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Sunday, August 10, 2008
And so it begins...

"Your work is to discover your work and then to give yourself to it with all your heart.."

We have broken ground and the building is going up as I type this!!!
I'm still pinching myself:)
This is just the beginning, but here is where it starts...
Seems like just yesterday, we moved to Tennessee and this winter it will be 3 years.

The building will be 30 x 60 with 4000 square feet of outdoor kenneling.
We will have a few acres fenced off with different yards for the dogs to run and play after their 3 week quarantine. 

The shelter will be dedicated to the artists and animal lovers who have helped me create this program.  The animals and I are grateful everyday.. 
I know I sound like a broken record, but I feel you cannot let people know enough how much they are appreciated:) And I do appreciate you..
From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me!!!

Life has been extremely, insanely, busy lately, with family issues, caring for the little ones and getting my professional work done.   So if you are waiting for an e-mail or box from me, the mail is packed waiting for me to drive it to town and I have the e-mail on my to do list..

Jeff is doing as well as can be expected and we are headed back to the doctors tomorrow. 
The shelter being built has given him some new life,  he is trying his hardest to stay on  his feet.
Balance and walking is very difficult for him, but he has put so much work into the plans for this place it only seems right that he be right there, even if it means sitting in a chair, with a cold drink, while they are building.
This blog is usually where I write about art & the animals, but I am sure Jeff would be tickled if you left a comment for him.  He has done so much for the little ones here, the scared and the unsocialized I find it only fitting to dedicate this post to him.

Artwork has started coming in from my friends to decorate the shelter, even though it will be months before we can hang it,  I believe we will not only have a functional shelter, but a very colorful, vibrant and fun place for the animals.

Later this week, I will be writing to qualify us for many of the animal programs & grants available...  Tons to do, so I better get to it!!!

Again, a million kisses and hugs from one very excited crazy dog lady:)
Much LOVE,

I am so excited to see the pictures of a dream coming true. Jeff you just have to get to feeling better,we all need you to help the animals and to get this shelter built. You have such a gift of getting the little guys socialized and ready to meet their new families. You are a major part of the team.
I am saying prayers for your recovery.
Nancy A.
Hi Bernie & Jeff,

breaking ground on this amazing venture seems like it has good timing....nothing like seeing your dream come true to heal the body & soul! Continue all of your hard work...I look to you for inspiration as it is also my dream to one day begin a rehab center for dogs that people have turned thier backs on.
You guys are doing a great thing for the animals! Get well soon, Jeff! I'll say a prayer for you and for all the animals!
Sending prayers and good karma to Jeff for a speedy recovery. Stephanie in Ohio
I am so glad this project and the darling animals help keep Jeff's spirits up! He deserves all the pleasure he can get!
Hey, Jeff, we all know how critical you are to this whole operation. Take care of yourself. We are all pulling for you to feel much better.
wow! all the smiling pup faces in that pic! its like they know all the ruckus is for them!

well done!
Congrats to you and Jeff. You are an Angel sent from heaven.
Sending my best wishes and congratulations to you & Jeff - how exciting ...you guys are amazing. And I would love to donate a painting to hang in your shelter Bernie. Hope we can connect on one of your trips to Chicago.

Jeff, you can do it -- you can get better!! There is no doubt in my mind! Take one day and one challenge at a time. I know you have the will and the strength to get better, and you have SO much to get better FOR! What a wonderful life!!

We are all with you, sending positive energy to you to help you get better!!! :) Take care!!
Congrats on the ground breaking...how exciting! Jeff, take it one day at a time...I am sure the animals will help you find your way...
Jeff, we just know what a great job you're doing overseeing the building and that all the pups are as happy as can be. Barb & Carl
Jeff, you and I are on for a date sometime soon! (okay, Bern can come along as well)...be back home in a few weeks, and look forward to seeing y'all!
If only we lived in a perfect world - a world where Jeff would be running along right next to the dogs :) A world where animals wouldn't need to be rescued! A girl can dream can't she. I wish for you, Jeff, painfree days, where you can watch in peace your dream come true.
Love and Hope to you both! The world is a MUCH better place because of you both!
hey you two! The new shelter looks fantastic ... Larry and I think of you often and are thankful for people like you who care for all these little critters so much! Sending lots of love to you both and good thoughts for Jeff to keep hanging in there!

love you 2
Congrats on the ground breaking-&to jeff for all the behind the scenes work he does for this cause too~
prayers for you both
BERNIE and JEFF!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

You are INCREDIBLE...A BIG BIG BIG CONGRATS on breaking ground for your new shelter!!!

Best wishes to you both and the shelter will be amazing - and those pups look like they are smiling and waiting their expressions are adorable. Jeff I wish you well and sending positive cyber vibes across the pond!

Prayers to Jeff.

The new shelter is beautiful.
Prayers to Jeff.

The new shelter is beautiful.
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