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Sunday, March 01, 2009
Past the Storm, Into the Light...
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing" 
-Edmund  Burke

This post is one of the reasons I have been unreachable lately...
"A Place To Bark" received several dogs on February 15th
from a puppymill confiscation  done by the ASPCA.  
The dogs that we have taken into our program, have litters of puppies
 that will be fostered here until they are healthy & old enough, to safely be fixed.
We're estimating 12-16 weeks, since they are small breed dogs.
The majority of the mother dogs. currently have health issues on many levels and it will take time for them to heal.
When ready, they will then be transferred to the "Anti Cruelty Society" in Chicago, for adoption.  
This arrangement is in accordance with the directives of the ASPCA
These dogs were not transferred out of state to the ASPCA shelters, for their conditions were very fragile and needed round the clock care.  

For those of you that read this blog regularly, I ask you to read this post in it's entirety..  
Not to turn a blind eye & please not to focus on the negative.. 
Be brave & walk a moment in my life & life of other rescuers everywhere.
Please focus your thoughts and read this story, with love in your heart and a knowing that these animals have been rescued.  That they are on the road to a better life!  
Your knowing & not turning a blind eye, helps to change this world.  
I'm not asking you to look at gory photos, just photos of a reality, that shouldn't be.  
Many of you, I know cannot look at the pictures & so that is why we always try to keep it upbeat and a bit veiled, on this blog, so that we don't lose your viewership and keep reading.  
But today  I ask that you walk with me in seeing what I see..  
The old saying the truth will set you free, is truth on many levels.  
We need to balance the scales by raising awareness, for their sakes.  
It is easier to not look, to block it out, to pretend it doesn't happen.  
But the reality is does, it is and will continue on, if good people don't come together to change it.  The animals need us, let's not let them down!!!

The photo below, is a sweet girl that stole everyone's heart on site.  
We think she is a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix.
We named her "Ernestine". Her picture and many other pictures of the confiscation are on the American Humane website, just click the link to view.  

In the next 12-16 weeks we will be watching the mothers & puppies we have taken in, grow healthier, stronger, more confident & trusting.   You will see the happy ending to this story!!!

I dream of many things..  A world that is Free... 
Free of cruelty, pain, neglect, sadness, hunger, illness & the list goes on and on as we know.  
These babies are past the storm and now going into the light.. 
The light of people such as you that believe in LIFE & LOVE.  
The organizations that made this rescue possible, the ending of yet another puppy mill should be recognized and commended.  The people who come at a moments notice for animals in need are hero's that I've been blessed to meet and even though the meeting are brief and under the worst of circumstances, we are linked by our love & dedication to the animals  for a lifetime....
Believe in a better world, donate your time & energies to your humane societies or local rescues where you live... 
Become a part of a growing army of animals lovers who are against needless euthanasia & the confines of breeding for greed.  
See it, Believe it & Achieve it!!!

A Big Thanks to the ASPCA and American Humane for putting our link on their sites.
It is an honor to work with such dedicated people..

To read more about this puppy mill confiscation click herehere & here.
ASPCA puppy mill confiscation YouTube Video


How do those people sleep at night?

Glad these animals are on the road to recovery!
Thank you Bernie and all who helped take these babies out of this mess.

While most people aren't able to foster, adopt or rescue, one of the most important things they can do is speak up!

Don't shop in stores that sell live puppies/kittens and make sure the store knows why. Write letters to the local paper when the chance arises, inform friends and neighbors that these puppy mills are only in business because people continue to buy from pet stores or ads in the newspaper. That no matter how much these puppy "boutiques" protest that they don't get their pups from puppy mills it is a blantant lie. No reputable breeder will ever, EVER, sell their dogs on consignment to a pet store or run ads in a newspaper. Ever.

I work at a vet clinic and it still amazes me at the number of seemingly intelligent people who come in with these dogs they bought from a pet shop or the flea market. Drives me nuts!
Just thinking of you. Got your hands full with all the babies. You took twenty eight in from the raid but now have so many more with the babies.How great that for the first time it is clean and warm for them. I know how hard you must be working at getting them all ready for forever homes. Thank you for the hard work you do.
Love and blessings to Jeff and you.
Nancy A.
Thank you for all that you do. I am so glad you have the energy and courage and passion and conviction. You inspire me. I love these little critters, thank goodness you are on their side :-)
Amazing! Thanks for all your hard work....
I live in the country and we get alot of "dumped" Dogs.....Had 2 preg female (duh they wouldn't be male) dogs dumped last summer....We had 17 puppies and I feel blessed to have found great homes for 16 of them...kept one cute guy....fixed him....named him...Walleee. the vet called it amazing and loved seeing all the new owners and their little mutts!
You go Bernie!
Bernie those dogs and pups must just be so glad to find warmth and snuggles and conditions they could probaly never have dreamed of. You are an amazing bunch of people...
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