'm that old... How did that happen???:)
I was inspired by a YouTube video post on Zak's channel, went back and couldn't find the video poster.
It was the coolest rescue, adopt video!!

Here is just another little clip of some of the animals here..
Unfortunately, they are outside. We just have too many inside right now:(
This is why I so desperately want a shelter, not to mention having a home that I don't have to constantly burn candles and incense would be nice. (((giggle)))
Only a few more days and I'll be on the road with my van full of dogs and they'll be off to new lives.


"Pokey" the HUGE Great Pyrenees mix in the video has a huge crush on Jennifer Perkins:)

Off to age another day..
Nitey Nite!!!
Keep spreading the word!! It will be over soon...
I can't wait, I've been stressed for days:)

akk this is so stressful! I have been hitting the reload button all day!
Ok, I just scoured my address book again and sent the link to the most obscure list of people I could find. I think I've covered everyone I've known in the last 20 years now! LOL!

It's gonna happen!
mee too
.:: i believe ::.

(Sending new emails today ... and a new blog post is up. All paws, fur and feathers crossed here for you, Bernie!)

=^..^= love, zU
Hee, that ^^ kitty is so cute!

I can't figure out how to make my URL show up... hmm. Blogger it is then.
I read about this on Farm Girl, and put an appeal on my own blog, also stealing and posting that Happy Finn picture because I love spots on tongues!
I'm reposting this again on my blog. I donated again and I'm kicking myself for just realizing that it's the number of donations. I donated more than $10 in my last donation, I should have broken it up to make several more! Grrr. (just being a dog! lol)
You're going to make it!

Judy K
Keep the faith, Bernie! It WILL happen.

Diane, Grace & Scooter (the miracle dog!)
When this is all over and you've secured the $50,000 (I'm feeling pretty optimistic), check out www.goodsearch.com as another way to raise some funds. The non-profit I'm involved with has been signed up with them for a little less than a year now and we earned a nice little check for doing nothing other than web searches. My best to you!!!
Bernie: I posted about this today on my blog...I've donated and am saying many prayers for you and your sweet animals! I SO want you to win this!

Bernie - everyone in Wisconsin is pulling for you. I have put out another appeal for the animals - and keeping all of my digits crossed! Your blog is taking a long time to load these days . . . LOL! I keep checking the stats - and am worried that this blue color (from holding my breath) is going to become permanent!!
Keeping my fingers crossed!!

sending out emails today!! ;)

xo!! ~Bella
Skwigg (http://skwigg.tripod.com) "sent" me, and I'm glad she did. Good luck!
Hi Bernie.... fingers and toes crossed... already made my donation and placed your badge on my blog.... we need more people like you, so on behalf of the animals xoxox
Hello, you have tried to your best. I agree with you and really liked it. Great effort... Keeps it up!!!!
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