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Friday, January 25, 2008
Stay Tuned!!

"Your Heart has brought great joy to many..
Those Hearts can never forget you..."
-Flavia Weeden

Hi Everyone!!
I will have a new post tonite, life here has been crazy, so many dogs..
Check back later and this weekend, there will be more news, pics and videos.
I have had, lets say a rough few days...
You keep me up, when things aren't exactly perfect:)
I really cherish you all and feel so blessed to have you read...
Check out the video Zak did!!!
I know he went out on a limb for us and I truly appreciate it!!!!
Leave him a comment if you like his training videos.
I am a big fan of what he does, because he cares about animals and wants a win/win situation for the animals and the pet owners. The great thing is his videos are free and you can watch them from your own home.  

Being responsible pet owners and spreading the word of rescue is so important, it is the only way that the needless killing will stop....  
So Kudos, to all who add to the animal collective, each and everyone of us doing our part!!  

Will post tonite, Thanks a million guys!!!

This time next week, the contest will be over.
PLEASE, please, keep spreading the word!!!

Hi Bernie!
I just put your badge on my BloG and posted it on Etsy for animals! (Made a donation too!)
Good luck!


... just noticed you've hit $25,000

confessions of another badge watcher.
Yay Bernie! I see you went over the $25,000 donation mark to be matched! This is so exciting! Emmitt and I are thrilled for you!
We will keep spreading the word!
Hi Bernie. Congratulations on making the $25,00 mark. Waaay tooo gooo!!! I've added your badge to my blog. We have many great causes over here in Australia, but I hope some of my friends and readers will help you out, as I did. Good luck. Hugz......
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