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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Ho-ho-ho.. Off to deliver I go..
"Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven."
-Henry Ward Beecher

On the road to the East Coast to bring pets to their new owners...
I'll be on the road for 22 hours, but the big payoff is, I will be able to know how they are for the rest of their lives:)
They are all going to people I know.
I'm somewhere in Ohio, at a Red Roof Inn and heard that I will be heading into snow tomorrow.
This will be a short post, I'm pretty pooped.

I just got a google alert that there is an auction up for our furry friends..
Thank you from the bottom of my heart..
Click HERE to see it, it is beautiful!!

Off to sleep, I'll be up bright and early...
Have safe trip.Thank you for all you do for the little ones. Tears come to my eyes just thinking that this group has homes for Christmas.
The art is great on the auction.
Merry Christmas
Hey Bernie! Hope your trip has gone well. That is one sweetie pie dog in the forefront of that picture!
Blessings to you Bernie--you are an inspiration to me. I am going to make a donation now, I wish I could afford more. Stay safe.--Clare
Have a safe trip and let us know you got back ok! How's my little cheechee doing??
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