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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Dog Days..

I've been busy as usual, trying to get the pups and dogs here ready for the transport next Tuesday to the Humane Society.
The day started out like most, good morning sounds of the dogs wanting to go out for their morning potty sessions and breakfast. Got everyone situated, fed, medicated, etc..
Loaded the truck, to go to the vet and start getting our health certificates done, when I see two stray dogs, in the middle of the street, nothing but corn fields for miles. As I pull over and get out, these poor babies were nothing but skin and bones, wagging their tails and running up to me, looking for food. Needless to say, two more passengers in my car going to the vet:) They are sweet their names are Maizy & Daisy.

Before we got to the vet we stopped at the pound to pick up yet another Weimaraner for rescue, her name is Zelda and she'll be on her way to Denver later this week. Isn't she sweet!!

Here's one of our new guys "Harvey" he is a beautiful Great Pyrenees. Approximately 1 year of age. Super loving and sweet but scared to death of pretty much everything. He's going to be here a bit for he's going to need to build his self confidence. Just the best studio dog, he never leaves my feet:)

This little pup is named is "Guido" he is approximately 6-8 weeks old, soooo cute, but has a terrible inguinal hernia that needs surgery as soon as possible.
These types of hernias can be life threatening because of the size of the hernia, so we'll have to keep a close eye on him this weekend. He'll be going in on Tuesday for surgery, so please keep him & Harriett in your thoughts and prayers..

Another cutie, this super sweet darling's name is "Cookie" and is a 2-3 year old female Pom.

This is "Jose" he is a male Sharpei/mix. Approximately 10-12 weeks old, he is just too funny!! Loves to be the life of the party!!

Then we have "Gomez" a male Peke/mix of some sort. Super busy and friendly, follows you everywhere!! Approximately 9 months to one year.

Also, "Juanita" a female beagle/mix approximately 1-2 years of age. Loves to follow her nose and you!!!
(((did I mention she loves to eat!!)))

A picture tells a thousand words and this one shows the great energy and love for the animals the techs and veterinarian have, I'm blessed to know and work with them all.
They take such good care of my animals and I have to say I probably see them more than my family and friends.

This post doesn't even feature the litters of puppies here..
So this just gives you an idea of how busy it has been around here lately.
Most will be leaving with me on Tuesday for Chicago & Wisconsin, so if you are considering a new pet, please check out my animals and adopt them at the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago. That's where they will be next week.
Blessing & light to you all, I hope to be in contact soon!!!
"Sweet Miz Harriett"

There are days that just make your mind work overtime..
This was one of them...
I've been stretched emotionally & financially beyond what is truly healthy, but there are times that you just can't turn your heart or mind off.
Hope & Faith guide me that things will be fine and that the greater good will eventually win for the animals..

This post is about a sweet little one eyed beagle named "Harriett"

I found her at the pound with her friend, they both had matching really worn collars.
Owner surrenders, it made me so sad to know that someone owned these dogs and they still lived lives of neglect.
I often wonder how it comes to be that dogs are discarded like unwanted objects.
They are lives, living beings, that need to be honored and loved..
I just don't get how disposable society is..
I know once upon a time, she was a puppy loved by someone who held her in their arms & bought matching collars for both dogs...

Harriett's friend we called her Helen was put to sleep, shortly after her vet exam, due to the fact she was so ill, there was nothing more we could do for her. She was blind, deaf, nothing but bones and full of infection and arthritis.
Harriett has hope and will be fine.. She is having surgery on what is left of her eye to have it removed, it will be stitched closed and a few other things she will have taken care of as well that day.
She's no spring chicken, but full of love & needing a place to live out her golden years..

If anyone would like to give this sweet girl a loving home, just send me a note:)
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Trying to Catch up...

The days since I've gotten home are a blurrrrr......
Non stop moving, art making, dogs coming in and getting them ready for transport.
We have topped our all time high of pups here. It makes me so sad that there are so many in need, not enough homes and people to rescue them. Everytime I leave the pound, a piece of me is left there with the ones I could not take with me.
I'm in a rush right now but wanted to put a post up for those of you that have been so sweet, to e-mail to see if I was o.k.
I'm still mourning the loss of my father in law, but am moving with the days and trying to catch my breath and enjoy every moment..
I'll post more tonite to try to catch up with my CHA trip and other news and pics of dogs..
For now here are some pics of a pair of Weimaraners that I pulled last week..

Please remember that for all purebred dogs, there is a purebred rescue somewhere.
Keeping this in mind if you have a specific breed that you love as an alternative to getting a puppy.
These girls didn't deserve to be at the pound as you can see from these pics..
They were soooo sweet, how could you not love these amazingly expressive faces.
Millie and Martha went to
Weimaraner rescue of the South but I had the pleasure of enjoying their company for a short time.
Yes, one of the dangers of doing rescue are.. Being nearly suffocated by BIG doggie kisses!!! (((Giggles)))

Will post more soon...
Friday, February 02, 2007
Till We Meet Again..
I took Jeff to the airport last nite, his dad had passed away..
The world lost one of it's brightest stars yesterday..

My father in-law, Al Berlin.
I have been so blessed to have known him and to have had him, as a part of my life and extended family.
The things I will remember & miss most, are his loving nature, his smile, the super strong hand crushing hand shakes & hugs and his terrible jokes:)
He loved people, those who surrounded him everday, at his retirement home & in life.
Always willing to help anyone in any way he could.
He will be missed by so many..
Today is a day I will take for myself, to reflect, remember and mourn the loss of my favorite father in law...
May the heavens be blessed with his presence. He is someone that will be missed every day of my life..

Life is so fleeting, you just never know what the day will bring..
So it is important that those you love know it, without a doubt..
As I grow older it becomes more important every day, that those I know, know how much I care for them.
Living every day as if it were our last, makes us focus on the here and now, trying to focus and live in the moment is so vital.
So I say to you, those that read this blog, you are so very much appreciated and loved for the support & love you give to me..
Thank you from the bottom of my heart..

To the king of all kings..
Till we meet again...
I Love you Al....

Thursday, February 01, 2007
Home again & Incoming New Faces....

Just back last nite from California, I'll post more about the trip later..
I can say that I had a really wonderful time and have lots of news and pics to share...

New faces coming in...
These pics above are my two passengers that had to sit in the front seat for the other crates in back were occupied.
They were so frightened in the pound. Now that they are here, they are doing much better and coming out of their shells:)
Seems as if puppy season starts so much earlier here in the south than it did when I lived up north.
So even though we just emptied out, we are filling up again..

This was taken at the pound, out of this pic, we could only take 8 of the 15 pups here..
It breaks my heart that we couldn't take them all, but we are limited for space and have to draw the line at times.

This pic was also taken at the pound these are 4 Peke/Lhasa mixes are a mom, dad and their two babies.
We got them out of there, even though I got bit a few times, they were so afraid, but they are doing so much better now!!

"Roxy" is a female Min Pin approximately 1-2 years of age with a skin condition.
She'll be treated and up for adoption in a month or two.

"Rocko" is a male Chihuahua approximately 1-2 years of age, SUPER sweet but looks kinda grouchy.
Don't let that fool you, he is a lover!!

My sweet "Giggles" went to her new home, her forever home!!
Needless to say I had a good cry when she left..
She had been with us since July and really touched our hearts:)

Gotta run to feed, water and rotate the critters...
Will post more tonite..

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