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Saturday, November 24, 2007
Adoption in Nashville.. Bow WOW!!

Just thought I would share one of our adoption stories with you..
Our little darlin "Angel" has been adopted by a very sweet young lady who is also a singer.
I met her one day, when I wandered into a salon looking for a hairdresser. I am still having my hair cut and colored in Wisconsin and thought it was time to find someone closer. I started to talk with one of the girls that worked there and she told me she was looking for a dog, did I have any Shihtzus? Why yes, we have 4:) After talking, she decided she needed to meet our little darlin, Angel.

I brought Angel down to Nashville and we decided to meet at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams showroom.
It is a FABULOUS, upscale, pet friendly, furnishing store I just recently read about.
Their entire philosophy, is based on mixing unexpected pieces together, living in an elegant comfortable way and just enjoying life in your home, along with your pets.
I was very impressed by the warmth extended to us in the store.
We did the adoption right there, as you can see, it was like being at home:)

If you click on their website above, they also have a section called "Lulu's friends" adorable pictures!!

Hannah loved Angel at first sight and promises to keep in touch.
We also offered, as we do with all our animals, if someone goes out of town and if we have room, we'll dogsit.
It is always sooo wonderful to see our rescues again.

"Baker" the store mascot came to greet us and the dogs. An extremely stylish, handsome and playful French Bulldog.
Angel and Otter had a good time meeting Baker. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

I am a person that leads my life, believing that there are no accidents. Every event happens for a reason and that if you pay attention life leads you.. My life has been one of synchronicity and the years I have been doing rescue, have proved this true, by the meetings with the people who adopt my dogs, the artists and animal lovers I have met along the way...
So if you are ever in the market for new furniture, please consider businesses that support rescue and are animal friendly.
By networking and supporting animal lovers, it just adds to a positive collective of everyone working together.
yay Angel!!! so sweet! that store looks amazing!
Awwww, Angel looks like a little Angel! That Mr. Baker....isn't he the fashionisto??

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