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Sunday, January 27, 2008
Something to Smile About!!! 4 MORE DAYS!!
"There is a light in this world, a healing spirit,
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is so much suffering and pain.
Then suddenly, the spirit wil emerge through the lives of
ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways."
-Mother Teresa

We are doing it!!!  YOU are doing it!!!  
The 25k matching grant from the "Zoline Foundation" is secured and it is ours!!!  
But don't stop here.. Keep reading!!!

Because of you, ALL of you, we are going to be able to do more for the animals in need.
And...  I have more exciting news!!!  

The "Zoline Foundation" was just floored by the response of this contest, that they have increased the matching grant to 10k more.
The offer is only until, the end of the contest.  
So if we can raise the ten thousand more,  by Thursday, January 31st, 2008,  we will have a total of a $35 thousand dollar match, to total donations made online, thru the badge.  

I want to clarify that the matching grant from the "Zoline Foundation" is different from "America's Giving Challenge".
We still have 4 more days!!!  
The extra 10k match, would give us a jump start on our operations cost, if we win the "America's Giving Challenge" and build a shelter.
We will then YouTube, Patricia Zoline giving me the check in February, when we attend the seminar at the "Helen Woodward Animal Center" in Santa Fe, California together.

Keep the faith!!! I know we can do it:)
Keep spreading the word, ten dollars can make a world of change, if you can spare it!!
If you can't, ask everyone you know who loves animals and spread the word, chances are there is someone who can.
If you think about it, what does ten dollars these days buy?? Not very much..
In all reality, it can buy us a new shelter, if we can get enough individual donations!!
So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this next week!!!
I truly hate asking & begging, but this is so important...
Just think in 4 more days, all these annoying contest posts will be over and we'll be back to rescued animal blogging:)

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, but things are as always, soooo busy and I had a very sick puppy that I am caring for and have been back and forth to the vet with.  
I'm not a big fan of in your face, showing you what I see, on a daily basis, the sick, injured and abused animals.  I will show you, today, this one time, a before and after..
One of the amazing outcomes we have had with the animals, that have come thru our doors.  
This sweet girl's name is "Evaly".  

"Evaly" I took out of the pound, she was so sick she couldn't stand.  
The picture was taken at my vet's office.  She survived Parvo and several bacterial infections. She has been adopted and is alive, well and loved!!!
The photo below is one of my many, favorite memories doing rescue.
The saying, a picture says a thousand words is so fitting.

This picture, is what she looked like several weeks after, playing with another pup named "Arie".    Her doggie personality was so fun!!  Full of energy and always so crazy, wiggly!!
The after pictures are what I keep focused on... 

I have had a few e-mails lately asking why I don't show all the sad pictures, all the time, that I am not showing the truly what doing rescue is about.  
I guess I have learned thru my friends, especially (((Claudine:)) that not everyone can look at the painful truth.  
People want to help in everyway they can, but on an emotional level it is too painful to see what is actually happening.
So if I want people to walk this journey with me,  I have to focus all my love, pain, sorrow, joy on the end result.  
I will start another blog for those who want to see thru my eyes, what daily rescue is like, but it will be up to you, if you want to see the painful truth about what happens at animal control facilities, not only where I live, but across the country.  

Let me know your thoughts, I want you to keep coming back and reading.  
My belief is most people want to help, but the sad pictures keep people from being engaged, just because you can only look at so much heartache day to day.  
So that is why I try to keep this blog upbeat with slight undertones, that you know what is going on, but the big visual pictures, are of happiness and lives saved.
Don't get me wrong, the sadness I see is hard for me,  but it is the end result that makes the emotional roller coaster worth it...
There are millions of rescuers everywhere trying to make a difference, so I hope my blog has opened your eyes to so many animals everywhere in need. 

I also want to take a moment to again, Thank you All!!!  
Without you, we would not have made the matching grant!!!
More Thanks to come, just working on gathering all my pics of my friends:)

I will be leaving for Chicago on Thursday to transport, so I will be tormenting Claudine on the phone, from the road, to see where we finish in the contest:)

Just another visual, a wonderful moment, in my memory..
These wonderful dogs , a whole family taken from the pound, the mom had 3 legs, all now live in Chicago and some of the siblings have been reunited, the owners meet with their dogs at the beach during the summer:)
Yes, a dog beach in Chicago!! Too cool..


I have a couple of pet beds to send you along with some needles and suringes and some prescription dog food. It would be so much easier for me to send UPS but I need a real street address. You can email me. You are a two day ship from me so you can tell me the best day to ship. UPS will leave the box and you don't have to sign for.

Hi Bernie, I made a rollodex card of Spaz and Jovee -- favorite gift and wanted to included your link. I saw your info. We made a donation and I'll pass it on to the people in my swap group tommorrow. You're the best. I hope your health is good. We all love Jovee. xxoo Susan Stokinger
Bernie, I have never left a blog comment and I have had a million check ins. If you got this more than once, my apologies. I made a rollodex card for a "favorite gift" and logged on to include your link. Of course I used Jovee and her new fried Spaz on the card. We made a contribution and maybe some people in the group will too. Good Luck. Love you. Susan
Hi Bernie!
OMG! That is so exciting! You and all of your hard work and love are so amazing and inspiring. This is what life is about and is very life affirming to me. I also want to mention that you have mastered the very difficult balance of showing the reality of some of the hard things with the the positive outcomes and triumphs on your blog. I would not change a thing. I think it is a great idea to start a new blog to show and share some of the harder things you experience too.
You are a healer and a special person. I am glad I have met you.
Bless you for what you do Bernie. I found your site through Tim Holtz's blog - I'm so happy that you will receive the funding! I put a shout out to you at all the scrapbooking forums I visit. I hope you get the extra money, you sure deserve it. I checked out the other videos from pet rescue sites'"badges" and none are as good as yours. I like the fact that you are upbeat despite the terrible circumstances you see every day. Keep up the good work.
Clare in Canada

P.S. both our dogs were/are rescues! we miss our beagle/basset cross who was our first dog and died 2 years ago of lung cancer but are enjoying our border/whippet cross Lady. She was also languishing in our local dog pound due to her age (7 y.o. then) and the fact that her previous owner had her "de-barked", yuck! she's been with us now for almost 2 years and we love her to bits. Rescues are the best!!!!!
I'm so excited for you and the puppies Bernie. I made a plea on my blog too and a few friends have contacted me to tell me they donated. Yay!!!! Keep up the great work. Hugs to you and the doggies you save.
Hi Bernie!

I like the idea of a second blog for those who can and want to view the harsher realities that you have to deal with. This blog should be kept as it is - positive and upbeat, and OK for children to view. You do verbalize some of the harsher side when you talk about the individual pups/cats - that's all some people can handle.

Great news about the possibility of an additional $10,000.!

Incidently, Scooter has become quite a watchdog! He sets up quite a racket when someone he doesn't know as a friend comes to the door.

Our love to you, Jeff and all the furries,
Diane, Grace & Scooter
Bernie-what a very heartwarming story about "evaly"-its awesome to see the work you are doing! I am so glad things are going well and that you are gonna get that grant! I donated to your cause :)

Kristy(formerly of Time To Stamp)
Hey Bernie!

We are going to broadcast about your new higher matching grant and send yet another reminder out to all our ZNE Members - tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. California time, on the new ZNE Circa Arte radio show - here:


We're all pulling for you and the beautiful doggies!

xoxo - Chel
I am like Claudine, too tender-hearted to see the pics. But I won't stop reading no matter what you decide. Best wishes on the contest, I am so happy it is going well. You are *really* making a difference, you know??? How cool is that.
Hey, girl. I squeezed out a few bucksters for you today---I wish it was more. Keep praying for me to win the lottery, I guess. I also sent the info out to my newsletter subscribers today---4000 of the most open-hearted folks you'll ever meet. Here's hoping the dollars come raining down! Love from me and Weevil.
ha ha! i did a favor for a friend, not expecting payment. in return, she asked if she could donate to my favorite rescue. i could not refuse! i told increments of $10 (sign on in a different username each time). it's so close!
grand news Bernie about the matching $$

I am so happy for you & your furry family ;)

xo!! ~Izabella
I say a prayer every day for you and Jeff. I know this is going to happen. You do such grand things for these babies. You have a true gift.
People don't want to know the ugly things we humans do to animals. It would be to much.
I love the first pictrue of the little black dog. I can hear him say" Bernie saved me!"
Please help Bernie save more animals by giving just 10 dollars.
Love to both of you..NGA
Bernie, I appreciate your wisdom, about whether or not to show the realities you deal with daily. Personally, I think it's a great idea for you to host another blog, showcasing the real side of animal rescue. The more people are educated about the abuse of animals, and what exactly a kill shelter is, the better. Plus, you have the very unique perspective of walking animals from the brink of death to new life, which really gives people hope. It's not something the shelters can/do do, nor can those that educate about puppy mills. Giving people hope, that things can change, tends to make people want to be involved, instead of just overwhelmed with sadness.

Have you ever thought about documenting just one animal, from arrival to leaving, with daily updates? With some follow-up after adoption? Maybe you've already done this, I'm not sure, but if not, then seeing how it all works, the vet visits, the pickups, the medicinal care, the emotional care and rehabilitation...basically, what you do everyday, also might help people understand more of what you, and so many others, deal with when rescuing these animals.

Good luck! Got the word spread on the Altered Books Yahoo Group, and I, too, keep checking the badge to see how you're doing, and I HOPE that the $10K will come in the next 3 days. Less than $7000 to go! My poor mouse is tired from hitting the refresh button, too, lol.

are these catahoulas in the last picture bernie? my parents adopted a catahoula from a local shelter 2 years ago. hydie is the smartest, sweetest dog we could ever have hoped to have in our family!
Hi Bernie,

Just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me, and that I am soooo happy you're doing well in the challenge!

I've tried to help spread the word and posted in my myspace blog (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=133898110) though I don't know how much it really helped as I probably only have about five faithful readers! LOL

I adore your artwork and your ATC book. But most of all, you are my hero because of the animal rescue work that you do!

Keep up the inspiring work! Go Bernie!

Erin Koenig
First of all, bless you. There is a special place in heaven for you and all who do this kind of work. I donated and have fingers crossed for you. Just wanted to weigh in: your blog is lovely as it is . . . I like the "after" pix! Not to deny the heart-breaking reality of the suffering animals endure . . . and my most beloved dog Tallulah Mae came from Helen Woodward Animal Center. Yay!
The before and after spoke more to me than thousands of words.. from being so sad to the cheerful happy dog spoke volumes for the work you do... I have donated and hope more than anything that you stay in the top four
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