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Monday, May 14, 2007
Be Careful what you wish for..

They always say to be careful what you wish for..
Life has a funny way of making things happen if you believe.
My grandfather use to say to me "Belief Gets You There.."
Just have Faith & Patience, never questioning what lies ahead, just living in the moment..
He was a very wise man, I miss everyday of my life..
We have had some really great things happen lately, that I would like to share with you!!
Because you are all a part of what I do:)

I will be receiving sponsorship for my vaccinnes & much needed medical supplies, not everything, but a good amount:)

Just to give you an idea of the costs we absorb, one tray of Distemper/Parvo vaccine, 25 shots is $125.00, Bordetella $56.00 for 25, my wormer for a big bottle of Panacur $108.00, not to mention we go thru about 40 pounds of food a day when we have large amounts of dogs/puppies, like we do lately. All animals have 2 rounds of shots before they leave here, they are quarantined here for 3 weeks or until well. Our antibiotics are very costly and when they do have kennel cough we go thru 500 tablets easily. Also, each and every animal is Frontlined and if you have pets you know how costly that is.
By doing this, the care, the quarantine we are truly creating a no kill vision.
When they get to the Humane Societies they are healthy, they get fixed and are up for adoption within days of arriving.

I have recieved confirmation that I will have sponsorship for my health certificates.
Each and every animal that is transported to another state, by law must have one.
So all along, the health certs that we have been paying for, cost ten to fifteen dollars per animal.
In a 400 animal year, it sure adds up.

Our van we rent to transport is several hundred dollars not to mention gas for the 8-10 hour drive, depending if I'm going to Chicago or Wisconsin.

One day at a time, we are slowly getting to where we need to be..

The vet bills are six thousand dollars & Noel still needs her ear surgery.
If I can't catch up, I will be forced to close.

I am taking this next transport of dogs up at the end of this month and need to stop till I've raised enough money to continue.
It saddens me, for now that we are finally getting to a place that help is available, a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, I'm at a crossroads.
I'm sure the answers will come..
I will take some time to reorganize, get the remainder of the art auction items up and do some selling of my antique postcard and book collections. Yes, there are still many art pieces here that I just haven't found the time to list. Time gets away from me with all these pets to care for. Not to mention I also need time to do some much needed paperwork.
So the next few months will dictate the future of our rescue.
I will be also looking into taking some grant writing courses.
This post was very hard for me to write.. I've learned to swallow my pride when it comes to asking for things for the animals, it still is very hard and even harder when your eyes have been opened and seen what goes on in the world..
Whatever way it will be, I will always be involved with the animals one way or another, so we'll see what fate has in store for me..
Blessing and Light to you all..

bernie! you do so much!! We'll do everything we can to help you save more babies!
OH BERNIE... THIS JUST CAN'T HAPPEN... You have come SO VERY FAR... the shelter just can't close.

I agree with Claudine... we will do everything we can to help you save more lives!
I just wrote up a post about you and what you do.

Keep up the good work. Jane
I agree. This just can't happen. I posted about you on myspace and blogspot yesterday. I have some of my items on etsy so the proceeds will go to you and one already sold. I will be sending you a check. I know that any amount anyone can send you will help. Here is my blog..http://www.myalteredart.blogspot.com/ .. If you would like me to change anything on it, please let me know. Debbie
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