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Friday, January 18, 2008
we're in second place!
Hi there!! This is Claudine again with an EXCITING update!!

As of this posting A Place to Bark is in second place for the Network for Good grant of $50,000!! yay!!! Bernie is SO grateful for the outpouring of support from EACH and EVERYONE of you!!! We couldn't do this without spreading the word and helping to get everyone you know to donate $10. One $10 donation per person is all it takes!

Keep tabs on A Place to Bark's badge progress here. Thank you to everyone helping to support Bernie in saving the lives of all the animals! She saved over 500 dogs and kitties last year alone. Imagine how much she can do with the backing of a wonderful grant!

How to Donate:
here's the badge to donate from:

(to post this badge to your blog click the "share tab" to get the code)
Halloh! This is Miz Bella, Miz Bernie and Miz Carla's crazy yet wickedly delightful friend in GA.

I know how important Bernie's work is and how rewarding it is for her and the families who adopt from Bernie. I just adopted ChiChi and absolutely LOVE this little doggie! You can see pics of her on my blog: http://queensobsession.com/blog. Just scroll down a bit and you'll see Miz ChiChi! She is the funniest, most mischiveous little pixie you've ever seen!
I am extremely happy to see she is in 2nd place!!! I am going to repost a note on my blog!!

xo ~Izabella
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay second place - that's grrrreat! Maybe I should donate again and see if we can get her in 1st!

Hugs, Sue xxx (in the UK)
This is great news. I have blogged, posted, emailed and donated and i am still on task. Let's go!! Hooray!!
GO BERNIE... YEAH!!!!! GO!!!!!!

Blessings to YOU!
Bernie, I just found your blog through a friend who told me about you. You are doing such important work. The animals who become a part of your life are lucky indeed! Keep up the good work.
YAY!!! go Bernie and Go US for helping her get there!!

woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just awesome! What wonderful work you do. I pray you get all you need. I have two cats that were rescued from the local animal shelter. They are such awesome creatures. I just love them. I am hoping to find a small dog for our house. We have mountain lions, coyotes and bobcats around where I live so I just want a small house dog that we don't have to worry about getting taken by one of God's creatures from this area. We love all animals.

Thank you for your good work! You are a blessing!
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