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Monday, August 04, 2008
Quick post..
"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr

Just a quick post..
I'm still around, but at capacity for dogs.  So not much time to post these days...
We also break ground on the shelter/building this week!!!

This note is to:
Kristina, the pups you found are doing great here are some pictures to show you they are doing well and are happy.  

Kristina, found these 4 very large puppies where she lives and called me.  
They were dumped and stray, covered in ticks and fleas.  
She did a great job caring for them till I got back in town.
They appear to be Great Pyrenees mixes.  Big Fuzzies!!
The one looks like a Pyrenees/Boxer or Shepherd mix.
All super sweet and at about 12-14 weeks are weighing about 40 pounds:)  
There's a whole lot to love with these pups!!!

On another note, Jeff's health has been declining rapidly and he has been having stroke like symptoms this past week.  Will know more tomorrow...  
He has really had a very hard time of things with his health, so please keep him in your prayers.
Will post more tomorrow...

Bernie ... you just have a heart and soul that goes so deep. God bless you for all the wonderful work you do!
Prayers and healing thought to Jeff. And cuddle hugs to the new puppies, they are fantastic.
Bernie I don't know how you do it all - it's truly inspirational and these pupsters look amazing now.
Prayers for Jeff too.
Dear Bernie,

We are so sorry to hear Jeff isn't doing well. He is always in our prayers, but we will redouble our efforts. I'm sorry Scooter isn't there to comfort Jeff, as Jeff comforted and aided him for so many long months. The three of us are sending strong positive energy Jeff's way, (and a bunch for you, too.) Just add it to all the sweet loving energy that radiates from all your fur babies.

The news about breaking ground on the shelter is exciting.

Keep us posted, ...let us know if there's anything specific that we can do.

Diane, Grace & Scooter
Hi Bernie,
Jeff will be in my prayers, so will you to give you the strength to help him.. I miss our Ranger U days..with Claudine and Suze..what fun we all had.
stay well
I have been thinking about Jeff, since you haven't talked about his health for awhile... I was hoping that since you did mention that he was helping with the dogs while you were traveling, that he was feeling much better. This new news is worrying. I hope you will find additional support from people in the area, both physically with the animals, and emotionally...
Good vibes coming out to you...please feel free to share if it helps you....
Let Jeff know we're thinking of him, and that we support his idea for the name of the new kitty house. (you know which one I'm speaking of!)
Wishing you and Jeff peace and wellness and special moments together... will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers
Sending good thoughts for Jeff, and for you.
Congratulations on the new chapter in your rescue. It is going to be so great for you to have a facility for the animals! The over sized pups are adorable! Jeff is in my thoughts and prayers.
Jeff,I do hope you get some good news from your test. I will play us some Leon Redbone and ease into this grand day. Just had me my 59 Th. on Monday. UGH, how did that happen!!! Sending up a big prayer for your health to get better.Thinking of you my friend.
Nancy A.
It's a good thing that I do not live close to you because I want all four of these beautiful, big fur babies! I have a total weakness for large breeds! What sweeties! Hugs to you, the fur babies, and especially Jeff! Maybe some puppy kisses will help him feel better! Take care, Bernie!
Sorry to hear that Jeff isn't too well. Bernie, you do such an amazing job.... xoxo
It makes me so happy to see that your dreams are coming true. I always feel when you are on your true path in life things all come together and your dreams do come true.Keep us posted ,I want to hear all about the shelter.
Hugs to you Jeff.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Nancy A.
Looks like you have your hands full. I am interested in reading about the new shelter you are building. Best of luck for that project.
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