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Friday, January 18, 2008
There are no words...
"Love is a force. It is a result; it is a cause.  It is not a product; it produces.  
It is a power, a power for good, but it is valueless unless it's released."
-Diane Morrissey

Sorry, for the disappearance..
The last few days have been non stop.  
Question:  Is it normal to eat Fritos and French Dip for breakfast and a Coke to wash it down:)

Yesterday we took in a bunch of pups.  
Today I was up at the break of dawn, getting everyone taken care of and then off to a farm.
The sweet people I went to visit today, were sent my way via a friend.  
They were chopping firewood and came across an old abandoned building.  
Under it were 11 puppies:(  Pics to come next week, forgot my camera.
I went over, wormed, vaccinated and Frontlined them.  
Bless this family for they will foster them till I leave to transport on the 31st.  

Then I was off to the pound.  By the time we left there were only 2 remaining.  
It still tore at me, that we had to leave them behind, but I am really at full capacity (again) can only take in what I can handle.  
Will still try to make room for them or find a foster home.
We have over 50 dogs here right now...  Eeek:(  
Lots of pups, but still that is a ton of animals.
They will all go north on the 31st, but till then it will be a race against the clock, daily to care for them.

I've never been one to be at a loss for words, since I've always been the gabby type..
But truly there are no words, Thank You, just seems inadequate..
All I can say, is you are all Amazing and should give yourselves a pat on the back!!!  
Good deeds, acts of kindness and love will always come back to you threefold.

Just to clarify a few questions that have been sent to me, via my website:
Q. Do you get to keep the donations after the contest ends?  
A. Yes, all donations that  you see on the badge are given to A Place To Bark in full.
No matter whether we win or lose, the "Zoline Foundation" will match all donations to 25k.
Q. Do you take in cats?
A. Yes, we do take in a limited amount of cats.  Notice the "Meow" in the blog name:)
 Last year we did about 60 cats.  
It is harder for us to find homes, so we only take in small numbers.

Q. I live overseas and cannot use my charge card, it won't recognize my address.
A. Paypal has been working for many of my overseas friends.  
Click the orange donate button and it will have a Paypal option.  
If you don't have a PayPal account you will have to sign up for one.  
I know it's a hassle, but every ten dollar donation gets us closer to winning.
Every donation helps us save another animal..

Q. Do you get paid a salary?
A. I am not paid, nor do I take money from my rescue.  
    I put much of my own personal money into it.  

So many, many, many, of you have taken "America's Giving Challenge" to heart and posted it to your blogs and websites.  
I would love to connect you with other artists of like mind, so if you have posted our badge, leave a comment and let us know your sites so that others can check out you blogs and you can be acknowledged as part of our circle of animal loving people!!!
We have come so far in such a short time that it is just a true miracle!!!  

Now we can't slow down or stop thinking our spot is safe and secure.  
I'm sure the last week of this contest, it will just go crazy.  
So we have to keep spreading the word every day, for the next 14 days so we can get far enough ahead that it will be impossible to catch us:)  I know we can do it!!!  
The whole concept of six degrees is so true!!  

Please bear with us for the next couple of weeks, I'm sure we'll get annoying, but this could be the most amazing thing, if we win and you will be able to watch it all unfold thru this blog:)
So many of my artist friends want to come out and paint it, to donate artwork to decorate it and we have had some offers of handmade beds, pillows and blankets.  
A really nice article was published in our local paper about our rescue, will post it in a few days so you all can read.  
Tomorrow I will be working with Claudine on a post, to "Thank" soooo many, for their generous donations to our drawing, so there will be more goodies!!!  
We just want to make sure we don't leave anyone out. 

I really wanted to try to make my "Thank You" a bit more personal, so I did a YouTube.
I get really nervous on camera and sound like a geek, but just know I did my best to say, I'm humbled by the outpouring of donors and am forever grateful!!!!

Will post again VERY soon!!!
Keep the excitement going!!!

I'm so excited for you, Bernie! I've been posting on my blog and sending emails to everyone I know and posting on various message boards I chat on. I know every single donation counts and I really, really hope you get the grant. I love that you and your artist friends are donating art. You all do some cool stuff! Thanks for everything YOU do and I'll keep plugging away! Love the video...and the pups! Is that the adorable Dugan being so curious about the puppies? Too cute!

Hi There Bernie,
I left a donation and stuck your badge on my blog. I'm Cheralyn from Australia. I recognized you as I have "Artist Trading Card Workshop" and LOVE it. I love my Gypsy Rose (my Boxer) so much and think the work you are doing is that of an angel. Good Luck from Down Under! xx
It's up on my site (http://threedogmom.typepad.com), and following your progress has been heartwarming! I had to put my beloved golden retriever, Logan, down this week, and have asked everyone who has known and loved Logan, and all of those who have expressed their heartfelt sympathy to me, to donate... oh I hope you win!
I've got a badge up Bernie - and will repost the progress. Gosh, I sure hope you win! The pups need it, and so do you.
I added your badge to my blog today. My father passed away last week and he was a dog lover, so I made my contribution in his memory. Best of luck to you for the good work you do.
This is such an exciting way to donate and know that so many doggies will benefit, especially with your matching grant and this contest. I love doggies and I put a badge on my blog:
Thanks for your loving care of so many animals!
Carrie (another Bad Baby)
The badge is up on my site, great idea for all of us to connect-would love to "meet" all the other like minded souls. Good luck, Bern, I've been hounding everyone I know to donate:) http://www.artfuladventures.typepad.com
Hi Bernie!
What a great video! It is so nice to meet you and support your shelter. I am so excited to be a part of your wonderful energy. I am checking your badge at least 5x a day. I am so excited for you and am thrilled to donate my art too!
Great to see & hear you on your blog Bernie! All the dogs around you are so cute. If I did not live in a one room apartment, I would take them all! When the little white dog started barking, my Chihuahua Abigail came running in the room barking :) She says hello & keep up the great work. Hugs, Jessica
Hi Bernie!
I too have donated and put your badge on my blog. I've been obsessed ... checking it every hour to see where you're at. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the grant money!!

Hi Bernie, I don't have a blog, just and Etsy store, so I sent an email with the link out to about 30 of my "closest" animal oriented friends, hope it helps..
Go Bernie! I've got your badge up on my blog and am sending all the good vibes I can for you to win the grant!
I am excited to be a part of your cause/project. We have 3 dogs, and a kitty that are all rescue animals, we would have more if we had the room! I could not get the badge to post on my wordpress blog, but I did make a post about this! I am loving this and hope you win! Great job and the best of luck to you!
yep, I put your banner on my blog,,,, you bet I did!
hey bernie,
your badge is up on my site now. tried to call you back a couple times but you've been busy! xox katie
I made a donation and will put this badge on my blog. Thank you for all you do. You are a blessing! I'll be praying that you win!!
yay bernie!!! we can do this!! LOVE your video. Those puppies are too cute and I am so glad you saved them. I love the them all! Esp the little white doggie!!!
Hi Bernie,
I've mad a donation and put your badge on my blog.
I'm a huge animal lover and I think you're an angel.
Lots of luck to you!!

We wish you the best....hope you get the $ you need for the building.
The badge is in my blog.

Barbara Zea & Jonathan Jones

hi bernie, as i write this your badge count shows you've broken the 800 donors mark. yay!!! i've just posted my third blog entry about your cause, with a link to today's cool youtube video added. have to be away next week, but i'll be sending you lots of good thoughts in hopes of keeping this momentum going. best, luanne
SNIFF SNIFF...I am just so excited for you!! Yeah Bernie....
I have put a link on my blog and will continue posting reminders throughout the competition.

Wish there was more that I could do. Feb. 13th will be three years since we lost our Smokey (sweet and frisky Black Dachshund) and hope to start looking for a little furry one soon. (ok...I've started looking...slowly). THANKS for all you do to make their world a better place....you have touched so so many lives!!!

THANKS also to Claudine for the help with updates! :)

and PS...Loved the you tube....you and all your little friends are ADORABLE!!
BERNIE.. your video was SUPER!!!!

I know your computer is down.. I sent an email about Pearl the sweet little Pug. Had some questions for you... wanted your opinion.. did not know if it would work out.. but am interested in her...

give me a call next week if you get a chance.. this is a secret V-Day for hubby...

YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!!! and let me know if I can Help with painting.. Donate art.. WHATEVER!!!

Donated & posted 2 blog posts, will post your kool youtube video on today....made me teary eyed, you are a precious soul & I hope & pray you win!!

sending out emails & posts on all my sites & groups ;)

sending big hugs!!

God luck
xo ~Bella

We absolutely love you and what you do! I have been on pins and needles checking the badge site. I've put it on my blog and am shouting from the rooftops of L.A. so that people will know!! I wish you the best!! :)
Hey Bernie - Sweetpea from Butler, Wisconsin sending BIG HUGS! I donated and placed your badge on my blog . . . how could I not!!
Sending out powerful vibes that we make it!!
woooohooooo! I've been keeping tabs on the donations daily and am so excited watching the numbers go up! I donated and put the badge on my blog several days ago!
Bernie - question - can I give in my kid's/husband/mom, etc. name using only MY paypal? I am the only one who has paypal - so would that only record it under my name?
Bernie I am sooo psyched for you and the animals!! I am doing all I can to let the blog world know how important this is. I have posted about my new (much adored) grand-dog Lexi on so many people's blogs that I think half the world must know about her (and you, and A Place to Bark) by now. BIG Hugs!

::wishing:: for each and everyone of the pups to have a home of their own, a warm heart to listen to at night, a favorite toy to play with ... and always a person that loves them as much as you do.

fingers and paws all crossed here at the cottage ...
and your badge posted on the blog (of course!)

... this grant IS going to happen.

XX love, zU
Hi Bernie! Your badge is posted on my blog along with a post about what you're doing with Parade and Network for Good. Hopefully I can help send a few more donations your way! I'll also be including it in my upcoming newsletter to over 2,500 people who have opted in.

Hugs, Casie
donated again and posted on my blog, already had the badge on it. Go for #1! We can do it!

God be with you!
I sent a link to your blog to quite a few people and have posted it on numerous message boards. Your thank you video made my dogs bark right along with your dogs. LOL
its looking good Bernie!!!! Yeah!!!!! Yeah for the animals!!!!!!!!!
I have put a badge on both of my blogs and I also posted to both of them to help in your efforts. In addition I sent out an e-mail to everyone in my address book!!!

Oh... and, of course, I donated to the cause!!!

Keely Bush
Hiya Bernie. I put your info on my blog. Keep up the good work girl. Y0U are AMAZING. -- Jen
You guys are doing so good! I posted your badge on my blog. Hopefully, you will get some donations from it! I hope, I hope!
hey Bernie!
Be sure to read this blog entry mah preshusschhhh!!! ;)
Bella & ChiChi
Thank you for doing work that so many of us wish we could do! I figure that the least I can do is to help support you in doing it, so I signed up to give monthly. Whenever I host a chunky book swap, we make a book for you and the animals. (I'll be sending three for the next auction and will take the photos for you!) When this contest came along, it was so easy to put it on my blog, send the link to my friends, and post about this to my groups. My friends Julee and Rita have done the same.

The world of mixed media art loves you. Tell us what you need, and if we can, we'll do it!

HUGS from Marilyn and the Golden boys in AZ
What a wonderful site, and such wonderful work, I hope you are able to continue with such a fantastic cause. God bless you and the animals
I have donated and added the badge to my blog...www.sloanestuff.blogspot.com...as well as in my hero's list on my MySpace..Good Luck!!!!

You're doing such a great job, I wish I could help more. I did put a badge on my home page and also blogged about it - randomdoorways.com

Your badge is on my blog and I will keep promoting it!
Bernie you are doing a wonderful thing and I support you 100% - you are on my blog and will continue to talk about you!
Wow, Bernie, you are such a wonder woman and an inspiration. I've posted the badge on my blog and donated. I pray you receive the funds you need to keep up the wonderful work you do!!! Blessings. You're a saint for animals!!!!!
I have a badge up on my blog. I'd be happy to donate art if needed. Please let me know.

Thank you for the work that you do!
Hi Bernie! Those pups are adorable!

I posted your badge on my site, wrote a post about your cause, and made a donation. I love making donations to your shelter, it's such a win-win thing to do!

I'm so excited by the response you've received with the grant challenge. Good luck, you're gonna do it!

Hey Bernie, I've donated and posted the badge on my blog. You're doing a fabulous job and it's incredible how much you're doing for all of these animals.
Hey there Bernie,

I've posted your badge all over the land of ZNE! And, twice on my personal blog.

We are all pulling for you and all the beautiful doggies (and cats!) that you work with every year.

xoxo - Chel
I'm now obsessively checking your standings, too! I thought I could avoid it, but I was wrong. I got all choked up talking to my husband about your shelter tonight. Thank you for the work you do.

Those puppies break the top off the cute-o-meter!

Hi Bernie!
The work you do is wonderful. I think you really are an amazing person.

Your badge is on my blog:

I'm so happy to see the success you are having with the donations Bernie! I posted about it on Funky Finds, too: http://funkyfinds.blogspot.com/2008/01/pay-it-forward.html
Hi Bernie! How exciting that you are at the #2 spot. I think we can make it #1. I added my donation and posted the badge to my blog.
I am glad to see how well you are doing in this contest because I know all the good work you do and how much this will help. Thank you for all that you do for the animals.

I've got your badge up now in my sidebar. I'll keep reminding folks to donate. Those puppies are all so dang cute. It's such a wonderful thing you're doing, Ms. Berlin. And...you sounded sincere and articulate and not the least bit geeky.

Hi Bernie,

I wanted to let you know that I posted on my blog about the wonderful work that you do and added the badge. As well, I donated some money and I'll send some of my jewelry to a person whose name I draw out of a hat(if they donate)
I wish you all the luck in the world. The work you do is truly amazing.

Posted at Persimmon Frost and Dargie Blithers People seem to be responding. Also sent to a friend with connections on the horse and zoo communities.
Hi Bernie, I changed to your new badge when the contest started. I just donated myself. Keep up the good work!
Cute pups! All your animals are so sweet!
Hello Bernie,

The picture of the puppies is adorable. How could we resist not donating!

The badge went on my blog last week (www.raile.typepad.com) and I have been emailing family and friends and will do so again this week.

Penny Raile
Hi Bernie,
Thank you for all you do...it is simply amazing!
(((BIG HUG)))
Thank you for all you do!!! I have added the Donate Button to my blog as well as a link to your blog and your Youtube Video.

Will there be another auction?

Hi Bernie,

I keep trying to post this so if I end up with multiple posts please accept my apologies.

I have added your Donate Button to my blog as well as a link to your blog and your Youtube Video.

Bless you for your efforts in this area and please let me know if you have another auction.

Hi Bernie,
I am so thrilled by all the donations!!!! I finally got my post and badge up on Farmgirl Fare (here's a link). This is so exciting, you are so deserving of the grant, and I really think you're going to win! Thank you, as always, for everything you do, Bernie. Has anybody told you how amazing you are today? ; ) xoxoxo
Charger and I are on the edge of our paws... and spreading the info! on all my blogs and groups

The ART Site www.sheba-kitty-productions.com
The School Site www.thevirtualclassroom.org
I have a link on my blog for your badge~ Hope you win!
keep up the great work!
You always amaze me Bernie!
I am so glad that you are doing so well, and hope to tell as many people as possible!
It's wonderful that there are people in the world like you! I've made a donation and have also posted on my blog. (Trying to get the badge to work right now.)

I posted the badge, too (heard about it from Claudine): www.milkshakecrafts.blogspot.com
Hey, girl. I posted a badge on my blog, and sent the link out to my 4200 newsletter subscribers last Sunday. Love from me and Weevil!
I see you're over 1000 donations now!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!
Bernie-- you are the most amazing woman and I am SO glad this is all coming into being. I have posted the badge on my blog and am offering photos of my beloved three (rescued) pups as an incentive to readers--- SO happy to be able to donate. I SO want you to receive this $50K.

All the best to you, you magical woman-- Elizabeth

Hi Bernie-

Congratulations on all the donations!! I am so excited about the prospect of a new shelter. I have 2 questions
1) Somebody already asked this, but can I make donations in other people's names ( such as my kids, etc) using my pay pal account, and will that counts as unique donors?

2) who is the cute white dog with the curly tail in your video, and is he up for adoption?

Wishing you and all our little four-legged friends tons of luck! Was more then happy to donate and will be mentioning you in my blog!
Bernie - you ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are very inspiring. What you do takes a lot of guts and bravery and I AM SURE also takes a lot lot lot of moolah.

I posted a badge on my blog and I am donating 10 pet art prints.


(Just telling you here because I read on Claudine's blog that I should post here in the comments about my donation.)

I am hoping and wishing and fingers crossed that you win the grant!!!!!!
I've posted your badge on my blog, and donated. I'm really pulling for you to win the big prize. Good luck!
I've posted and donated at http://www.artsyfran.com
I donated and posted the badge! Thank you for all you do!
you are so inspiring! thank you for doing this beautiful work.
I just made my donation and posted your badge on my website.
good luck!
Bernie, Thanks for all you hard work on behalf of our furry friends. You're amazing! I'm in on the effort and am glad to be part of such a wonderful effort.
Hey Bernie, I posted a plea today on my blog, hoping to garner a surge at the end. I am rooting for you.
The badge, video and story is up on our blog http://wwwpursueyourart.blogspot.com/2008/01/help-bernie-berlin-win-50000-grant-for.html

Good luck to you Bernie! You are sooo deserving of this grant money! Our prayers are with you,
Erin & Mary
Good luck!! I wanted you to know that I added your badge to my blog and have been posting your cause to all of my Yahoo groups! :) My fingers are crossed for you!!!!
Susan Chong

I have been meaning to donate for some time and finally I have been able to "get through" I posted the badge to my site and will spread the word through my small network. God Bless you


Good Luck Bernie!
Best of luck - My donation's been made and my fingers are crossed for you.
I posted your badge on my site:
I understand what you are doing and applaud you for it! I have over 13 cats... because I try help them all... they are all so loveable, even the less than friendly ones and they all deserve a happy life.
good luck!
I posted your badge on my site a few days ago, I hope it helped! also, go to http://www.goodsearch.com/
and register there, you can earn money when people search the internet, and it's not a scam. Have a safe trip with the animals!
Hello Mah Preschusshh! Your badge is on both my blog and website ;) ChiChi and I are so excited over the money raised!!
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