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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
"TEN" To LIFE!!" A Place To Bark's Annual Fundraiser
"I tell you the truth: If you have Faith as small as a mustard seed..
Nothing will be impossible for you."
-Matthew 17:20-21

It's that time of year that we have to start the fund raising campaign!!!
I have written this post a dozen times...
I kept putting it off.. 
I guess, I just really hate asking for help & especially when it come to money.
Getting over my ego, is a very difficult task, 
but I'm not asking for myself it's for them.. 
I do not draw a salary from the rescue.  ALL of my time is donated.
If anything, I'm always putting money back in:)
Your donation dollars go to the care of the animals.
We do not euthanize for illness, unless there is no other option, if they are terminal, are in pain & we cannot fix them.  
We treat all illness, parvo, kennel cough, heart worm, injuries, etc. they come in with...
Many surgeries currently waiting on funding & past due vet bills needing payment.
The economy has really hurt us this year, we've lost 2 grants & our food source. 
No contest & the matching grant offered is only 10k instead of 35k. 
Last year at this time we had over 40,000 in donations, 
this year we are at 4,000.
I believe we will get thru these hard times, 
it will just take Faith, Hope & Patience.
We will make the best out of what we have and continue on!!!
I just hope we don't have to cut back our intake, we've been struggling terribly these last few months.  But if we can't pay the bills, we may have to:(
I may stop for a bit, to catch up on bills, but I promise you I will never quit!!!
My love & commitment is to the animals & we have come too far to ever give up. 
Pets need us, they cannot survive without the care of their humans.
So let's not let them down...
The Theme is "Ten to LIFE" 
If you can donate ten dollars or more & ask ten of your friend, 
we should be able to turn the tables and make this year the BEST ever!!!
ALL donations are tax deductible:)
Suzi Blu made this video for us, so that you can see what we have built this far..

To minimally finish the inside of the shelter, we need approximately 25,000.00
Then there are operation costs. Transports, food, veterinary bills, etc.
We saved 502 dogs last year and 46 cats.
So we are hoping to raise $100,000.00 this year.
Claudine is working on the thermometer so you can see our progress.
I know, I know... 
It sounds like a huge amount, but it's a reality of what we are doing, 
there are huge expenses, even though we try to keep cost down.  
I have to believe that if each one of us, donates ten dollars, 
forwards the plea on, to all their animal loving friends 
& they donate, we'll be able to do this, 
achieve our yearly budget and hope to save more animals in need.

The biggest part is finished. The building!!!

Now that it is up, we need to finish it.  
Then it will be easier for me to write for the bigger grants. 
We officially have a shelter..  That was a HUGE accomplishment!
Now we have to complete it and make it HOME!!!

I have nationally known artists from across the U.S.,
 who have offered and are willing to come down to paint & decorate the inside.  
We will not only have a functional animal shelter with a beautiful home environment atmosphere, but one that is colorfully bold, beautiful and artistic.  
Where animals can rehab, have sanctuary & receive the care they need.
Dreams can happen, we just have to come together and believe...

You have watched us grow over the years and the work we have done,
 can be verified thru our local Sheriff's Department
Many of you have adopted from us too!!!
So many of the stories are archived on this blog, thru tv, magazine & newspaper articles.

Please help us in any way you can & spread the word!! 
I will continue to share their stories and we'll keep expanding the program the best we can.

Ways to donate:
Online: Network for Good badge to the right of the blog
 or our Paypal account: aplacetobark@aol.com. 
Checks can be sent to: A Place To Bark, P.O. Box 649, Portland, TN 37148

More ways coming in the next post, that don't cost a penny, only a few moments of your time.
No worries, one way or another, we will continue on, we have to!!!
The animals can't do it for themselves.  They need caring animal loving people to help them.
We raised enough to keep us going for a year, last year & I know we can do it again!!!

Any donation is incredibly important, no matter the amount!!!
Together we can finish this shelter and help more animals in need:)

We have many things planned for this year..
An Art Auction, Zine, some online classes & possibly a craft cruise to benefit "A Place To Bark"
Many new things planned for the website & will be registering with Charity Navigator.
We Thank YOU!!! For reading and being a part of something GREAT for the animals!!!
 Stay tuned, we'll be getting really creative!!!

-Winston Churchill
The check will be in the mail today. This can get done with a little help from your friends.Saying a prayer for you .
Nancy A.
we can do this!!!
Sending a check out to you in the morning from the firm. Thanks, Pats D. MWL
I'm on it!!! Or all over it?? whichever way....you can count me in.
Hugs from me....licks from Mia.
I will be sending a check and participating in the 10 and 10 plan this weekend. Keep your chin up, these animals couldnt live without you and we all are so appreciative of what you do every day bernie.
hi, Have sent a donation by Paypal. Good luck!
Ms. Berlin we are all behind you! Tooting your horn all over the net and trying to get that money for your shelter.

"Just what made that little old ant..."

I'll be donating next week. I also wanted to let you know I posted your blog banner & infor on your rescue on my blog to help spread the word...hope that's ok :-)
This is a great story - I'm going to see if I can scrape together something to help out your cause.

I'm a BIG dog and pet lover (my pooche pics on my.arfie.com - http://my.arfie.com/profile/FrankTorres)

It's these kinds of stories that make a person feel good about about the American people during this time of negative media.

Keep the faith and keep fighting.

I sent out your link to many friends this week, and have just made my own small contribution today. God bless you, Bernie, for your loving care of the critters. Thank you -- Davielle in CA
Don't you dare give up!!!! You have done an incredible thing for so many animals. They need you. If God brings you to it, He will see you through it!!!! You should get on facebook. Tons of exposure on there. I would be happy to "friend" a place to bark on facebook and get you tons of exposure and hopefully more donations!! Lots of luck and Love!
My little donation is on the way via PayPal---and tomorrow, I'll mention this to my 4,700 subscribers. Here's hoping they each send you a little something, and put you over the top :)
Wonderful! I love dogs! Very cool!!

Happy Easter!
Got the word from Lisa V.
I am so touched, and want to send something to help. Will mail a little something Wednesday. I am so grateful for what you are doing. I wish someone in this state would do the same thing.
I, too, just got the word from Lisa V. about your fund raising efforts. Just made a PayPal donation, which I hope will help, in some small way, in making your dream come true!
Blessings and smiles to you, Bernie!
Emmy S.
I also got the word from Lisa V, and I'd come and help if I could but I can't cos I'm in the UK - so my $10 are on their way. And I'm spreading the word.......
Heard about this from Lisa V. So impressed by the videos & the work you do - we are from MI but love TN so just sent you a donation and passed the info on to everyone in my address book. Hope it helps! Lori L
I also got the word from Lisa V, Thanks for what you're doing, I have three rescued black dogs here, and admire the organizational skills you must have. My donation is coming through paypal. The best of luck to you!
You work so hard for the pups. Those puppies will now have a good start in life to find their FOREVER HOMES.It would not have happened if not for you. Thanks for all the hard work. Saying prayers for the money to start rolling in to pay the bills.
Thinking of Jeff and You.
I just found your website -- what you are doing is amazing!! I want to send something to help, and I'd also like to know when the next art auction will be? Thanks for all you do for the animals!!!
I love what you are doing! I won't use paypal or even credit cards any more on the net but if I find an address, I would like to contribute a little.
It's really a small world! It's not so far from Tennessee to Mexico after all.

My wife stumbled across you in a friend's blog who is also an artist. You are doing a wonderful thing. We just used PayPal to contribute $20 USD, because after all, there are two of us.

We live full time in Mexico and are involved in two similar organizations here. One is a dog and cat rescue organization (Amigos de los Animales) and the other rescues and rehabilites for release wild critters (www.conrehabit.org). We've been involved in everything from parrots to jaguars.

Keep it up, we're with you!

Way to go Bernie!
I added this blog to my sideline and I will be posting about it SOON!

I just applied to adopt a rescued Basenji. I have had one before, and I was missing having one-so I went straight to rescue to find one! :)

I will continue to watch!!
the cafe press link isn't working. :(
Great song,great video,great work!:)
This is one of the best animal rescue blogs I have encountered - keep up the good work! I have put a link to your blog on my much-less-visited one(!) and I hope I can drive at least a few more visitors your way.
Bernie ~ Thank you for all you do!!! Sent a paypal donation this morning. Also sent your link to every single person I know via email and have up on my facebook. I also have friends who are doing the same thing. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Lisa
Think positive and know so many people support you and your cause. Thank you for being you!!
Thank you for all you do! Sent you a donation and will spread the word. :)
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